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Netflix recommendations- The Royal House of Windsor

Just when you thought you knew it all!

We do have an odd fascination with the Royals, don’t we? That royal linage, being blood descendants of all the great Kings and Queens from the history books! But the Netflix documentary series ‘The Royal House of Windsor’ shed light and gave us some crazy ‘What the ‘moments, just when we thought we already knew all there is to know about our Royal family!

What the! Moment 1: The surname change.

I was so shocked to learn, that the Windsor’s had changed their surname from the very German sounding Saxe-Culburg Gotha to the Windsor’s in 1917 during the reign of George V, and attempt to distance themselves from their Germanic past, after the first World War. That’s amazing, how the royal family had buried that fact uber deep.

What the! Moment 2: Fun King David

Sure, we knew of King Edward VIII’s’ abdication as it was front and centre in ‘The King’s Speech’, but who knew that he was so beloved and charismatic- like Prince Harry of his day. Imagine how things could have been if he remained King?

What the! Moment 3: Lord Mountbatten.

Before watching The Royal House of Windsor, I had never heard of the man ‘Lord Mountbatten’, or that Prince the late Phillip was also a Mountbatten. But according to the documentary, Lord Mountbatten was a powerbroker behind the scenes, and had many plans to re-shape the Royal family according to his vision, until his untimely death in 1979.

What the! Moment 4: Queen Elizabeth can sound normal!

By now, we all know the Queen’s speech. That higher pitched, aristocratic British voice with that quaver to it? And she even spoke like that when she was in her 20s. But in the documentary, they showed some 3 second clips from a home video which captured the young Queen just being herself, talking to her kids. And shock horror! She sounds normal! But unfortunately, the private home videos had been aired once on British TV, but not to be aired ever again. It would be nice to see the Queen in her normal everyday ways, but I guess that would make her too relatable! And we can’t have that? Right?

What the! Moment 5: Prince Charles was a playboy?!

Now this I found hard to believe. But in the 70s, Prince Charles was actually a playboy, dating and breaking a many hearts along the way. How weird hey? The only image I have of Prince Charles is how he’s depicted in ‘The Windsors’, the spoof comedy of the royal family. There he’s dry, boring, and just interested in making organic cookies………

So, if you too want to learn all the truths of the Windsors, check-out ‘The Royal House of Windsor’, a real fascinating watch! When you’re finished, you’ll really know it all! To start, watching, click HERE!

Podcast recommendation- The Sporkful

Your mission if you so choose to accept it……

Don’t you love cross promotions between Podcasters? Here I was, minding my own business- listening to pods which I was already subscribed to and then ‘Decoder Ring’ spoon feeds me an episode from another podcaster. And it left me riveted, so much so, that when the last tone was still ringing in my ear, I went and subscribed to this podcast.

The Sporkful was the podcast which so riveted me- a show for eaters, not foodies. And their tag line says it all, you don’t have to have a penchant for fine dining or across all the latest food fads to enjoy this pod, but you only need to enjoy eating- and isn’t that all of us?

Hosted by Dan Pashman, a New Yorker, and the very first episode which I listened to, was where he was telling the world his plan to create a new pasta shape. A 5-episode series called Mission ImPastabal! And over the episodes Dan first drums up excitement about his mission/new venture; then goes away to understand everything about pasta from ingredients, mass production methods, and learns of all the various shapes of pasta already out there; before placing pencil to drafting paper to design his ideal and never seen before pasta shape; then going away to find a designer to cast and a factory to produce his pasta; all the way till distribution of his new pasta shape to his faithful listeners.

And let me tell you, Dan has opened my eyes to a whole new world which I had previously never thought too deeply about- like there is a name for every variant of pasta, and here I thought the Rigatoni was just an oversized Penne pasta! And I thought the ruffles on the edges of pasta was just for aesthetic purposes, but they have a purpose of catching more sauce.

And throughout the series, and the criteria which Dan was creating his pasta shape to, was to fulfill the 3 requirements of Forkability! Sausability! And Tooth Sinkability! I.e., how easy is it to get the pasta onto your fork, how well does the pasta hold sauce on its slippery surface, and how much enjoyment do you gain from chewing that pasta? And again, with gusto! Forkability! Sausability! And Tooth Sinkability!

Now I’m wondering, how much postage and handling is going to cost, to ship a 5-pound bag of Dan Pashman’s pasta to Sydney Australia!?

To geek out on pasta, check out ‘The Sporkful’, click HERE to amerce yourself in the mission!

Netflix recommendations- Selling Sunset season 1

If only all workplaces were this glamourous!

The Oppenheim Group ain’t your local Century 21, but a high-end Real Estate brokerage company  located in LA- owned by twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. And from 2018 onwards, camera crews have been following them and their team of ‘girls’, as they go about preparing, marketing, showing and selling these multi-million dollar LA mansions!

If you’ve never associated ‘open house’ to sex appeal before? This Netflix reality TV show might change your mind! Labelled as ‘Selling Sunset’, the Netflix series are 8 episodes (under 30 mins each) glimpses into how the top 1% of the world’s wealthy live. Where droppin’ $5 mill on a house is on the low end of the spectrum, which then  lands the Oppenheim Group a nice six figure commission! Wouldn’t that be nice?

But it’s not all about property, negotiations and selling- but the show spends just as much time (or more) following the lives of the Oppenheim Group- the centre of which is the latest addition  to the team- Chrishell. Produced like a reality-soapy, we see chrishell’s first day on the job where she meets her new colleagues for the first time, witness some gentle hazing of the new girl, the connections she makes (with Ava), and the frictions which develop (with Christine/Mary/Davina),an unavoidable outcome when egos, money, and reputations are on the line.

If a Millennial viewer had previously never ever considered buying their own home before, I wouldn’t say that Selling Sunset would inspire all people to jump onto to see what is on offer (as Selling Sunset made me a little depressed to learn how much property costs), but I’m sure Selling sunset may inspire the future 1% of the world’s wealthy to work hard/create the next multi-million-dollar app. Thus one-day they too can afford a 5 bdr, 9-bathroom mansion with an infinity pool!

Although some critics have made claims that Selling Sunset is all scripted and all the girls have only been brought into the Oppenheim Group for the shooting of the series- but please allow me to hold onto the fantasy of which Netflix has painted for us i.e. that there’re former models and actresses, teetering on their designer heels, conducting Covid safe open home inspections- posting up A4 sheets with QR code for people to scan on entry. Please let me maintain this fantasy. Please!

To start watching Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 (with the Oppenheim Group committed to seasons 4-5), click HERE! Let the Open house begin!

Netflix recommendations- Below deck season 1

Like a duck on water, from the surface you just don’t know what hard work is going on under the surface!

Come to think about it, there aren’t many reality TV shows which are based on one’s workplace? As if a camera crew followed me around while I was at work, it would be pretty boring right? Unless if you worked on a mega yacht based in the Caribbean!

Once again Netflix has purchased some early episodes of pre-aired/pre-loved reality TV shows from the early 2010s. This time it’s a series about a luxury yacht and it’s professional crew (while on charter), but oh-so-not professional when out of sight of their charter guests. And I guess this is what  makes ‘Below deck’ so interesting to watch.

Over 11 episodes we follow the 11 crew members of the ‘Honour’ complete a season (6 weeks) at sea. On charter we meet Captain Lee (a no-nonsense grizzled seadog with some memorable one-liners); Chief Stewardess Adrienne (a well-meaning but unrespected boss of Sam and Kat); and Chef Ben (a quick Whitted suave  Brit). And a host of other characters, too many to introduce individually.

As the mega yacht is 50m in length (160 feet) it costs an arm and a leg to rent (perhaps as high as $100K+ for 3 nights), so the guests they welcome on board are next level wealthy. With high expectations, with over-the-top requests, and oftentimes pretty poor behaviour. We watch the crew scramble around doing their guests’ bidding, watching chef Ben respond to dietaries, while trying to maintain this $20 million luxury yacht. No wonder after a while, you see friendships frayed, cat fight’s unfolding, and crew being disciplined by their section heads and/or by captain Lee. And you can kind of understand why, they’re living and working together week after week in confind conditions, and  although they’re in a holiday setting but they aren’t on holidays and unable to let their hair out to relax for a moment. So much of the drama is focused  on the crew pushing back on authority and individual’s disrespecting their seniors behind their backs- until those below deck/to camera footages are aired and the Captain sees what his crew really think of him. Awkward! And at the end of every charter, like a game show they reveal how much tips they have received from the guests, which encapsulated their efforts and how their guests value their experience. And let’s just say, some amounts were jaw dropping, while other amounts were laughable, which reflected badly on both the guest for their cheapness, and the crew’s lack  of professionalism and service.

And like most of these shows, they have a reunion episode at the very end. Oftentimes they come back together months or even years after filming had concluded- and we have to witness these cringing moments when they see/confront each other for the first time since everything has been aired in public and there aren’t any secrets anymore. *Shudders*.

On the whole, below deck was interesting enough, it gave us an insight to a part of life which most of us are unfamiliar to, and who doesn’t like a bit of drama and friction between colleagues now and again? But when Netflix started to play season 2 immediately after completing season one! I had to order Google Home to stop it, as it was just too soon to return back to the waters just yet. If you’d like a sea-change from the usual Reality TV shows, give Below deck a go! It’s a breath of fresh air (be that a little salty), to start watching click HERE!

Netflix recommendations- Are you the one

They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, nor do they have to be. Or do they?…….

It’s real nice to see that Netflix has purchased some MTV content, as it’s the reality TV shows which made MTV awesome! And ‘Are you the one’ is an MTV reality matchmaking show from 2014.

On the surface, the show’s concept is simple- bring together 10 gorgeous ladies, and 10 hunky guys to the island of Hawaii. And keep them locked up for 10 weeks until they find themselves a match, while lubricating them with copious amounts of alcohol, of course! Moohaha. However include One Million dollars! Gamification and human emotions? And all of a sudden things aren’t so simple anymore. And there’s bound to be tears. Haaha.

So let’s dig deeper into the game concept here. Prior to entering the house, each of the 20 lovely guys and girls had been interviewed by professional matchmakers, and without their knowledge they had been paired up with one of the opposite sex. deemed as their ‘Perfect match’. Then after entering the house, they’re told that one of their opposite sex is their perfect match, and they have 10 weeks to find out who they are. And to motivate them along, to find ‘the one’, One Million dollars is on the line, to be split by the 10 couples. But only if they can complete 10 perfect matches, before the 10-week period is up!

To help them along, each week they will take part in challenges, which ranged from physical challenges, eating challenges, and various ‘how well do you know them’ type challenges. The top 3 individuals or couples, are rewarded with a romantic  date, so they can get to know one another better, away from the house of 20. And nothing is ever straight forward on AYTO, as the winners are not obligated to choose the same partner, which always results in hurt feelings. Or when they compete as couples, they pair up before hand, so at the end of the process there is always one guy or girl who is the last to be picked, just like primary school sports.

The romantic dates are usually set in beautiful locations, so visually they’re great! But the actual dates are pretty boring for us, nothing ground-breaking ever happens on the dates. But the interesting thing is the ‘Truth booth’, any of the winning couples can be voted to the truth booth by the non-winning couples, and the truth booth would reveal once and for all, if that couple is a perfect match. Let’s just say, a few fledgling romances were nipped in the bud by the truth booth. But if a couple is found to be a perfect match by the truth booth, that couple immediately leaves the house and spends the rest of the show in isolation with each other in a honeymoon suite, which we the viewer do not see. And occasionally we see them again, at the matching ceremony.

Near the conclusion of each episode, there is a matching ceremony where one by one, a guy (or girl- they alternate turns per week), come up and choose their perfect match giving some reason why they think they are the one. And after all 10 couples are paired away and their handprints entered into the system to register their match. There is a drawn-out process of lighting up lights, each lit light represents a perfect match, but it does not reveal which couple was the perfect match.

So you’ve got these great looking people attached to one another, rightfully or wrongfully so, but they don’t know if their attachment is founded or not, and they have to work out probability, process of elimination, and strategy? So let’s just say, if they had a few less attractive people in there, who were more books smarts, than eye candy, then they might have won the cash more easily. But from our point of view, and the producer’s perspective , we all have a vested interest that they don’t guess correctly too soon. As the show comes to an immediate end once they reach 10 correct matches.

In the end, I didn’t learn much from the experience, nor did the contestants. It was basically just a game show with hot people, but not much more than that. No revelations were learnt, unlike what was experienced on ‘Too hot to handle’, or ‘Love is blind’.

But if you have some free time this weekend, and dating/matching reality TV shows are your thang, then check out ‘Are you the one’, click HERE to start watching immediately!

Podcast recommendations- Browse ‘Top Episodes’

It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

After a cleanse of my podcast subscriptions, it oddly left me with nothing new to listen to one morning.  so I inevitably started to search for new content. And this is what I found…….

Highly rated one-off episodes! Unless you decide to make the one-off fling into a more permanent relationship. “love you long time!”.

So to this point, I’ve never scrolled that far down the ‘Browse’ tab before. Most of the times I’ve already found a new show from ‘New & noteworthy’ or from ‘Top shows. But the other day I started to scroll down further and found myself in ‘Top episodes’ and I was presented with a list of episode titles, with no hint of the actual name of the show. And a few episode titles caught my eye, so I tapped on them and ‘Oh My God!’ I found some gems!

In the past I’d seen ‘Conversation’s, and I told myself that I didn’t need to listen to interviews with Australian celebrities, as what celebrities do, we have anyway? And ‘Mamamia’, that had never interested me, as the movie of the same name hadn’t moved me to want to watch it either. And ‘Casefile True Crime’, I had listened to this a handful of years ago and the host’s emotionless reading of a script for upwards of 90 minutes had bord me to death (A future Casefile episode, ‘How a man died of boredom, through a podcast’). But because the ‘Top episodes’ were brandless and titleless, I gave them a go peaked by the subject matter, not by what preconceived notion I might have had of the shows.

And what I found, was that ‘Conversations’ wasn’t chats with Aussie celebrities, but in fact with normal everyday people, who were  subject matter experts in a particular field- always very interesting field/subjects. So much so, that you genuinely feel enlightened after each experience.

That Mamamia podcasts were very well produced, targeted at a female audience, but men were never made to feel out of place. So I’ve listened to a few episodes now from the Mamamia family of podcasts, and I’ve enjoyed them all (and I may or may not have a tiny crush on Gladys now. Haaha).

And although Casey is just as boring and emotionless with his re-telling of true crime cases, however the stories are well researched, and the scripts at least are well told. So you can almost forgive him for his almost perfect impersonation of a talking robot. And funny enough, I’m actually subscribed to his show now.

What I’ve found refreshing about the ‘Top Episodes’ list, is the fact that they do not promote the show, so if the hosts themselves don’t repeat the name of their program- you can go a whole entire episode without knowing who you’re listening to. And that’s refreshing right? So it’s not about the brand, or the show’s reputation, but just based on the content of this one-off experience for you!

So if you want to add some surprise back into your life, check out Apple Podcasts, select ‘Browse’ in your Podcast app, then scroll down to ‘Top Episodes’. Enjoy!