About Categories

Our blog predominantly focuses on the senses of Touch, Smell, Taste and Sound, thus our blog categories are devoted to these four senses. Here is a list of the 12 categories we will explore on our site, and here is what you can expect.

Restaurant Reviews

Join us as we eat our way around Sydney, starting off at the epicentre i.e. Sydney city! We will be journaling our experiences each step of the way, one bite at a time so check back often as there will always be new blogs for you to feast on. 


I’m no chef and I’d only label myself as a ‘Capable’ cook at best, but I do like to mash-up recipes and layer flavours and textures. So here will be the home of my own home cooked and tested recipes for you to try…. Um, at your own risk of course. *Smile*. 

Kombucha Journal

These days everyone is brewing their own beverages, so we thought to get in on the action as well! Here is our Kombucha brewing journal, follow the life of our scoby Toby as he makes some freakin’ awesome (hopefully) Kombucha for us!

Product Recommendations

Product placement…….. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but you know when you come across a product and you just want to tell the world how great it is (in more than 150 characters). Now I have a virtual soapbox to tell YOU all about it!

Album Reviews

With literally every song and album at your fingertips or voice command (courtesy of music streaming services), here are some albums which have been pumping out of our speakers recently.

Podcast recommendations

There are devotees of podcast, and then there are…… well….everyone else. Here are some podcasts we’ve been subscribed to (or have been binge listening) which you might like. If you haven’t gotten into podcasts, give it a go! It will honestly CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

Audio books/TV

Too busy to sit down to read a book? Or you feel guilty just vegging on the couch all weekend long, watching Netflix while household chores are being neglected? Audio books and just having the TV on in the background while you multi-task is the key! Here are some audio books and TV shows which will keep you entertained, while still ensuring that everyone in your household is still being fed and has clean clothes. Best of both worlds I’d say!

Live Gigs

There are bands/artists and musical productions playing all year long in Sydney, from international stars to community productions. Here are some shows we’ve attended recently.

Exploring Sydney

How great is our City!? Here is our journal, capturing our day-trips to explore the unique gems and must see in the suburbs! Hopefully this inspires others to get out and visit/try something unfamiliar in ‘Good Ol Sydney Town’!


“Hi, this is your Social Director speaking”. Would you like to follow us on a social activity to meet new people and experience new thangs? Watch this category for updates.


There are festivals and expos literally catered for every interest under the sun! Here are some upcoming festivals you’d might be interested in, and a re-cap of the ones we managed to get to (mark them down for next year)!

Travel diary

Occasionally we manage to get away inter-state or overseas! Here is a journal of the highlights of those trips. Perhaps some ideas for your own upcoming holidays?