Product Recommendations- Doritos Wasabi

I’m not sure if this is a Product Recommendation? Or just a Product Review? As would you recommend a product to others, which you think you’ll probably never willingly purchase ever again?

That goes for Doritos Japanese Wasabi corn chips!

Picture those Asian Wasabi pea products which you can buy from an Asian grocery store? You know the ones, those little dehydrated peas coated with a smear of yellow mustard, then dusted in more mustard flavouring? If you know what I’m talking about, you know how hot those little suckers can be! Then imagine an isosceles triangle corn chip, and picture an entire side of that tortilla covered in that mustard powder flavouring! That’s a lot of corn chip real-estate to cover with hot powder! Nose-rushingly hot! Right?!

On the packet it already warns the consumer that it’s going to be hot, 3 red chilies emblazon on the packaging. But how hot can it really be? Right?

“Woew!” After corn chip 1, it already gives you that wasabi nose rush! And wasabi isn’t one of those hot spices which gets more tolerable after your tastebuds get used to the flavour. It’s smashing you in the face all the way till the end, and don’t even consider breathing in when you’re mid-chew, as any air current will send those vapours/wasabi powder right to the back of your throat = tears, coughing fits, or a choice expletive or two!

I’m a chip-monster, and I can easily smash a packet of chippies on my own in one single sitting – but today? I had to admit failure, raising the white flag…… tapping out at the 4/5 mark.

Is it tasty? Maybe? If you can see past the overwhelming flavour of wasabi?

And the question, what am I going to do with the final 1/5 of the bag? My wife definitely doesn’t want it, after 2 corn chips she was already out. Just thinking about it, gives me both a sense of fear, and a sense of excitement – I guess in equal parts measure.

Definitely a snack to be shared with others! If you dare, you can find Dorito Wasabi 150g bags at your local supermarket for $3.29. Only for a limited time!

Product Recommendations- StrongBow Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider

Here goes, fourth time lucky!

Here is my fourth attempt to draft a product recommendation after consuming a bottle of Strongbow Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider! Don’t be fooled by the some what girly packaging ……. This drink definitely packs a punch!

I can’t say it any better than the below, so here is a copy-paste from the Strongbow web-site:

“Inspired by the beauty and elegance of apple blossoms, Strongbow Blossom Rosé is a high alcohol, sparkling apple cider.


A delicate blend of hand-picked apples, tart berries (elderberries) and fermented with wine yeast.


A perfect complement to the soft rosé colour is the blush pink foam. This lightly sparkling rosé cider delivers an aroma of juicy toffee apple notes, while the initial sweetness on the palate is delicately balanced by a crisp apple tartness, followed through by a light, lingering dryness in the finish.


Kingfish carpaccio, light pasta or risotto, fresh chicken salad. Perfect hot weather drinking.

ABV: 8.2%”

Yep, you read right! 8.2% alcohol content level per 330ml bottle! No wonder I’m feeling DIZZY!!!! And barely able to put together a coherent sentence….. 

It tastes like a cross between red wine and apple cider, and surprisingly fizzy each mouthful, right to the very end. Strongbow Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider is a fun Spring/Summers drink, a case of 24 330ml bottles will set you back $58.00 from Liquorland.    

**Note: Always remember to drink responsibly. Yeah?

Product Recommendations- Car Mods Part II

What can I say? If you’ve ever modified your ride before, you know that there’s bound to be an eventual ‘Part II’ to this story. As car modifications is one addictive drug! Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s only been 4 months after the first round of mods and the ‘Beast’ is already back in the shop for a ‘make-over’ and an improve on the lungs.

To date, my one complaint with the M135i has been the fact that it’s not very sporty looking for a ‘Hyper hatch’. Like this baby before being modified could already give any genuine sports car a decent run for its money. But it looks… it looks… like a mumsey soccer run-about? Yeah sure, it can pass as a ‘Sleeper’, but after the first round of mods and the hyper hatch is now putting out 300Kw of power!..Don’t you want just a little bit of attention? Just a little bit? *Holds finger and thumb a millimetre apart*.

So, it was this reason which motivated me to be flicking through websites again looking for body-kits and aerodynamic packages for the 1-Series. And why the improve of the breathability of the vehicle? Well, the first part was a practical decision, after tuning the vehicle’s engine to 300Kw, the engine was starting to overheat after any pro-longed spirited drive. You could literally feel the heat emanating from the engine all the way into the cabin of the vehicle. So, the Wagner Competition Evo 1 Intercooler was a necessary install to manage any issues of an overheating engine. But the Milltek sports exhaust? Ok, ok, that was a ‘nice to have’ but not essential upgrade. But now with a grunt-y engine, in my opinion the Beast needed a nice sounding exhaust note to balance things up! And it doesn’t hurt that an intercooler and exhaust upgrade also equates to a 10Kw power upgrade! #Unintended outcome. Moohahaha!  

So, with only a couple more hours to go before we’re re-united with the Beast, I’m so curious to see it after it’s face-lift! After all the post-surgery ‘bandages’ have been taken off, will we recognise it? With new shadow-chrome 18-inch Koya semi forged rims, blacked-out M-Performance kidney grills, matte black M-Performance boot lid spoiler, matte black M-Performance tail light fins, and the Mat black ceramic exhaust tips peaking out back!? Only time will tell! I’m literally shaking in anticipation and excitement! Yeehaw!


Ok, I’m back from picking up the beast! Ok, ok, we can still definitely recognise him, as the new grill, boot lid spoiler and tail fins aren’t as garish as I thought it might be (which is probably a good thing). While the rims? They’re a more modern configuration of the traditional 5 dual-spoked pattern- which I have to admit I’ll have to learn to love. The new Milltek sports exhaust? It’s definitely more audible at all situations, even sending a vibration through your chair and spine at certain rpms. Haaha. But an unintended consequence was a shuddering scrape when driving up our building’s steep garage ramp. The new exhaust pipes just stick out that little bit further than the OEM  pipes did, and the car is just that little bit lower due to the new tyres (we had replaced all 4 spots with run flats). So that is a real unintended outcome, minus the laughs this time. Boo!

In terms of noticing the additional power? Hard to tell actually. My dad was the one driving the Beast home, and knowing that it now packed more than 310Kw under the hood- he was definitely hesitant in giving the right pedal too much of a poke with his right foot. I guess that’s another unintended outcome which I hadn’t anticipated- that knowing that the car is powerful, would actually scare people from utilising any of its pony power. So at this point, the jury is still out. In whether or not this latest round of mods was worth the slightly over $9K price tag? Ouch!

The next stage gate, is my wife’s reaction to the new look Beast, and breaking it to her that each time she drives it back to its resting spot, a part of the undercarriage makes a cringing metal-on-concrete scrape.  Yeeks.


Ok, I’m back from showing my wife the outcome of mods Part II…..

The best description to her reaction to the mods? I think the best description of what she’s feeling is relief? Relieved that if I didn’t point out the changes, she didn’t really notice the difference- maybe the changes weren’t that dramatic, or perhaps she never paid too much attention to the trimmings of the car. *Shrugs*. But either way, happy wife (or at least not-angry wife) equates to happy life! Hey? But did you tell her about the scraping undercarriage part? Oh yeah…..When I told her that the car would scrape an unknown under-body-part each time it came home. *Sheepish look*. Well, after the initial flair of anger subsided, her response was “I’m going to make sure I scrape it each time we go up that ramp, just to spite you.” Now babe, it’s that spunkiness which makes me love you even more! *Hugs*.  


I was meant to go out on a late night cruise with a mate, so he could properly push the car to see what the latest mods had really done. But unfortunately there was some rain and the roads are slick, so we’ve postponed the test drive for another day. So keep an eye out for an addendum to this post, if you want to know how this little project all pans-out.

List of Part II car mods:

*Milltek Cat-back System- $2,045.45

*Wagner Competition Evo 1 Intercooler- $1,409.09

*Koya Semi-forged 03 18” Hyper Black (Shadow Chrome) Wheels- $1,445.45

*Bridgestone Run Flats- $1,181.82

*M-Performance Black Grills- $363.64

*M-Performance Boot lid Spoiler- $327.27

*M-Performance Tail Fins- $200.00

+6 hours labour

+10% GST

Product Recommendation- Pistachio Squares

Here’s another praline-like product which I’ve been obsessing over!

Pistachio Squares by 180 Snacks! The product title says it all! It’s square in shape (a cube actually), it only contains 4 ingredients – dry roasted pistachios, organic brown rice syrup, sugar cane, and Himalayan pink salt! Can you say premium produce?

Each cube is a perfect size to be popped into your mouth (slightly larger than a dice), and it’s crunchy, salty and sweet all at the same time! It’s gluten free, kosher, free of any genetic modifications, dairy free, and peanut free!

In one word, it’s ‘Perfect’! As the ultimate tasty and healthy snack- not to mention if you’re like me and you need something sweet after something salty; and then something salty after having something sweet? 180 Snack’s Pistachio Square is ideal! Being both sweet and salty, so you just need one square, and it’s satisfied both of your savoury and sugary cravings!

The only problem is……It’s an obscure product. The only sellers we know of who are stocking this Californian product in Sydney is Costco, so you’ll have to be a member (or know one) to get your hands on this nutty treat! And knowing Costco’s unpredictable stocking behaviours – it’s not guaranteed that the Pistachio Square will always be there either. Boo!

So while stocks last, try out 180 Snack’s Pistachio Squares! They’re great!  

Product Recommendation- Thinkfood Munch Pumpkin Seed

If you like pralines, nuts bound together by a sweet sticky binder, then I’ve got a healthy version of a praline just for you!

Thinkfood’s Munch line of products is all that is good about a praline, but with all the healthy properties of health foods!

Munch come in Roasted Almond, Pistachio Cranberry, or Pumpkin Seed, and the jumbo pack we tried was the Pumpkin Seed.

It’s both sweet and salty, and it contains a satisfying crunch every munch from the sun dried pumpkin seeds.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s healthy as well! Containing a healthy dose of zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorous, and vegan protein!

They come in bite sized squares, perfect for busy people on the go, or when you’re getting hungry in-between meals and looking for a healthy something to munch on!

Try Thinkfood Munch- either as almonds, pistachio or pumpkin seeds, find them at your local Coles for $4.00 for a 140g bag.

Product Recommendation- Steamrail Summer Ale- Tight Red Togs

Where do you start with Craft beers? There are so many unknown brands to choose from, they all have names designed to catch your eye, so which one do you choose when you’re standing in the Craft beer aisle? I have no idea either, but Steamrail Summer Ale’s Tight Red Togs was just that little bit more attention grabbing than others. So when I was forced to choose, I grabbed the Tight Red Togs. Haaha.

Describing the taste of craft beers is an art form, an art which I haven’t quite mastered yet. I think it’s all in the first sip? Then all subsequent sips your tastebuds are just that little bit more immune to the subtle flavours. But here’s a shot – at first sip, Tight Red Togs tastes light and fruity, passionfruit first came to mind; it’s definitely not bitter (if anything it tastes a little bit watery at the back of the tongue), it’s refreshing, and if you suck the liquid through your teeth it immediately froths up into light foamy bubbles.

What Steamrail Summer Ale says about their Tight Red Togs is that:

“Summer Ale has low bitterness and is full of fruity, crisp character. The hoppy passionfruit/citrus aroma comes from a blend of US Centennial and Australian Galaxy hops, added late in the brew house and dry to the fermenter.”

Blind fold off…… So I was pretty bang-on re the passionfruit flavour!

If you’d like to try this craft beer for yourself, you can purchase a 6 pack (330ml bottles) for $19, or $46 a case from Liquorland. Enjoy!

 **Note: Remember always to drink responsibly. Yeah, yeah?