About US

Oh hey! Thanks for clicking on the link, we’re flattered that you’d like to know more about the creatives behind Four Senses- Touch Smell Taste Sound!

We’re just your usual young professionals who work a standard 9-5 job in regulated and structured industries, and this blog is our after-hours hobby where we can let loose and allow our creative side to run wild a bit.

My wife and I started Four Senses to motivate ourselves to get out more and enjoy our great city, as it’s too easy to just veg on the couch with our various devices. So hopefully our journal encourages you to also get out there and enjoy all the amazing things our ‘Old Sydney Town’ has to offer!

Please feel free to comment and like our posts, as we’d love to hear your feedback and your likes will further encourage us to keep pushing more content through this site. Cheers, enjoy!