Netflix recommendations- The Circle (Season 5

We do love our annual hit of The Circle!!!!

There’s a few things we look forward to when the calendar flips over from December to January, there’s of course the feeling of a fresh start to a new year! Also being in the midst of a long lazy summer holiday from work also deserves a mention! But the release of a brand new season of ‘The Circle’ in January, is also right up there! And season 5 did not disappoint!

For those less familiar to the Netflix reality TV show ‘The Circle’, it was first released during the first Covid shutdown in 2020. I had described it as the ultimate example of social distancing, as each contestant lived in their own apartment, with absolutely no physical contact with anyone outside of their own four walls. All of their interaction is undertaken through a social media type platform called ‘The Circle’. Where players have a user profile, and chat functionality to interact with other players through short text messages.

This level of anonymity (which replicates Social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook), allows the players to enter the game as themselves, or as a Catfish i.e. taking on a fictitious profile which they try to hide behind for their own perceived self-gain. Moohaaha        .

 And although the show has gone through 5 seasons across the span of 4 years, the concept is still fresh and intriguing! As it’s the characters which enter the Circle each year which keeps things fresh and interesting! And they throw in enough curve balls and revelations to keep the Circle and the players off-tilt- for our entertainment. *Smile*. In the end it’s a good combination of heart, strategy, and suspense which keeps us coming back for more each year! And with more episodes and more diversity this year! We greatly appreciated these improvements for 2023!

The only thing which baffles me each year, is the willingness of players to enter the game as a Catfish!? The game becomes twice as hard when they need to filter every interaction and comment through the fictitious character (especially if they’re not a man or vice versa). And the game quickly unravels into a hunt for the Catfish! Why put yourself through that? I say, always go in as yourself, be proud that you can win others over as your true self!

To check out season 5 of ‘The Circle’, just search for it on your Netflix app! In our opinion, best season yet! We look forward to 2024’s iteration!

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