Album Review- Joshua Band

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I attended a friend’s wedding and during their reception they had a non-stop playlist going on – made up of Christian songs we were familiar with (Hillsong stuff), but all of which was sung in Mandarin! Crazy! And the surprising thing was this, the recordings, vocals, and bands performances  were just as professional/high quality as Hillsong’s! So throughout the banquet, we were bopping along to music we were familiar with, but less familiar with the lyrics being sung (neither of us can speak Mandarin).

At the end of the night when we were saying our congratulations & goodbyes, we asked the newlyweds, what was the playlist they were spinning all night long? Was it Hillsong branching into the largest growth market? But the answer was no, the group is called ‘Joshua Band’, a Taiwanese Christian group who performs covers of popular English Christian songs, but all of which are re-written in Mandarin (we were told that they have permission from the English artists to do so).

So the last few weeks I’ve had Joshua Band on in the background all the time!  The Spotify playlist is utterly huge! I’ve had it on during breakfast, when I’m cooking, even when I’m working from home! It makes for an awesome background playlist when you’re doing other things. It’s like Mandopop meets Hillsong!

If you’re interested to check out brilliantly recorded, melodic, and I’m sure lyrically meaningful tracks.……..Check out Joshua Band! Just ask your smart speaker to “Play Joshua Band on Spotify!” Enjoy!

Perhaps even recommend the playlist to your Mando speaking friends? As I’m sure the songs will be more meaningful if you can actually understand the lyrics? Haaha.

Album Review- #6 Collaborations Project, Ed Sheeran

I think Ed Sheeran has to be in conversations when discussing ‘Who is the hottest Musician at the moment’, as anything and everything Ed is involved in, is a winner! And his 6th album, Collaborations Project, is his latest Grand slam HOME RUN!

There were a couple of weeks in May and June where it felt like every week Ed was releasing a new single. And the reason why there was a flood of his music streaming onto our radio waves, all made sense when his Collaborations Project album was announced.

The first track released from the album was ‘I Don’t Care’ feat Justin Bieber (and we do care); followed by ‘Cross Me’ feat Chance the Rapper (with one of the most repetitive and annoying hook lines ever!); to be followed by ‘Beautiful People’ feat Khalid (don’t sell yourself short Ed).

And as crazy as it seems, then Ed released songs 4-5 from the album on the same day! Dropping ‘Best Part of Me’ feat Yebba (is probably your bank account Ed!); and ‘Blow’ feat Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars (very Lenny Kravitz-esque); and as I write this post, the 6th single to be released from the album has been ‘Anti-social’ feat Travis Scott (ok, ok, you don’t like to shake hands).

And since the album’s release, the other tracks which have found their way onto the popular airwaves have been ‘South of the Border’ feat Camila Cabello (and I don’t think they’re referring to Trump’s border wall? *shrugs*); and ‘Take Me Back to London’ feat Stormzy (spending too much time in the States? Hey?).

And tracks which haven’t made it to the radio yet (and I say yet) are ‘Remember the Name’ feat Eminem and 50 Cent (more like 73 Cents, according to today’s US to Aus dollar conversion…..”Yeah! Way to go 73 Cents!” Doesn’t have the same ring to it????), ‘Feels’ feat Young Thug and J Hus (aka Not-so-young-thug); ‘Put It All On Me’ feat Ella Mai (we can always count on you ED!); ‘Nothing On You’ feat Paulo Londra (ok…. Requires translation please); ‘I Don’t Want Your Money’ feat H.E.R (but you want my time?); ‘1000 Nights’ feat Meek Mill and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (aka A Boogie Wit Da thongs, t-shirt and shorts……..What? There’s a heat wave in the Northern hemisphere!); and the final non-airing track is ‘Way to Break My Heart’ feat Skrillex (that’s a little melodramatic Ed?).

And in my honest opinion, I reckon all 15 tracks are radio-single worthy! And the diverse styles? Just shows how versatile Ed is! The only one critique is perhaps the over-use of voice synthesisers? So much so that Ed doesn’t sound like himself in half of the tracks? And in the latter half of the album, the songs sound a bit same-same.

But #6 Collaborations project will go down as a modern classic! Bravo team! Bravo!

To listen to every track on #6 Collaborations Project, just ask Google to Play Ed Sheeran on Spotify!

Album Review- A trip down memory lane

As people, we can be myopic and be only drawn to what is shiny and new, and forget all about the ‘old stuff’ which we used to hold dear to us…….

For a couple of years now, I’ve been on a music streaming fever! First it was Pandora, and now it’s all been Spotify this, Spotify that! Charmed over by the instant gratification of hearing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it!

Then recently, I was cleaning and I found my old iPod Shuffle – naturally it was out of battery, but I wondered if after a charge it would still turn on? After all these years of disuse and neglect?

Woohoo! It still turns on! And after swiping through the dated user interface and tapping the song which had been paused mid beat all those years ago……It actually started playing where it had been left off, and oddly enough the clock was still on time (although Wi-Fi was turned off).

Another victim to the progress of technology, was our old Yamaha stereo system – the thing which we had dropped like $700 on in 2012 and was now just gathering dust (the Yamaha being a victim to the portability of Bluetooth speakers and the compatibility to apps and streaming services).

But oh yeah! Dropping the iPod into the Yamaha’s docking station, the beats still played through the speakers (I’d forgotten what real stereo sounded like. And the sounds of a real bass got me laughing hysterically! And the ability to crank up the stereo to only a third of its capacity and still have my wife striding over with purpose and turning it down…..You just can’t get that level of sound from these dinky SMART speakers!

So for the few past weeks I haven’t been listening to Spotify, because I’ve been thoroughly entertained by my iPod placed on shuffle! Perhaps it’s been long enough for you as well to dig out your once loved iPod, check if it still works after a charge, and if it does – join me on a trip down memory lane! #Old beats baby!

Album Review- This is Thirsty Merc

Ok, this month’s music album review is a little different, as I’m instead reviewing a Spotify channel/band- Sydney’s very own Thirsty Merc! Woohoo, yeah! Woohoo, yeah!

Thirsty Merc is a pop-rock band, which in my own opinion has not received and/or reached the dizzying heights of popularity which I personally believe that they deserve. When you listen to their Spotify channel, you have to conclude that they simply play really really good stuff! But where as Aussie bands like ‘Five Seconds of Summer’ are global phenomenon’s, and elder statesmen bands like ‘The Living End’ are known as legends of the Australian grunge scene – oddly Thirsty Merc had only achieved the highest peak of No. 4 on the ARIA Album charts (after 15 years of performing and producing studio albums), and presently they’re only performing at suburban pubs and RSL clubs? Like, what the?

The band’s front man/lead singer is amazing! Rai Thistlethwayte not only has a voice which can rival the best rockers Australia has ever produced, but he also looks the part with his fro! The rest of the Thirsty Merc band is made up of a pair of guitars, bass guitar and drums (Rai’s talents contribute to one of those guitars, and he also plays the keys). I’d describe their music as being Groovy, which gets your body movin’; and if there is any knock against their music, is that their music is a bit too commercial for a rock band and most themes of their songs are about love and break-ups- which I guess young dudes aren’t exactly moshing to. And oddly at their peak, female fans weren’t flocking to them either – unlike other boy-bands who also sung of love i.e. the Beatles. In the end the boys who make up the Thirsty Merc band are just country-boyz who are just trying to make it in the big smoke!

Thirsty Merc’s best known hits have been from their first studio album, self-titled  ‘Thirsty Merc’ (2004)- ‘Emancipate Myself’, ‘Someday, Someday’, and ‘In the Summer Time’; their second studio album ‘Slideshow’ (2007) was their most successful with hit single ’20 Good Reasons’ reaching no. 4 on the 2007 ARIA charts, and other notable tracks from that album were ‘Those Eyes’ and ‘The Hard Way’; and their third studio album ‘Mousetrap Heart’ (2010) was best known for the title track ‘Mousetrap Heart’. The latest album release ‘Shifting Gears’ (2015) was slipped into the public sphere with little fanfare, but in my opinion it’s just as good as their three previous albums!          

So if you’re ever lost for something to listen to, just ask your smart speaker to play ‘Thirsty Merc’ on Spotify! And be ready to be entertained for hours on end! I’ve honestly only been playing their channel all week long! And my all-time favourite song of theirs since it was first released is ’20 Good Reasons’! And a moment in life which has stuck with me for years and years, was seeing them perform live as a supporting act at the Opera House forecourt; it was raining and I was getting drenched but I didn’t care as Rai’s performance of ‘Emancipate Myself’ had me mesmerised! Go do it! Treat your ears! Check-out Thirsty Merc! You won’t regret it!

Album Reviews- Golden/Three Letters From Sarajevo

Ok, this month’s music album review pairing completely makes no sense, unless I take some time out to explain.

So here goes….. Each month I trawl the web looking for artists who will be performing live in Sydney (content for my monthly Gig guide post), gigs which pique my interest and hopefully might also interest you? And through those research findings, I’m often introduced to albums or artists whom I was previously unaware of to my own chagrin. But to ensure that the album/artists are worthy of recommendation, I listen to their respective albums cover to cover and end up being a little obsessed with them! The two most recent albums which I’ve been obsessing over has been Kylie Minogue’s ‘Golden’ album, and Goran Bregovic’s ‘Three Letters from Sarajevo’.

Golden – Kylie Minogue

I can still remember it, weird how some memories stick with you. I must have been in year 1 or year 2 in 1988 (only 5-6 years old), and there was a new kid at our school. I still remember his name (Conrad) and he and his family had newly immigrated from Poland. And although he didn’t have much English, I still remember him singing during class “I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky” (and I imagine they were lucky, finding themselves in Australia compared to 1980 Communist Poland); and exactly 30 years after Kylie’s first artistry successes, Kylie released her 14th studio album – Golden – in 2018! I challenge you to suggest another artist who still sounds as good as Kylie does 30 years on! As she has definitely not lost any of her vocal abilities at age 50 (although I thought she would be older than that – as she’s been around forever!)

The first time I heard the country-sounding ‘Golden’ album, it had already been out there for more than 10 months, and I can’t say that I’ve heard any of the tracks played on mainstream radio before. So when I first listened to her made-in-Nashville album from start to finish, I was amazed by how good it was and I was left wondering why it hadn’t been played more in mainstream radio? The opening track ‘Dancing’ is a  perfect example of how Kylie has blended her usual pop style with country- ‘Dancin’ has a dancy beat to it, while the prominence of the stringed instrument (sounds a bit like a banjo) gives it the country-music vibe, while Kylie’s actual vocals reminds me a bit of the Queen of Country, Ms Dolly Parton. This new style really suits Kylie, fitting her like a golden pair of hot-pants – and my Stetson is off to her for being able to re-invent herself for the second time! Bravo Kylie! Bravo! Most of the notable tracks are in the first half of the album, like ‘Stop me from falling’; the title track ‘Golden’; and ‘Shelby 68’…… In the end the tracks are a good blend of pop and country-pop, and ideal album to have in the background when you’re doing your chores.

If you’d like to check Kylie’s 14th studio album out, just ask your smart speaker to “Play Kylie Minogue, Golden, on Spotify”.

 Three Letters from Sarajevo, Goran Bregovic

Whilst I’ve been aware of Kylie for most of my life, I’ve only known of Goran Bregovic for the past 2 weeks (although Goran has been a professional musician for over 4 decades!). For those who don’t know him, Goran Bregovic is a Bosnian artist who performs internationally with his 40 piece band called the ‘Wedding & Funeral Orchestra’ (it was actually his band’s name which first caught my attention when browsing for gigs). His style of music-isms is described as “Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Romani, Romanian, Serbian, Albanian, and Italian and Turkish themed. And is a fusion of popular music with traditional polyphonic music from the Balkans, tango, and brass bands.” Ok, that was a direct copy&paste from Wikipedia.

It’s hard to describe his music in my own words, but let me give it a go. His music is completely foreign to me, I don’t understand a single word being sung but I’m still very much enjoying the album though; as they say, music is truly an international language! The songs are heavy with instrumentals by his Wedding &Funeral band, fronting several of the tracks are guest vocalists (usually female), and from my understanding three of the tracks are letters from the 3 major faiths in Sarajevo (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). So if these faiths can’t find harmony in person, at least they can find a point of harmony through the power of music!

So if you want a change-up from the usual music you’re enjoying at the moment, give Three Letters from Sarajevo a listen! It’s up-tempo and body-movin’. Just ask your smart speaker to “play Three Letters from Sarajevo on Spotify” Or if you want to access Goran Bregovic’s vast back-log of songs, just ask your Smart speaker to “Play Goran on Spotify”, just asking for his first name is enough (or otherwise Google goes searching for Erin Brockovich to play). Enjoy!

Album review- Baby Driver Movie Soundtrack

Is this the grooviest and the most eclectic music album ever compiled for public consumption!? It’s like a teenager’s mix-tape from the 80s! By a show of hands, who has seen the 2017 film ‘Baby Driver’? Yeah, the title is deceiving – images of animated, over-sized, pink-skinned babies in diapers driving cars do come to mind – but the Edgar Wright film is one serious film!

The uniqueness of Wright’s creation is largely due to the fact that the music drove the scenes of the film, rather than music chosen in post-production to fit a scene. In some cases, Wright had songs in mind for scenes 20 years before actually shooting the film! That’s madness! The sheer amount of time and thought which has been invested into this soundtrack is staggering, and that’s why it’s so good, baby!

Thus with a soundtrack which played a starring role in the film, I’m only going to review the album, but not the film.

The first thing I’m thinking you’ll say, after listening to the album cover-to-cover (all 29 tracks- over 1 hour and 40 mins), is “Wow! That was an eclectic (perhaps random) collection of songs!”, as there isn’t one genre of music that is featured more heavily than others, but simply a mish-mash of songs that was fast then slow, up-tempo and then mellow, old and then new etc. But I’d call it a well thought-out mish-mash, or a planned chaos. Haaha. Perhaps at first listen, I was a little perplexed and it did take me several goes to actually listen to it cover-to-cover, as we all have short attention spans and it’s hard to devote more than 90 minutes to anything these days……. But over the months it grew on me and it’s just such a great funky album to have on around the home. And when the music is paired up with the on-screen cinematics – freakin’ brilliant! It wasn’t just a film, but it was art, a masterpiece!

For someone who was born after most of the songs original releases, it was amazing to be introduced to so many tracks which I’d never heard before! It introduced me to a whole new  world of music, sending me down multi-lane freeways and virtual alleyways of Spotify recommendations, pursuing different artists and genres to widen my own appreciation of all the music on-the-run out there!

Tracks which I’ve really warmed to have been: Bell Bottoms (John Spencer Blues Explosion) – This song alone quite aptly captures the entire album, as this song alone was so eclectic!

I liked the funky instrumental heavy tracks like Harlem Shuffle (Bob & Earl); Smokey Joe’s La La (Googie Rene); Kashmere (Kashmere Stage Band); Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck); The Edge (David McCallun) i.e. the intro to Dr Dre’s Next Episode; and Intermission (Blur).    

I couldn’t help swaying to Soul classics like B A B Y (Karla Thomas); Nowhere to Run (Martha and the Vandellas); and When Somethings Wrong with My Baby (Sam & Dave).

I couldn’t help but crank up the Google Home to 70% when Wild punk rock tracks come on like Neat Neat Neat (The Damned); or when the incredible song Hocus Pocus (Focus) drops! 

But you’re able to take a breath and wipe the sweat from your brow when Woodstock ‘with flowers in your hair’-like tracks play, like: Debora (T .Rex); and Baby Driver (Simon & Garfunkel). 

There is one old school rap track, Know How (Young MC) – I’m sure it’s flows like this which inspired the kids of the 70’s and 80’s to practice spitting lyrics in their bathrooms.

And the soundtrack isn’t just old songs, or stuff which you can find elsewhere, but there are two original tracks penned for the film: Was He Slow? (Kid Coala); and Chase Me (Danger Mous).  

And leaving the best till last, my personal favourite! I can’t tell you how many times I had this song on repeat! Bongolia (The Incredible Bongo Band), I’ve subsequently spent many hours listening to the IBB artist station, and it has reminded me why I used to love ‘Grand Master Flash’!! That’s it! I’m immigrating to Bongolia! Bongolian Lamb anyone?

And the wild thing about the album, is that it only contains 29 of the total 36 tracks which were used in the film! And there is also a movie score! You can almost categorise ‘Baby Driver’ as a Musical! (You can place that CD on the same shelf as ‘The Greatest Showman’ and Les Mis’ at a physical CD store).  

OK, we’ve come to the ‘so what’ part of this post – so if you haven’t seen a film about a music-obsessed getaway driver; with an all-star cast; with absolutely mesmerising cinematics; with an award winning soundtrack; and the chance to see Kevin Spacey get his just desserts! *Rubs hands in expectation*. You must must see Baby Driver! Beg, Borrow or Steal (no, no, don’t steal) a DVD, or better, a Blu-ray version of ‘Baby Driver’! Imagine watching it with a home surround-sound set up! Here is a testimonial to how good it is; Christmas 2017 I actually spent money and purchased the DVD for a colleague’s ‘Secret Santa’ gift (because on his interest list it stated that he liked movies and music), that’s pretty telling as who actually buys DVDs these days!?

And if you’ve already seen and heard the album before, you can enjoy the film and the soundtrack at a whole other level, after listening to the insightful sit-down interview between Edgar Wright and Edith Bowman on the Audioboom podcast. Check out this insightful chat with the creative behind both the film and the soundtrack, visit:

And to listen to the album for the first time, or the 101st time, just ask your SMART speaker to “Play Baby Driver Movie Sountrack on Spotify”. Enjoy! B A B Y!