Netflix recommendations- Fresh, Fried and Crispy

So fresh, so fried, so crispy! Mmmmmmm.

Be warned, do not watch this show on an empty stomach! As you’re only going to cause severe hangry pains for yourself! Fresh, Fried and Crispy is Netflix’s latest food/travel reality show, hosted by Daym Drops, a food critic who made a name for himself on Youtube (reviewing fast-food joints). Although Daym’s larger than life personality and his urban lingo takes some getting use to, but I’ve definitely warmed to him and the show is zilch without him!

Each episode features a different City across the United States, from East to West, from South to further South. Each step of the way Daym is trying signature bites from iconic restaurants who serve up the best fried (and sometimes just fresh) treats. Each more outrageous and/or desirable than the last and at the very end, Daym pronounces his personal favourite (no doubt creating a spike in business for the restaurant). 

As filming of Fresh, Fried and Crispy was done so during the midst of Covid, a number of dine ins were held at the restaurateurs home. And in each episode, Daym try’s his hand in constructing/cooking his own meal…… And let’s just say, it’s obvious that he is a youtuber turned food critic, not a chef turned food critic.

And although healthy eating is what most of us aspire to in our lives, but damn! Some of those deep fried foods do look mighty enticing! Whale burger anyone?

After episode one alone, we were already pounding the streets in search of arancini balls. And by the end of 8 episodes (the whole series), we’re starting to plan our next trip to the States- we’ve been to a whole bunch of places over the years, but oddly enough we have never visited the cities featured in Fresh, Fried and Crispy. So as soon as the borders open, methinks a trip to San Diego, St Louis and Vegas is in order!

To experience the cholesterol artery clogging series for yourself, click HERE! To start binging on Fresh, Fried and Crispy! 

Netflix recommendations- Tiny House Nation

How small can you go?

We do like a home renovation TV series, thus Tiny House Nation was right up our ally! Netflix has 2 chapters of Tiny House Nation now streaming, and although there are plenty more episodes out there (5 seasons), a dozen episodes were enough for me!

Tiny House Nation is hosted by John and Zack- John the mouthpiece of the duo, while Zack is the actual brains behind the operation. The series is set in the United States, which makes the Tiny House movement even more shocking to tiny home owners’ family and friends. I.e. this is the United States, where everything is larger- the people, their personalities, and usually their homes!

But with Tiny, comes freedom! Freedom from a mortgage! Freedom to do what you want to do with your time, now that you’re not chasing the dime! And freedom to take your ‘mobile home’ anywhere! Oh yeah, the term “Mobile home”, that’s offensive to Tiny home owners……..

Each episode starts with a pretty stark and industrial looking space, no larger than 42 square meters. It’s narrow and long (as it needs to fit on the back of a trailer and could be potentially towed around the States), and your whole entire life’s belongings need to fit within it! Yikes!

But throughout the 40 odd minutes of each episode, the tiny space is transformed into a home. Literally transformed, as most pieces of furniture have duel purposes- “remove this part, pivot that, lock that into place and you’ve transformed your dining table into a sex swing…….”

But what we most like about the show, is how John over promises to the Client, but Zack then over-delivers on those promises- always wowing their clients when they see their home for the first time! There were indoor climbing walls, outdoor soccer goals, and multiple fold out beds for visiting family…. All sorts of things to meet the requirements of their sometimes picky customers. And just when you think a swimming pool wouldn’t be possible in a Tiny home? Zack surprises them with that and more!

And Tiny House Nation is not only a home renovation show, but it’s about the people. The stories behind why they’re electing to go tiny- and it is these stories which keeps the concept fresh, otherwise it could be a bit same-same.

There hasn’t been any new episodes since Covid hit, but I wonder how does a tiny house stand-up to iso? Would its occupants feel like they want to strangle each other after a month of being confine in close proximity to each other? 

To check-out Tiny House Nation on Netflix, click HERE! Welcome to the Tiny House Nation!!!! 

Netflix recommendations- The Crown seasons 1-2

Now I don’t know what’s fact or fiction!

Ok, now we know why people have been raving on about The Crown for over 5 years! As it’s bloody brilliant! I can’t say anything more than that, to praise its awesomeness!

However, I’m left thinking, which parts are true? And which parts have been purposefully dramatized for the small screen?

But either way, The Crown has entirely changed how I view the Royal family hence forth. At present I’m unable to see the real royals, without comparing them to their on-screen avatars.

But what I particularly liked about the series was:

  1. How they portrayed Queen Elizabeth as being utterly normal and unremarkable- and that’s a good thing.
  • How they emphasized how undesirable it was to be a royal- look how miserable both Phillip and Margret were!
  • How each episode was almost a stand-alone story on its own- with a defined beginning and an end, all within 45-61 mins.
  • How each episode progressed the storyline one increment forward, covering years at a time- without feeling like they were skipping through large chunks of their lives.
  • How the closing scene of each episode were gooold!- especially the scene where David (Duke of Windsor) was playing his bagpipes alone in his backyard, tears rolling down his cheeks. Bloody brilliant! Haaha.

If you were like us, thinking that a show about the Royals was for an entirely older generation of viewers. I’m here to admit I was totally wrong! Although it was set in the 50s-60s, it was still highly relevant and totally engrossing viewing for us! To start watching The Crown, click HERE!

Netflix Recommendations- Ginny & Georgia

Comparing and contrasting Ginny & Georgia to another mother daughter combo.

I couldn’t help it! Throughout the entire series of Ginny & Georgia I couldn’t help comparing it back to that early 00s series Gilmore Girls (even their abbreviations look similar! G&G and GG). Ok, there’s a bit more intrigue and mystery in Ginny & Georgia (G&G), and it tapped more into the day’s trending topics, however the similarities were way too striking!

Well, let’s start off with the differences. The most obvious is that Georgia has one more kid than Lorelai, and Ginny being African-American definitely made her a more  complex charactor than good-ol’ Rory; Sure, the criminality (or suggestion of) stands out as a stark contrast to the prim and proper GGs, but back in their day the GGs were a bit bad-ass weren’t they? With teenage out of wedlock pregnancy, sure Ginny & Georgia reflects our changing times e.g., Ginny loses her virginity in episode 2 or something, while the makers of GG only tackled that topic seasons and seasons into the drama; while perhaps all the differences between G&G and GG, is only reflecting the changing times, as Afterall almost 20 years has passed since Gilmore Girls first graced our rear projection screens.

So, could we say that Ginny & Georgia is just a reboot of Gilmore girls, for a new generation?

And here are all the similarities: Single parent household; teenage daughter is now the same age as her mother when she gave birth to her; they’ve recently moved to the town; the small town is located in the same part of the United States i.e. the North east; both mothers were sassy; the kids had issues of fitting in (more so for Austin than Ginny); There’s a good boy, and there’s a bad boy creating a love triangle; both Ginny and Rory seemed to be more mature than their mothers, while themselves being a bit innocent and naïve; both absent fathers were both the cool dad who rode motor bikes; while in both shows there was a diner/café owner who had crushes on Georgia/Lorelai! Well, let’s just say ‘plagiarism is the highest form of flattery’?

But either way, Ginny & Georgia was entertaining enough, at the end of every episode there was enough of an unresolved issue, which had me coming back for more! Which has me wondering, what are they going to do for a second season? If there is a second.

If you’re not one of the 52 million Netflix subscribers who have already watched Ginny & Georgia, then you just don’t know what you’re missing out on……. No, you can probably guess, if you were an original fan of Gilmore Girls. But if you want to experience Ginny & Georgia for yourself? Then click HERE to begin!

Netflix recommendations- The Royal House of Windsor

Just when you thought you knew it all!

We do have an odd fascination with the Royals, don’t we? That royal linage, being blood descendants of all the great Kings and Queens from the history books! But the Netflix documentary series ‘The Royal House of Windsor’ shed light and gave us some crazy ‘What the ‘moments, just when we thought we already knew all there is to know about our Royal family!

What the! Moment 1: The surname change.

I was so shocked to learn, that the Windsor’s had changed their surname from the very German sounding Saxe-Culburg Gotha to the Windsor’s in 1917 during the reign of George V, and attempt to distance themselves from their Germanic past, after the first World War. That’s amazing, how the royal family had buried that fact uber deep.

What the! Moment 2: Fun King David

Sure, we knew of King Edward VIII’s’ abdication as it was front and centre in ‘The King’s Speech’, but who knew that he was so beloved and charismatic- like Prince Harry of his day. Imagine how things could have been if he remained King?

What the! Moment 3: Lord Mountbatten.

Before watching The Royal House of Windsor, I had never heard of the man ‘Lord Mountbatten’, or that Prince the late Phillip was also a Mountbatten. But according to the documentary, Lord Mountbatten was a powerbroker behind the scenes, and had many plans to re-shape the Royal family according to his vision, until his untimely death in 1979.

What the! Moment 4: Queen Elizabeth can sound normal!

By now, we all know the Queen’s speech. That higher pitched, aristocratic British voice with that quaver to it? And she even spoke like that when she was in her 20s. But in the documentary, they showed some 3 second clips from a home video which captured the young Queen just being herself, talking to her kids. And shock horror! She sounds normal! But unfortunately, the private home videos had been aired once on British TV, but not to be aired ever again. It would be nice to see the Queen in her normal everyday ways, but I guess that would make her too relatable! And we can’t have that? Right?

What the! Moment 5: Prince Charles was a playboy?!

Now this I found hard to believe. But in the 70s, Prince Charles was actually a playboy, dating and breaking a many hearts along the way. How weird hey? The only image I have of Prince Charles is how he’s depicted in ‘The Windsors’, the spoof comedy of the royal family. There he’s dry, boring, and just interested in making organic cookies………

So, if you too want to learn all the truths of the Windsors, check-out ‘The Royal House of Windsor’, a real fascinating watch! When you’re finished, you’ll really know it all! To start, watching, click HERE!

Netflix recommendations- Selling Sunset season 1

If only all workplaces were this glamourous!

The Oppenheim Group ain’t your local Century 21, but a high-end Real Estate brokerage company  located in LA- owned by twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. And from 2018 onwards, camera crews have been following them and their team of ‘girls’, as they go about preparing, marketing, showing and selling these multi-million dollar LA mansions!

If you’ve never associated ‘open house’ to sex appeal before? This Netflix reality TV show might change your mind! Labelled as ‘Selling Sunset’, the Netflix series are 8 episodes (under 30 mins each) glimpses into how the top 1% of the world’s wealthy live. Where droppin’ $5 mill on a house is on the low end of the spectrum, which then  lands the Oppenheim Group a nice six figure commission! Wouldn’t that be nice?

But it’s not all about property, negotiations and selling- but the show spends just as much time (or more) following the lives of the Oppenheim Group- the centre of which is the latest addition  to the team- Chrishell. Produced like a reality-soapy, we see chrishell’s first day on the job where she meets her new colleagues for the first time, witness some gentle hazing of the new girl, the connections she makes (with Ava), and the frictions which develop (with Christine/Mary/Davina),an unavoidable outcome when egos, money, and reputations are on the line.

If a Millennial viewer had previously never ever considered buying their own home before, I wouldn’t say that Selling Sunset would inspire all people to jump onto to see what is on offer (as Selling Sunset made me a little depressed to learn how much property costs), but I’m sure Selling sunset may inspire the future 1% of the world’s wealthy to work hard/create the next multi-million-dollar app. Thus one-day they too can afford a 5 bdr, 9-bathroom mansion with an infinity pool!

Although some critics have made claims that Selling Sunset is all scripted and all the girls have only been brought into the Oppenheim Group for the shooting of the series- but please allow me to hold onto the fantasy of which Netflix has painted for us i.e. that there’re former models and actresses, teetering on their designer heels, conducting Covid safe open home inspections- posting up A4 sheets with QR code for people to scan on entry. Please let me maintain this fantasy. Please!

To start watching Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 (with the Oppenheim Group committed to seasons 4-5), click HERE! Let the Open house begin!