Netflix recommendations- How to Get Rich

And this isn’t Cryptocurrency Explained!

Before starting this new Netflix series, I thought I was in for an 8-part series on all the different get rich quick schemes out there! Like an extended version of all those annoying YouTube ads. But how wrong was I!

‘How to Get Rich’ is an 8 part series where Finance expert Ramit Sethi meets with a collection of couples and individuals, first breaking down their financial situation (by going through their bank accounts and bills), and once he has understood their financial position, then meets them in person. In the process, learning about them and understanding how and why they’re in their current financial state, and then giving them advice in how and what they could change to place themselves on a better financial path. So, what surprised me was that the show was more about the people and the human side of their stories, rather than a list of methods in how to make more money.

But it does achieve on those points as well, by sharing with us cautionary tales of what not to do. Which was refreshing, as the other method would have been to feature couples who had it all! But who could really relate to those people! Right? And the sad reality is that, that American’s aren’t as rich as we think them to be (heaps of Credit card debt and outstanding college loans), and unfortunately there is no get rich fast scheme, but for the old fashion slow way, of saving all your pennies where you can.

For me, I most enjoyed the way they told the stories. In most reality TV shows of this type, they would feature one family or individual per episode, go deep and then have a resolution by the end of the 30-40 minutes. So, what happens is that, if there is a particularly boring couple, the likelihood that I’m back for the next episode is low. However, ‘How to Get Rich’ starts off with 2-3 couples/individuals, and across 2-3 episodes their stories are told, and when one storyline comes to its natural ending, that couple rolls-off, to be replaced by another new person. And as their stories conclude at different times, so the introduction of new people is less predictable, which in turn keeps the show fresh.

If you ask my wife what she enjoyed the most about the show. Her answer would likely be the fact that she stopped and seriously thought about what does her ‘Rich life’ looks like. A question which Ramit puts to each individual and couple that he meets. As in, why are you doing what you’re doing day in day out? What are you trying to achieve with your life? What do you need to have or what lifestyle do you need to be living, for you to say that you’re rich or feel content in life? And that is such a fascinating thing to explore. And for my wife who hadn’t really thought too much about this topic in the past, now she could articulate what her ‘rich life’ looks like, so this has been a true revelation for her.

So yeah, for that single reason alone, I think ‘How to Get Rich’ is worth everyone’s time! So, if you want to live a more focused, dare I say a more ‘Purpose driven life’, then check-out ‘How to Get Rich’ on Netflix! You never know, your Rich life might not be all that far away!

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