Product Recommendation- Thinkfood Munch Pumpkin Seed

If you like pralines, nuts bound together by a sweet sticky binder, then I’ve got a healthy version of a praline just for you!

Thinkfood’s Munch line of products is all that is good about a praline, but with all the healthy properties of health foods!

Munch come in Roasted Almond, Pistachio Cranberry, or Pumpkin Seed, and the jumbo pack we tried was the Pumpkin Seed.

It’s both sweet and salty, and it contains a satisfying crunch every munch from the sun dried pumpkin seeds.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s healthy as well! Containing a healthy dose of zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorous, and vegan protein!

They come in bite sized squares, perfect for busy people on the go, or when you’re getting hungry in-between meals and looking for a healthy something to munch on!

Try Thinkfood Munch- either as almonds, pistachio or pumpkin seeds, find them at your local Coles for $4.00 for a 140g bag.

Product Recommendation- Steamrail Summer Ale- Tight Red Togs

Where do you start with Craft beers? There are so many unknown brands to choose from, they all have names designed to catch your eye, so which one do you choose when you’re standing in the Craft beer aisle? I have no idea either, but Steamrail Summer Ale’s Tight Red Togs was just that little bit more attention grabbing than others. So when I was forced to choose, I grabbed the Tight Red Togs. Haaha.

Describing the taste of craft beers is an art form, an art which I haven’t quite mastered yet. I think it’s all in the first sip? Then all subsequent sips your tastebuds are just that little bit more immune to the subtle flavours. But here’s a shot – at first sip, Tight Red Togs tastes light and fruity, passionfruit first came to mind; it’s definitely not bitter (if anything it tastes a little bit watery at the back of the tongue), it’s refreshing, and if you suck the liquid through your teeth it immediately froths up into light foamy bubbles.

What Steamrail Summer Ale says about their Tight Red Togs is that:

“Summer Ale has low bitterness and is full of fruity, crisp character. The hoppy passionfruit/citrus aroma comes from a blend of US Centennial and Australian Galaxy hops, added late in the brew house and dry to the fermenter.”

Blind fold off…… So I was pretty bang-on re the passionfruit flavour!

If you’d like to try this craft beer for yourself, you can purchase a 6 pack (330ml bottles) for $19, or $46 a case from Liquorland. Enjoy!

 **Note: Remember always to drink responsibly. Yeah, yeah?

Product Recommendations- Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0

For work I was given the trial use of a tablet with a proper Bluetooth keyboard, and I was sold! As much as using one single finger to activate all functions on your phone is effective/convenient enough, but there is something about using a conventional keyboard to interact with apps (especially if you have to do a reasonable amount of typing) which makes your life so much easier!

So after a brief stint of online shopping, I found this Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard sold by Kogan.

My criteria was that it had to be connected via Bluetooth, naturally it had to be compatible with my phone (an older iPhone model), it had to be powered by a rechargeable battery (some are actually powered by dual AAA batteries), and it had to be compact.

The Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0 is all that and more!

It’s Bluetooth enabled with a range of up to 10m.

It is compatible with any IOS, Android, or Windows device.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, and enables a whopping 80 hours of continuous usage (it only takes 3-4 hours to charge from being completely flat to full power and after 15 mins of inactivity it would automatically go to sleep).

And its super light and compact, it folds away and when you unfold it, it automatically turns on and connects to your paired device!

And drum-roll please! It only costs $49 (with free shipping), and you have the choice of a keyboard with either black or white keys!

If you’re interested to check out the Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0, click HERE!

Product Recommendations- Cheese Bread Loaf – Breadtop

I don’t know why, mid-week I was craving Breadtop’s Cheese Bread loaf! We hadn’t had this in years! Methinks at least 4 years was the last time we had purchased this cheesy product. But come Saturday morning, we swung around after doing our weekly grocery shop and picked it up from our local Breadtop.

It’s slightly smaller than a regular loaf of bread, and priced at $5.80 it’s more expensive. But in my opinion at least, it’s fully worth it!!!

It’s so soft! It’s a little bit sweet like all Asian breads. But it’s cheesy! That’s the main thing here!

Each bite has an essence of cheese, but when you get a cheese vein, it’s so yum!

Good fresh! Good toasted! Good plain! Good with coffee! Good in all scenarios!

And if you’ve already tried the cheese version before, Breadtop also sells coconut bread loaves, taro bread loaves, and red bean bread loaves, all pre-sliced, ready for your immediate consumption!!!!! Mmmmmmm.

Check them out at your local Breadtop!

Product Recommendation- Dyson filter

Do you remember the very first time you turned on your brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner? Remember how strong the suction was? How it gripped onto the carpet (and anything you passed over- intended or unintended)? And how grunt-y the engine and the whirling head sounded?

Now think back to the last time you used your Dyson. Was the suction as furious as you remembered it to be that very first time? If your answer is “no”, it’s not because you’re desensitized to the power suction of a Dyson, but it’s because the suction power of your Dyson just isn’t as strong as it used to be when it was fresh out of the box.

But you can regain that incredible sucking power!!!!! This is how!

Ok, it was an unintended outcome. We basically purchased a new Dyson vacuum filter because after having our Dyson for 4 years, we noticed that our filter smelt really bad! Imagine the smell of a wet dog? But multiply that stench by 10 times! And that was the level of odour coming out of our vacuum cleaner. Yuck! We were so annoyed by it that we purchased a new filter online.  

And the outcome……the very first time I turned it on, I had the smile back on my face again, that very same smile I had 4 years ago when I first used the Dyson – feeling that incredible suction for the first time. So it seems the key to the Dyson’s power is the filter! So for less than $30 (including shipping) our Dyson has been restored to its prior glory, where you can hear all the dirt and particles of sand being sucked up the rod only after a single pass over. It saves time and effort, and most importantly minus the stench!

So if you would like to return your Dyson back to levels of performance which made you first fall in love with cleaning? Just Google around to locate a replacement filter right for your style of Dyson. It’s definitely worth the relatively small amount of money!


Filters should be washed (and properly dried-out in the sun) once after every 3 uses.

And be prepared to replace your filter at least once every 4 years.

Product Recommendations- Arnotts Chocolates

Arnotts Chocolate is like Jay-Z & R Kelly! What? How does that make sense? Because it’s ‘Best of Both Worlds’ silly! See 2002 Jay-Z & R Kelly’s collaboration album of the same name……

I think we’ve all seen them at our local supermarket, slabs of chocolate around this wide and this long, grouped into 5 stacks, one for each flavour!!!! Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Jatz or Ginger Nut- selling for the promotional price of $3 each (or RRP $5).

To date we’ve tried the Jatz and WagonWheel flavours, and to date our favourite has been Jatz! It’s hard to describe it, as it no-longer tastes like a Jatz, as it’s no longer salty, it’s not flaky like a cracker, but it just tastes like a cookie in milk chocolate!…But a very nice tasting cookie in milk chocolate combo. Mmmmmm. The WagonWheel is less remarkable, as WagonWheels are already chocolate-y, so in this combo you only taste some marshmallow and strawberry-flavoured jelly bits.

I can’t wait to tuck into the other three flavours we have sitting in our pantry, and they’re so popular that some shelves at Coles are already sold-out of certain flavours- Jatz, WagonWheel, and Scotch fingers seem like the most popular flavours. But viewing their website, it does look like these blocks of Arnott’s gold are here to stay!!!! Yay!!!!!

For more information, check out their website HERE!    

p.s. I’ve now tried the Ginger Nut. #New favourite! The crunchy ginger nut is covered in dark chocolate (yes, yes! Dark chocolate!) and the flavour of ginger and cinnamon is obvious, reminds me of Christmas!