Product recommendation- Delonghi 2400W Steal Elite Fan Heater

Affordability over quality?

Winter is upon us, and as we all scramble to keep warm this winter- would you rather? Spend the big bucks on a quality heater? Or do you want to spend a fraction of the cost just to stay warm?

As a family we’re big fans of Dyson, we have all sorts of Dyson products from vacuum cleaners, hair driers to air-purifying hot/cold towers. So, I instinctively wanted another Dyson product to do the heating around the house as it’s a trusted brand in our family. But all I wanted the product to do was the heating, and to live under my office desk. So, when it’s that inevitable time to log into a work MS Teams meeting with cameras on, I’m not seen sitting in my shabby home hoodie, but looking professional in only shirt sleeves (when we don’t have central heating in our apartment).

For the 2020 and then the 2021 winter seasons, working from home was huddling in the home office, with a beany on and the hood of my hoodie pulled low over my head. And I’d still be cold and suffering with chilblains throughout winter. But now with a new manager who has mandated a camera on policy, so Winter 2022 I needed to look presentable in all meetings and wearing an outdoor puffy jacket in every meeting just wouldn’t cut it. Not to mention, someone would inevitably point it out in each meeting, that I looked like I was ready for an outdoor expedition.

So, I started on a search for a fan heater to go under the desk, the criteria were that it couldn’t be too large as I didn’t want to lose too much leg room under the desk. I wanted it to be fan forced, rather than heat elements or an oil heater as I didn’t want to wait to be warmed up. And I wasn’t too fussed on price, my justification was if I spent a bit more, it just meant that it would last longer. And the most important point, was that I wanted a heater first and foremost, I didn’t need it to do 6 different things, I just wanted it to blow heat. Is that too much to ask for?

Online searches showed  that Dyson sells a fan heater, but when we visited the various major department stores in the city all they seem to stock were air-purifiers. And we already have one, it’s tall and it takes up too much space to be living under my desk. But literally everywhere we looked, every brand was selling hot/cold air-purifiers at $500 or upwards of $800. Sure, I said that cost wasn’t an issue, but spending upwards of $800 didn’t make sense either. Especially if I was settling for something that I didn’t really want.

So, my wife suggested that we check-out K-Mart or Bing Lee, sellers who were more likely to stock a simple fan heater.

And Bing Lee had exactly what we were looking for, a fan heater, no taller than 20cms, and no wider than 15cms. And this fan heater came in the shape of the Delonghi 2400W Steal Elite Fan Heater (in Chrome). And at $119, there wasn’t much need to ponder. So, I got my under desk fan heater!

And you know that adage, ‘You get what you pay for’? And that is exactly what I got! Straight out of the box, the Delonghi fan heater reeked of noxious fumes. For the first 2 weeks as soon as you walked into the study you’re hit physically by the odour of the plastics used to manufacture this product. And fortunately, after several weeks the odour does subside, but you’re reminded of it each time you turn it on though. As the heat releases the worst of the odour, and the fan inevitably spreads it out for all to enjoy. So thus far I’ve found myself using it very sparingly, just to get me through those coldest of meetings and when I’m no longer shivering I reach down and turn it off.

The fan noise is kind of loud, but because it’s a low purr, it’s not too annoying. The fan force is quite strong even in the mid setting, I probably look like I’m squinting in each of my team meetings now, as the heated air does come up and hit you in the face. Haaha. And it’s dead simple to use, a single dial to select from the various fan speeds, and a slider to turn up and down the heat. I still don’t understand the thermostat feature though, it’s meant to cut off when it reaches the desired ambient temperature. However, by the time you’re shivering again, the fan still doesn’t seem to kick back in. So, to date I’ve never had the patience to wait to see it turn back on automatically, perhaps it does? But it feels like it’ll allow you to freeze first before it comes back to life.

It has a safety button on the base, so as soon as it’s knocked or moved in the slightest, it will automatically switch off. So, that’s super re-assuring, safe to have around the house if you have kids or pets. And in the end, I guess it does its job. A $800+ Dyson would also keep you warm, but if you’re not prepared to pay 4 times as much , especially in this current climate of rising living costs. Me-thinks, the Delonghi 2400W is a good little buy.

To read more about the Delonghi 2400W, just click HERE! Bring on the winter months! Come-on! I’m ready for you!  

Product Recommendation- Fender Mustang LT25

A unique two-in-one guitar amplifier.

Now, how can I ever pass on an amp which shares the exact same name as my beloved bass guitar? The Fender Mustang FT25 is a practice amp, loud enough in any indoor/enclosed setting which gives voice to your electric guitar. We were in the market for a second amp, as my wife has an electric guitar and I have an electric bass guitar and we want to jam together, but we only have one amp between the two of us. So, what to do!?

As the amp which we do have is an electric guitar amp which I had procured from my sister (as she doesn’t use it anymore), so the logical way forward was to buy a bass guitar amp as our second, for its ability to go low and deep. But seeing prices around the $500 mark and its bulkier size, we decided to just get a second electric guitar amp- as I’ve been surviving with my sister’s amp for almost 10 months and in my opinion, it’s deep and bassy enough, if you turn treble right down and max bass!

So, we were drawn to Fender’s amps because they do something which not all amps do. They also include built in effects! Yeah, built in effects! So instead of needing to purchase effect peddles and other gear which equates to more money, more clutter and more cables, the Fender Mustang comes with 30 pre-set guitar effects, sounds which have come right from Fender’s archive of iconic guitar sounds! And not only do you have access to their 30 pre-installed sounds, but there are also 20 extra spots where you can upload your own custom effects, giving you a choice of up to 50 sounds at your fingertips, or should I say at the twist of a nob!

The other things which made the Fender Mustang LT25 so appealing, was its multitude of inputs and output ports! There are your usual 6.3mm jacks in and out, in for your instrument and out for your headphones or into a DI box. And then there are your 3.5mm jacks for standard headphone buds and stereo auxiliary in, which means you can plug in your iPhone with Spotify and be jamming with your fav tracks in an instant! And there’s also an USB-C port so you can record your own music creations and up-date the Firmware when it becomes available.

There are the typical nob controls on all amps to adjust gain, bass, and treble. A larger nob which enables you to cycle through your effects library, and each twist of the nob ends with a tactile click, so you don’t spin-out of control and miss the sound effect you’re looking for in pressure situations! And the postage stamp sized colour screen also shows you which effect (naming it by name) you’ve landed on. There is also a series of buttons to allow you to save settings, depress a button multiple times to install the BPM count which you want the metronome to tap at. And it even has CHROMATIC tuner (whatever that is!).

So, from a features packed point of view, it has everything you want and more! A modern technologically advanced amp for the modern age and modern player! But the most important thing, how does it sound? I hear you ask.

Um,…… Unfortunately, I must admit, the sound isn’t as pure as I like it to be, put simply it doesn’t sound as good as my sister’s amp. And my sister’s amp is from the 00s, year 2001 to be precise, and my sister being a uni student at the time, methinks she didn’t spend all that much on it? But the sound which comes out of her amp just sounds more real, a sound which you can almost touch, and old-school analogue sound which I prefer. You know?

Don’t get me wrong, the Fender Mustang is good, heaps of fun guitar sounds you can spend hours mucking around with, so that you find yourself sitting on the floor beside this thing, as you play a bar and twist the nob to test if another iconic guitar sound fits better with that track you’re playing to. But to tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever played an entire song with the same guitar sound. Like a kid, I’ve been too distracted with all the shiny bells and whistles, I just keep playing around with the choices, so-much-so that I’m not actually focusing on properly playing my guitar.

And then, if I keep the amp on it’s clean setting, completely stripped of any effects, the clean sound which ought to be simply amplifying the digital signals from your guitar, it sounds a bit meh. Or in some cases, it makes me sound crap! The amplification of the guitar’s pick-up is so sensitive that if my instrument is slightly out of tune, it sounds very out of tune through the amp. And each time you slide along your strings, those unwanted sounds are picked-up and broadcasted as well. So, it highlights all the imperfections of your playing, so it feels like the amp is trying its best to make you sound bad. And for someone who is still learning and has a fragile self-confidence in their playing? It just makes me turn back to my sister’s old amp, where I sound like a freakin’ rock-star! Without any need to tune my guitar or alter my playing style.

So, in summary, the Fender Mustang LT25 is not a bad buy, at under $300 Aussie dollars, it’s a lot of bang for your buck. As it is so much more than ‘just an amp’. But to the core, absolute core purpose of its existence, um, I’m safe to say that there are better amps out there. If you want it to perform the simple task of giving your guitar voice, and to make you look and sound good in the process?

But if you want to read more about the Fender Mustang LT25 amp, and perhaps go to a nearby guitar store to test it out for yourself, click HERE! To find out more!  

And for those who have been following my bass guitar journey, and as I use this blog platform to record my life like a journal- through what I consume and the material products which I buy…… If you’re interested to know, the last Sunday I played for the church band for the first time! Woohoo! And to put it simply, it was awesome! No, not my playing, but the experience! I never knew the camaraderie that comes from working with others to create a joint product, a single sound. So that was so cool! And I vow to get better! So, after 10 months, I’ve achieved what I originally set-out to achieve, and it’s full-steam ahead from here! Power to the bass players! 

Product Recommendation- Audible Plus Catalogue

Giving you more with your $16.45 monthly subscription.

I used to think to myself, “Audible, stop talking up the concept of being an Audible Member”, as there was no such thing as a “Member”! As you the “Member”, essentially gave them money (for Australia, it was $16.45) per month, and in return I receive an audio book per month.

So, our relationship was entirely a commercial relationship, not a membership. As I associate being a part of a membership, to perks, a community, something I had a sense of belonging to! And don’t get me started on how being a “Member” enabled me a discounted rate to audio books if I ever decided to purchase a book with cold hard cash. As honestly, who is paying an additional $14.95 a book on-top of their monthly fee? And how crazy are those full prices! Between $30 – $50 per book!? Madness.

But in 2019, they started to introduce a few perks for “Members”, like access to Audible original podcasts, and now and then, you’re alerted to the free book of the month offers. Which was nice, but the free book wasn’t always of your taste.

But stop the presses! In September last year (2021), Audible introduced the ‘Audible Plus Catalogue’, a list of 11,000+ audio books, podcasts, and original content. For the 1 credit per month Member, suddenly it enabled you an unlimited access to books! Woohoo! So gone are the days where you’re rationing your listening, as you’re fast approaching the end of the title and your next month’s credit hadn’t dropped yet. Now with the Plus Catalogue you can listen to your hearts content, because once you’ve finished your paid book, you can now browse the Plus Catalogue and see what free book takes your fancy!

Honestly I hadn’t found the time to properly explore the Plus Catalogue until several months ago- and there are real gems in the Plus Catalogue! It’s not like ‘Project Gutenberg’, where all the books are out of copyright, thus free and oh-so-boring to consume, as the language is so old. But titles in the Plus Catalogue are proper titles which you’d otherwise pay your hard earned to buy! Or you might kick yourself, when you see titles which you’ve previously spent a credit on but are now free. Grrrr!

So, to date, I’ve listened to ‘Lifespan’ by David Sinclair, ‘At Home’ by Bill Bryson, and currently I’m tearing through ‘The Dragon Blood’ trilogy by Lindsay Buroker. And each of these titles, I’ve really enjoyed….. maybe even more than the titles I’ve chosen myself? As the Plus Catalogue feels like a curated list, titles proven to be crowd pleasers.

And the Audible Originals have been great as well! We listened to the recordings from the 2021 Australian Comedy Festival, that was an unexpected find and much appreciated! Thank you Audible.

So, all in all, I do feel more like a Member now (did you notice, I didn’t use the inverted commas that time?), as now I have an actual perk for being a Member. Although I haven’t quite gotten there in terms of feeling like I’m a part of a community nor a sense of belonging. But while saying that, the account is registered under my wife’s email address, so she’s getting all the Audible emails- perhaps getting them, receivers feel like they’re a part of a community? *Shrug*.

So, for existing Members, this is old news! But for those who have been umming and ahhing about the decision to get Audible. I’d say get it! As now there is plenty more you’ll be getting with your $16.45 monthly fee! For more info, and to start your free 2 month trial, just click HERE!

Product Recommendations- Toast & Melt

You know? You can probably sandwich press that!

Crazy what you long/crave for when you’re under lockdown. During Sydney’s June-October Covid19 lockdowns, I listened to a foodie podcast where they chatted about pressing a Panini sandwich in a sandwich press- and from that point on I wanted a sandwich press so bad. My wife had wanted one for ages, but we already had a Jaffle iron, so I told her that we didn’t need two very similar products cluttering up our kitchen.

However, our Jaffle iron was shedding Teflon and the purchase of a new sandwich press just seemed like something nice to look forward to after months of being locked up. And if I recall correctly, when I told wifey that we could finally get a sandwich press, I think she was a little bit happy. Or was her exact response “What changed your mind?” Spoken in a bit of a disinterested tone. *Shrug*.  

But as soon as we were out post-lockdown, it seemed like everyone had the same idea of upgrading their household whitegoods. Literally everywhere we went, a simple sub $60 two slice sandwich press were all out-of-stock! Grrrr!

We gave it 2 months post lockdown to allow stock shortages to replenish themselves, but still no luck. All we could find in store was a 4-slice sandwich press, which was as wide as a kitchen benchtop- so honestly where were you going to store that when you’re not using it? And a ‘returned goods’ BrevilleToast & Melt, which was double the price of a standard sandwich press- were the only two options left.

I remember saying “Stuff it! Let’s get it!” As I couldn’t wait another day to create our own glorious, flattened works of art! So, we picked up the battered and roughly taped back together Breville T&M box and took it to the check-out counters. It seemed that Damaged/returned goods equated to a $21 discount, but when we got home we found out why it had been returned.

The little plastic window which ought to cover the on/off light was missing, so there’s a gaping hole for crumbs to eventually find their way into it- but this minor defect wasn’t going to compromise its squash-ability. While the design of the product is a little bit weird, it has this massive handle, like you’re operating an industrial sized dry-cleaning press. But it’s the melting that matters…….

What justifies the premium price (at the time RRP $130), is the fact that the Toast & Melt has an adjustable hinge. Therefore, you can raise it up one of 4 different heights, the highest Hight is at least an inch apart.

So, what that means, is that the Toast & Melt isn’t just a sandwich press which only does one thing- squash two slices of bread very closely together. But you can melt the cheese on an open sandwich! You can add top-side heat to a frying egg! You can cook French toast twice as quickly, as you’re adding heat from both directions while not squishing it to an oozy mess! And you can now flatten things which otherwise couldn’t or shouldn’t be flattened! We’ve sandwich pressed Cheese & Bacon rolls! Hot Cross buns! Burritos! You name it, we’ve pressed it!

And with a flat bottom hotplate, you can use the cooking surface for all sorts of quick frying- not to mention it’s super easy to clean.

So, although it’s kind of bulky when you’re not using it, and it is more expensive than a simple sandwich press (while these days I’ve seen it being sold for under $65)- however, its versatility makes-up for any of its shortcomings. So, these days, we eat out less, just because we enjoy making our own weekend lunches, with our Toast & Melt!

To check-out the BrevilleToast & Melt, click HERE! Say hello to countless ways to squash your food!  

Product Recommendation- Aloe Vera

The closest I’ll ever get to caring for a real living being!

I’m weird, there I’ve said it! I’m obsessive compulsive and once I’ve lock in on something, I can get very, very obsessed. For example, we watched a ‘60 minute’ type interview with Dr Michael Mosley re his Fast diet, and the very next day I started fasting and 8 years on I’m still doing it. And the latest thing I locked in on, was the need for an indoor plant!

It all started when work organised a wellness session for staff. Instead of coming together over MS Teams for another hour long ‘All in’, talking about ‘work stuff’. Instead, the whole hour was devoted to a prominent guest speaker, who gave us tips and tricks in how we could stay both physically and mentally healthy while working from home during the 2021 Sydney lockdown. And the speaker promoted the idea of having indoor plants as companions and for their air purifying qualities. And once she was pushed to advise on specifics, she named the Aloe Vera plant as the best plant to have around. And as soon as she mentioned that, I locked in and obsessed over the idea of having my very own Aloe Vera plant as a home office companion.

I probably get my obsessive ways from my mum, when my parents go overseas she only gives me one direction, that is to water her 2 most prized plants. One is this tall leafy indoor plant which resides in a corner in the guest bathroom. And the other is her Aloe Vera plant which lives outside, in a corridor between the house and the perimeter wall. All she asks of me and my wife, is to come over to their place once a week and water them (although she has many other plants, which we do end up watering as well). So, I asked my mum if she could take a cutting off her Aloe Vera plant, and plant it for me in a new pot? And her answer was, “I already have a healthy growing pup which I can give you.” And I said, “Yes please!”

I didn’t come into possession of Aloe until the Sydney lockdowns were lifted, the very first time we saw my parents after 4 months, they straight away handed me Aloe. And Aloe was much larger than I had anticipated, it resides in a heavy terracotta pot, and with the pot to its highest point of its leaves, it’s easily 30cm tall! Before receiving her (Aloe), I had planned to keep her in our home study, on the second highest shelf in a multi-purpose storage shelf. There was easily 25cm clearance, but Aloe was too tall for that. And she would also not get enough sunlight.

So, now we have a daily morning routine. After I finish yoga and before starting work in the mornings. I’d go into the home office, take Aloe from my desk (where she spends her nights), and move her out to the coffee table in the living room. Where I place her in a prime position a foot away from a North facing window. I open the vertical blinds a quarter and allow her to soke up the rays to her hearts content. And when I finish up work for the day, the first thing I do is retrieve her from the coffee table where she has been observing the world pass her by and bring her back into the study so she could purify the fetid air of toxins given off by my overworked work laptop (and admittedly from me as well).

And no joke, it does work! Sometimes an hour after leaving her in the study to her work, I come back in for something and I’d swear the air is purer. Gone is that heavy stuffy air which has built up after spending 8-10 hours at my desk, with the laptop fan going crazy trying to cool down the CPU. Replacing it, is a lighter less oppressive feeling.

And not only is Aloe great as a natural air purifier, but you can harvest her leaves for ointments or moisturisers for your skin. Although your Aloe Vera plant will generally stay the same size, but it’s always growing- growing new leaves. And the new leaves grow out from the centre, and as they get taller and thicker, they push out the older leaves, which then flop down, like a blossoming lotus. And the outer most leaves (the oldest of them all), they start to wilt, their tips hanging closer and closer to the coffee table. Once this happens, I use a sharp knife and cut the leaf off as close to the stem as possible, then clean the leaf and then cut them up into half inch strips. And then place them in a small zip-lock bag which I keep in the refrigerator. And every second day I take one of these strips, use my fingernail to split the leaf open, exposing the clear internal flesh and use it like a moisturizing cream on my face and hands. It feels super soothing and a couple of months on after commencing this bi-nightly ritual, I’d say my skin is better for it! And if you have any rashes or slightly sunburnt skin, applying Aloe on it immediately soothes the itch.

And I thought harvesting its leaves for my vanity sake, would leave poor Aloe bare and patchy, like a victim of a home haircut. But as quickly as I’ve been using her leaves, she’s been re-generating just as quickly, so that she still looks as robust and healthy as when we first adopted her- while I have a bag full of her cut up leaves still yet to be used.

And in summer, just around Christmas time we received the best present from her! She bloomed with flowers, a super long stem grew from the centre of her nest of leaves, the stem had to be 45cm long, and at the very top bloomed a small little yellow flower. And as I moved her from the study to the living room each morning, the little flower would bump up against my face (it was that tall), and it was almost like her way of showing her appreciation for how we were caring for her. Sunlight during the day, toxins to absorb in the night, and watering once a week- that’s all she needed from us! But I should be the one who’s thanking her, she’s so easy to care for, and she only gives back to us, lushes leaves with heeling properties, purifies the air that we breathe, and I’ve gained much joy from caring for her. Is it odd that sometimes I stroke her spikey leaves while admiring her robustness, like how one might pat a beloved pet dog?

On the face side of Dr Dre’s 2001 album, is an image of a marijuana leaf. And back in the day, there were many band t-shirts with that distinctive leaf bang smack right in the middle of them. But in this new age of working from home and people being more obscure with their statements, can we, devotees of the Aloe Vera plant, can we have the visage of the Aloe Vera plant emblazon on the front of our Ts? Stating that, “I’m cool, and I love my succulent plant companion’!

If you previously haven’t considered an Aloe Vera plant before as your indoor succulent. Check it out at your local nursery! A full-grown Aloe Vera plant will only set you back $12, but the value and pleasure it will give you! Utterly priceless!

Product Recommendation- WATERPIK Waterflosser Nano

A more compact and affordable mouth blasting experience!

It always happens to me, I think to myself ‘Man, this thing is reliable, what would I do without it!’ And literally the next day said item fails on me! I mean it, it literally happens to me every time I have that thought. And this occurred again just before Christmas. I was cleaning my teeth with our WATERPIK WATERFLOSSER Ultra, and halfway into the clean, the motor starts to splutter and then it completely died on me! Nooo! I was annoyed for 3 reasons, the Waterflosser was doing the job of replacing conventional flossing (which I hate doing); the Ultra wasn’t cheap at $144.99 (as you want a bit more longevity out of a product at that price point); and we only had this thing for less than 14 months (still within its 2-year warranty period, but we didn’t keep the receipt. D’oh!).

Our untrained diagnosis for the reason of mechanical failure was probably water damage- hilarious considering this thing shares its space and existence with water. We came to this conclusion as whenever we lift the Ultra up, we always found it to be sitting in a puddle of water and the underside of the device isn’t completely enclosed in plastic to make it entirely waterproof. So, I concluded that ‘it was great while it lasted, but I wouldn’t be buying a replacement’, as at $144.99, it was too expensive for what felt like an annual subscription. So, I moved on with life, just brushing my teeth as well as I could, but I could tell that I wasn’t getting the same deep clean as with the Waterflosser.

Fast forward to the first week of January, my wife was scheduled in for her annual Dental appointment just for the regular check-up and clean, and this year I decided to tag along, after almost 5 years since the last time I saw a Dentist (had a really bad experience the last time). But since I had been using Waterpik for a year, I was confident that the dentist wasn’t going to find any major problems this time, so it should be a routine check-up. And yeah, I was right! After feeling a bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t been to a dentist in over 5 years, the dentist concluded that my teeth were in an ok condition considering the length in-between treatments. And I proudly told her that it was due to being a Waterpik user. She laughed and told me as a dentist she wouldn’t usually recommend Waterpik, but if it worked for me, she told me to continue doing what I was doing. And then I allowed my wife to have her turn on the recliner-of-torture. And after my wife’s dental treatment, the dentist concluded that she needed to floss more, but the funny thing is that she does each night, but with conventional string dental floss as she doesn’t like the Waterpik. But I thought this was the strongest product endorsement of the Waterflosser, a side-by-side comparison of two people who flossed nightly, one the conventional way and the other using essentially a high-pressure hose for the mouth and I had been commended for the condition my teeth were in? Considering I had been avoiding the dentist for half a decade!?

So, I left the dentist feeling smug and needing to buy a replacement Waterflosser. Fortunately, on our way home there was a Chemist Warehouse, and we were pleased to see that the Waterpik product line-up had been extended to include a few more things, and one was the Waterflosser Nano.

The Nano is half the size of the Ultra, but only 25% less when it comes down to water capacity. So not only does it take up less space on your vanity, but it is compact enough so you can place it in smaller spaces where it’s less likely to sit in a pool of water (Ultra used to sit next to the cold tap, where there was the largest vanity space). With the Nano, the water container (reservoir) doubles as a lid, so again when you’re not using it, its more out of the way (Ultra was easily 20cm tall all the time). And it was only $89.99 at Chemist Warehouse, which is a price point I can live with when we’re talking about like-for-like or similar-enough replacements.

What you do lose out on with the Nano compared to the Ultra, is that you lose 25% of your cleaning time- which isn’t a problem if you’re mentally prepared that you might have to stop and top-up your reservoir mid-clean. Or you just need to be more efficient in how you go about cleaning your teeth (you can almost make a game of it!). You also lose the on/off switch on the handle, which is also fine as towards the end I was finding the on/off switch on the Ultra was also failing and I was just controlling it with the on/off switch on the actual device. You also sacrifice a level of control over the cleaning power, with the Ultra it had a dial which enabled you to scroll through a spectrum of water intensities, while the Nano only has 3 pre-set intensities- and admittedly the middle setting is too weak for me, and the high setting is probably a bit too intense. You also get a lot fewer cleaning heads, with the Ultra you had like 6 or 7 different tips, from a tongue scourer to even a toothbrush attachment, with the Nano you only get 2 of the standard cleaning tips (but that’s fine as you use the standard tip 99% of the time). And the last thing, the Nano feels a bit cheaper than the Ultra, with cheaper feeling plastics (especially with the cleaning handle).

But now that I’ve been reunited with my Waterflosser, I’m confident that I can maintain my perfectly clean teeth after my dental appointment. And now that I know the design flaws of the Waterflosser, I’m also more regularly picking up the Waterflosser Nano and making sure that there isn’t a puddle of water underneath it. So, Like I told the dentist, I’ll see her in another 5 years’ time…… Ok, I might be a bit more regular with my dental appointments now, since I’ll be going with complete confidence that it’ll be a super routine clean with no surprises, as I’ve been maintaining my teeth to a high standard, with my pocket sized (it’s probably more suitcase sized) personal high-pressure hose!

To check-out the Waterpik Waterflosser Nano for yourself, click HERE!