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Netflix recommendations- Cars, Cars, Cars and more Cars!

Movies for the Rev-heads!


Recently I’ve found myself in a deep Netflix rabbit hole, after showing an interest in seeing what type of car movies Netflix had in their movie library. And 3 weeks on and a dozen movies down…… Here is a list of car films I’ve seen thus far:


Drive (2019)


Starting off with the most obscure, ‘Drive’ is Bollywood’s attempt at a Fast and Furious style action thriller! But unfortunately they were unable to take the better halves of their two respective cultures in this mash-up- only in succeeding in delivering a totally confusing heist flick, with unnecessary twists and turns which only left me baffled and confused. *Crossed-eyed*.


The Italian Job (2003)


While on the other hand, Hollywood has the heist flick recipe nailed right down! The winning formula being a rag-tag team of experts, led by a suave operator, a pretty female antagonist, and mix in some mirth! Then throw in some cute souped-up Mini Coopers and you have a truly entertaining heist film! This was probably my favourite from this list!


Baby Driver (2017)


Previously I’ve already raved on about Edgar Wright’s film and its music soundtrack in previous posts, however I enjoyed this film in a whole new light- when I watched it with ‘Audio description!!!. In the past I’ve mentioned that I’m completely blind? Yes? And I had watched Baby Driver in cinema when it was first released, I had closely studied the plot summary on Wikipedia, and I’ve listened to multiple pods and interviews where they’ve broken down the film scene by scene. However having all the visuals described to me in real-time, for the first time I was able to truly enjoy the film as I actually knew what was going on in each and every scene!                       . The actual story-line is simple and perhaps the acting isn’t great, but it’s all about the music and how the visuals interact perfectly with the audio!


Lady Driver (2020)


I finished this entire film without making the connection between its title and its potential word-play with Edgar Wright’s film. I’m not sure if Lady Driver ever made it onto the big-screens of the cinema, or had it been directly released to Netflix- as it does scream-out being a ‘Tele-movie’! But Lady Driver is a feel-good-film, great for the family, and the acting was surprisingly good I thought. Check-out this teenage dirt track racer getting her tyres dirty with the boys!


Rush (2013)


Now this was a movie I was really looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint! A real-life re-telling of the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, which spanned the 70s. Even if you’re not a racing/F1 fan, I think you’ll still enjoy this film- as it’s the story-line which drives this film.


The Fast and the Furious (2001)


Can you believe it? The Fast and the Furious is almost 19 years old! The original, and the best! Where it was all about the cars and the street racing culture! Love it! Love it! And again, I was able to enjoy the film at a whole other level, due to Netflix uploading the Universal Pictures version of the films with Audio description as an option!  *Claps hands*. You have to listen to the prim and proper narration guy, describing what the scantily clad bikini babes get up-to. Haaha.


2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)


Minus Dom, but you get Roman…. You know what they say, sequels never live-up to the lofty heights of the originals? Yeah, this is definitely the case for 2F2F, but if you’re a die-hard F&F fan, this fact doesn’t stop you from watching it again and again!


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)


I think the masterminds behind the F&F franchise are still kicking themselves for creating Tokyo Drift, as it completely throws the saga and storyline out of sequence! Where does this fit in? How does he die and then appear in later films? And the acting….. But since I was in such a Japanese fan-boy mood when I watched it, I lapped up each and every moment of Tokyo Drift!


Fast and Furious (2009)


Perhaps this is the best film from all of the F&F series? Just because it hits the right balance between feeling modern, having Dom and Brian back together again, there are enough car-porn moments, while the franchise hadn’t turned itself completely into a Hollywood heist movie franchise just yet. And the introduction of Tej! My favourite character! Luda!


Fast 5 (2011)


Throw in Hobbs into the mix, and the franchise got a bit too main-stream for my liking. The men are bigger now, so are the cars, and the scenes are even harder to believe now! Like what’s with the dragging of the massive safe through the streets of Rio all about? And the main gripe for me, was the fact that there weren’t enough hot cars! More car-porn please!


Fast and furious 6 (2013)


The introduction of the alt-team, the European mirror image of the Yanks. Once again, the men got bigger (now with 3), the cars got more exotic (more Euro cars, which I don’t mind), and the explosions got definitely bigger as well! The latter films are all starting to blur into one another for me, but yeah…… I just have to say, how long was that aeroplane runway in the final action sequence?! It literally felt like the plane was running at full throttle for 3 minutes trying to take off, and after all that time they still never run out of tarmac? I found that a bit unbelievable….. Along with all the other unbelievable parts in the film….


Furious 7 (2015)


It was inevitable that eventually terrorists would be cast as the enemies to Toretto and his famiglia- for that reason of being too cliché Furious 7 will go down as my least likeable of the F&F films. But I did love the ‘in memory’ ending, celebrating Paul Walker’s life. R.I.P Paul- at least he passed doing what he was passionate about. In the 7th instalment the cars are definitely getting hotter and more exotic, so too are the female leads (you should hear the audio description for the bikini beach scene….. Sun kissed complexion hey?).


Wheelman (2017)


And finally there’s Wheelman, a B-grade “action/thriller”- if Fast and the Furious is on one end of the spectrum with unbelievable action sequences and a multi-million dollar budget, then Wheelman must be on the opposite end of the spectrum with wholly believable chase sequences and I’d imagine a very modest budget.  I’d estimate that nearly 85% of the film we the viewer are taken on a back-seat ride with the Wheelman whilst he conducts his business on his iPhone- and where F&F is too unrealistic? Wheelman is a bit too real, right down to the dumb-ass criminals. The only thing this film has going for it, is the sweet exhaust note from the BMW E46 getaway car, and the rawness from the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS engine.


So if you’re into cars as much as I am? Check-out all these vehicular films for the first time, or for the 101st time! I watched all of them while doing my afternoon spin-bike sessions, cycling has never been this emotive, with the sounds of revving, roaring engines coming right at cha. Especially when they drop the NOS, me on my bike? I’m GONE!


Netflix recommendations- Japanese dating shows

Comparing and contrasting the two extremes of Japanese reality dating shows……………


Since realising the ability to watch foreign Netflix content using Siri to read the English subtitles, I’ve gone a bit cray cray in trying out any non-English content on the Australian Netflix library. And since I’d been watching Terrace House, of course the Netflix app has recommended  other similar Japanese content for my viewing pleasure. So after completing two different Japanese reality dating shows, here is a compare and contrast of the two:


Ainori Love Wagon Asian Journey (Season 1)


The first program which I completed was Ainori (travel together) Love Wagon, which is a revival of a classic Japanese dating show from the 90s-00s, now resurrected by Netflix for a global audience. The premise is that 7 young people are brought together on an international trip, touring multiple countries on a Pink tour bus (the Love wagon). The 7 individuals are made up of 4 men and 3 women, and what they all have in common is that they’re usually a bit hopeless in the love department. You know, all friend groups have that one friend who is chronically single, or hops in and out of short-term loveless relationships? Yeah, got that friend in mind? Now bring all of those individuals together, and force them to travel together on a pink bus, on a scant travel budget, and throw in the pressures of trying to find ‘the One’ from your fellow travel companions? And there you have Ainori Love Wagon!


In season 1 they travel through Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore- a local guide takes them to all the usual tourist hotspots, and to some destinations off the beaten track- usually designed to educate them on the state in which the local people subsist (inevitably reminding them how privilege they are, being Japanese  and growing-up/living in a developed country).


If to this point, Ainori sounds a bit boring to you? Well, it is at times, but wait until the drama starts! When potential romance develops, and a participant needs to take the plunge and formally declare their feelings! If the feelings are reciprocated, the rules are that they’ll have to kiss to ‘seal’ the deal. Then both of them immediately leave the tour and go home to Japan together (oh yeah, I didn’t mention how after confessing their feelings, they hand over an airline ticket to return home together). While if the feelings are not reciprocated, the airline ticket is handed back  and the rejected individual returns home alone. So that is the interesting thing about Ainori, it’s pretty much ‘all’ or ‘nothing’! And the surprising thing is they never quite test the waters first before taking the plunge, half of the time the won who is told that they have been the target of one’s affections, they are genuinely surprised as they hadn’t seen it coming and inevitably those scenarios end in tearful rejections. And more often than not, they take the all or nothing plunge only after a short period of time, one girl professed her feelings to a guy 4 days after they first met!


And if you’re thinking, well that’s a bit boring and sad then- if slowly one by one the travellers dwindle down in size, as they all drop-off like flies? No, no! Those quirky Japanese producers have thought of that as well, as soon as one person leaves (or a couple if there is a match), new travellers immediately join their tour! Thus making things very very interesting, as they stir up the existing dynamics of the group. Moohaaha!


By in large, all of the travellers are well behaved, they rarely fight over the same person, they’re polite to one another, but there is one traveller who stirs things up when she has a bit too much to drink. So keep an eye out for her. *Winks*. So if it wasn’t for her, the entire series is pretty tamed, a show which families back home in  Japan could all sit down and watch together! I think it has a PG  rating. But on the other hand……




On the other hand we have Rea(L)ove, and if the brackets and the capital L confuses you, the show is called ‘Real Love’. Well, if Ainori is a program which you can sit down with Mum to watch? Real Love is a show which you definitely don’t want to watch with mum!


The preface is that 12 girls and 12 guys are brought to Okinawa Island for an intensive 3 day date-fest! But even before the show commences a guy and 3 girls have already dropped out, leaving the gender balance badly skewed. But they didn’t drop out because the prospect of an all expenses paid trip on a resort island wasn’t appealing. Or the prospect of meeting ‘the One’ was too frightening. But it was the fact that each participant on the show, they all have a ‘dark secret’, a secret so shocking which has previously spoiled previous attempts at love. Yes, secrets so alarming, that once it’s out there, potential partners would usually go running the other way! And those who dropped out, probably realised that disclosing their dark secret on global television wasn’t the wises thing to do, thus pulled out at the last minute. And did they make the right choice?


So from the get go I must warn you that Real Love pushes the envelope. It’s not so much the  goings on between participants, nor the depravity of  people’s secrets- but more so due to the things which one Host says. The maile Host, Atsushi Tamura- a comedian comes  off as being misogynistic, demeaning, and basically makes jokes at the expense of others. So if hearing that already turns you off the show? Then steer clear of it! By the way, Real Love has a MA15+ rating. However if things like that don’t offend you, then yeah, Real Love can be quite a bingeable show.


The guys and girls are brought together, they introduce themselves and their ‘Vanilla’ side of their lives, and over the next 3 days they undergo group dates, one-on-one dates, trying to work out if there could be love? And at a chime’s notice at any part of the day or night, a participant is randomly chosen to disclose their dark secret to the group. And it could be at a moment when they’re in front of everyone else! Or it could occur when their one-on-one, on a romantic date. Without spoiling the show for you, the secrets could range from being in debt or being a divorcee, to having a criminal past or having a some-what embarrassing fetish.  So yeah, it’s embarrassing to admit, but it is quite entertaining and they love to stick a reveal right at the end of an episode, so you’re sucked in to keep watching the next episode to find out what the deep dark secret is. And I don’t think we were too shocked by any of the secrets, but did the 4 individuals who pulled out, did they make the right choice? Probably yes? It’ll be hard to face  a boss the next day, or to find future romance, once that dark secret is out there for the world to re-watch over and over on demand!


And at the end of the 3 days, each person is given an opportunity to confess their love for someone, now that they know what they’re getting themselves into. And if the feelings are reciprocated, then the couple can develop that relationship at the conclusion of the show (and in some cases, two or more individuals professed their feelings to the same person, and said person just has to choose). What I liked about it, was right at the end they catch-up with the couples, so you’ll find out if they’re still together after several months.


So yeah, that’s my compare and contrast of Japanese reality dating shows. One which is appropriate for the entire family to watch! the other….. You’ll just have to watch it under your covers. Haaha.


To start watching Ainori Love Wagon, click HERE


For Real Love, click HERE!



Podcast Recommendations- Twenty Thousand Hertz

Because you’re fascinated by sound!


Sound is literally everywhere! With sight, you can still block it out by merely shutting your eyes! But sound, it’s almost impossible to completely block-out. At night when you’re trying to sleep, it’s not actually quiet. Yeah? You especially notice it if you can’t sleep e.g. hearing the ticking of an analogue clock, the hum of a street lamp, the hiss of a nearby ventilation system, and when you try to cover your ears in frustration with the blanket and pillo- then you’ll  realise you can hear your pulse in your ears! Ah! And when someone says “Guess what happened in last night’s episode?” And you quickly cover your ears, stopping yourself from hearing them spoil a show that you have DVR and hadn’t had a chance to watch? Well, clamping your hands over your ears only stops you from hearing their voice, but you still hear that seashell ocean affect in your ears. So it’s almost impossible to block out sound from your life.


Thus, no matter what you find fascinating in life, shouldn’t we all be fascinated by sound? Because it’s literally all around us?


And here steps in the boys and girls at Defacto Sound who are the creators behind the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz! They fill this sound void in the podcast-a-sphere, filling the lack of interest in producing a pod only about sound! **Note: I think they’re the only ones who produce a pod similar to what they have created.


Host Dallas Taylor takes you and your ears on an  audible journey through sound, not only is their mode of delivery in an audio only format, but their entire program is centred on the most interesting and recognisable sounds! Like podcasts who go into the history of food, or to the back story and making of your favourite films? But Twenty Thousand Hertz dives deep into the history and back story of iconic sounds- sounds which are totally recognisable but perhaps you hadn’t paid it much heed, but you’ll be so much more aware of after listening to an episode all about It.?


In the very first episode of 20KHZ Dallas interviewed an actress who has one of the most well-known voices, but we most likely don’t know her name? Yes, the voice we know as SIRI- did you know that Siri was a real person? Who had recorded thousands and thousands of words for Apple, but why the voice sounds a bit robotic is because the audio recordings had the pitch adjusted upwards ultimately making her sound more digital than analogue. But when she is asked to put on the SIRI voice, it is unmistakingly her!


Or one of the first episodes which I listened to when I first stumbled upon the pod was a deep dive into what we popularly refer to as ‘Muzak’, that jazzy non-offensive (while equally uninspiring) music we hear coming out of the tinny speakers of elevators.


And the most recent episode I listened to, it was an investigation into the Whoopee Cushion, yes that pink rubber bladder which makes fart noises when someone sits on it!


Twenty Thousand Hertz is both informative and whimsical, enlightening and entertaining! So if there has been a sound which you’ve always wondered, ‘how did that come about?’ Dig through their archive, as they’ve probably covered it in a past episode (they have content dating back to 2016). And if you can’t find it there, you can email them about your ear-worm, and they’ll be more than happy to investigate and produce a future show based on your audio dilemma. Or if you’re one of those people who just enjoys the ‘Secret sound’ segment on radio, test your sound memory with their per-episode mystery sound! I thought I was good at recognising sounds, but I haven’t gotten one correct yet.


So if you find sound as fascinating as I do, check out Twenty Thousand Hertz, click HERE to begin listening!

Netflix Recommendations- Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

It’s just like ‘Big Brother’ but way better and definitely less skanky!

Now how many times have you used the above statement, when trying to describe to friends about the Japanese reality TV show you’re watching?

So back in 2015 we started to watch Netflix’s first season of Terrace house, a reality TV show capturing the lives of 6 housemates who have been hand-picked to dwell in a Tokyo share home. And back in 2015, we were pretty clueless. I.e. we were new to Netflix and thought that whole series were uploaded onto the service all in one go; I literally didn’t understand half of the show (as I don’t read subtitles); and when we actually caught-up with the most recent episode (ep 13) we actually thought that the series had abruptly ended there. So much so that we stopped watching, annoyed that all of the story-lines were left open ended and that was that, we didn’t give Terrace house any more thought as we continued on with our lives (i.e. watched other stuff).

Fast-forward to the present day, everyone is spending more time at home and out of curiosity I clicked on the latest series of Terrace house on Netflix, by this stage they’re onto season 4- but the crew is back in Tokyo. And because I was viewing it from my phone (where I have Speech/Voiceover turned on) all of a sudden I had Siri reading out all of the English subtitles, and for the first time I actually knew what was going on! No longer was the Fuji TV panellist’s rapid fire Japanese a blur for me, and no longer was I just relying on brief descriptions from my wife on what was going on from scene to scene- but now I was able to follow each conversation and exchange between the housemates! Sure, at times it was confusing to work out who was actually speaking (as Siri dims the audio when she speaks), but that was half the fun of it! Trying to work out who were conversing with each other based on the content of their conversations alone. And once I had knocked over 20 odd episodes of the current season- I started to wonder how it would be like to re-watch Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City, now that I could understand the dialogue.

And shock horror! I then found out that all those years ago, we had prematurely given up on it thinking the season had ended abruptly, but in reality we had only caught-up to their most recent episodes and all subsequent episodes were released on a weekly basis. *Smacks hand on forehead*.

So it was like walking down memory lane, reliving the 13 episodes which we had watched 4-5 years ago, and then proceeding onto the episodes which we had never seen before. And the unique thing about Terrace house, is the fact that the housemates are free to come and go as they please. It’s not like ‘Big Brother’ where they’re locked inside a compound, unaware of what people are saying about them in the real world, only leaving the home when they’re eventually evicted by a people’s vote. But housemates in Terrace house go about their regular lives, maintaining their day-time vocations and they’re even free to view themselves on TV (when the episodes eventually air) and check-out online forums where fans are gossiping about them. It’s all pretty weird (yet fascinating) as private discussions among the girls re who they’re interested in, would eventually become public knowledge within the home in a matter of weeks after the episode airs on national and international television. So the show is interesting in that respects, as the dynamics in the home change, as they gain more information about each other (in person or in delay).

And the other interesting fact of Terrace House is that the roommates are free to leave the show/home at any time. Therefore although only 6 housemates reside at the home at any one time, during the 46 weeks of filming 17 housemates actually went through the place at one point in time. And each time someone leaves and another person comes and replaces them, their inclusion often changes the dynamics of the home again. For example, new hot girl arrives- all of a sudden all the guys are interested in her, to the annoyance of the original female housemates; or a more outspoken housemate joins the home- and steps on toes and shakes things up a bit; or a more outgoing fun individual moves in- and the energy of the home changes for the better; or a new guy enters the home- and romance ensues. So the house evolves and changes over-time, so much so that when I reflected back to the original 6 housemates and the overall feel of the home in the first 13 episodes, the house and the show was completely transformed by the end when episode 46 wrapped things up. So that fact alone, still blows my mind!

And the most interesting element about Terrace house, is the simple fact that we’re given an insight into one of the most interesting, unique and quirky cultures in the world! From their formal and polite interactions with each other; the fact that they hardly engage in physical contact; their obsession with having purpose and continued growth; their various festivals and customs; the interesting little day trips that they take around Tokyo and its surrounds; and right down to the meals they cook and dine out on, everything is so interesting and uniquely Japanese!

So if you just want a change of ‘scenery’ after consuming all that American content? Or if you’ve always been into Japanese culture- check out Terrace House! It’s so addictive and different! Once it’s safe to travel again, we’re so going to Tokyo! But for now, our local Japanese restaurant will suffice.

To binge watch all 4 seasons of Terrace house, click HERE

**Note: If you’re not much of a fan of reading subtitles, consider watching Terrace house (and other foreign films/shows) on your phone, with Speech/Voiceover turned on.

Podcast Recommendations- Decoder Ring

When you just need something less heavy to listen to.

It’s a very strange time in our world’s history ATM, pivotal events which are changing the fabric of our society as we speak. And only time will tell if the will of the people can force a positive change in our society. However as a result of this, everywhere you turn to, there are some heavy intense topics out there- resulting in most of my favourite news and worthwhile journalistic pods all reporting on the same weighty topics.

But if you need a break from all of this, even for a half hour or so (while not wanting to sacrifice on quality)- I have a perfect recommendation for you!

Decoder Ring by Slate podcasts.

Decoder Ring is hosted by Willa Paskin, where she ‘Cracks cultural mysteries’ wide open! In approx. 30 minutes time, she lays-down the foundation of the cultural phenomena their looking to crack; include interviews with primary sources to get deep into said topic; then the team uses their investigative journalistic skills to untangle fact from fiction; before explaining the cultural relevance of this obscure topic to our present day existence.

I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes, and in that small sample size I’ve been exposed to Unicorn poop and  rubber duckies;  influenced to listen to ‘Friday’ every Friday afternoon, and now I’m dying to watch the 90s romcom ‘You’ve got mail’.

Sure, if you don’t end up listening to Decoder Ring, your life will still go on as normal, but if you did listen to Decoder Ring- I guarantee that for a half hour at least you’ll have a smile on your face and you’ll be that little bit more clued in  to the weird world around us.

Episodes don’t drop all that often (around one per month) so it’s all about quality over quantity, however there’s a 26 episode archive you can binge-listen to! So why not give it a go, your sanity will thank you for it! *nods*.

To start listening to the Decoder Ring now! Click HERE!    

Product Recommendations- Nest Wifi

Because you need reliable connection everywhere!

Now that we’re working from home and spending more and more time within our own four walls, reliable internet connectivity has become even more critical! So we’ve been living in the same apartment now for almost 8 years, and ever since we’ve been here the internet connection in more than 50% of our apartment has been non-existent. I’m not talking about being bad, I mean 0 bar, non-existent!

We’re talking about a home study with 2 large study desks within it, with no internet connectivity; a master bedroom with two occupants within it, with no internet connectivity; an en-suite with a very comfortable toilet seat within it, without internet connectivity; and a second bathroom with an equally comfortable toilet seat within it and very good ventilation, without internet connectivity! How can anyone in the 21st century live like this!? So primitive!

The reason for the lack of connectivity, is where the telephone line comes into the apartment, the port is in the centre of our living room. However between this point and our study is 2 double brick walls! Likewise, another 2 double brick walls in-between the modem and the master bedroom, the en-suite, and the second bathroom. Grrrr! And for 8 years we’ve put up with this. But 6 weeks ago, I said “No more of this!” With the confinement to our homes due to Covid-19, I couldn’t take being confined to only the living room as well! What are we? Animals!?

The solution? A mesh router!

So I started doing some research, there are many companies out there producing mesh routers, however as we already have a Google Home, and 2 Google Home Minis- it made a lot of sense to purchase a compatible device which could be easily integrated into our existing ecosystem.

So in the peak of Covid-19 lock-downiness, at Easter we finally managed to get our hands on a Nest Wifi (as many stores had already sold-out by then).

Out of the box you know its out-of-the-ordinary, for a router at least. Usually these things look like an old-school car radio player which someone had boosted straight out of a vehicle (with all the dangling wires) – but the Nest Wifi has a simple modern design and easily blends in with your existing home décor.

To me, it reminds me of a jar of lanolin, like some jumbo tub of hand cream ready-to-be-used. And the best thing is that you can hide it, or proudly display it for all to see – on your shelf – right among your other knick-knacks!

We purchased the Nest Wifi with 1 point – for $379 (AUD). The router itself already gives our apartment a much stronger Wifi signal than we had beforehand. But adding the point and placing this in our study, has given us 4 from 5 bar signal in all corners of our apartment! Gone are those 0 of 5 bar black spots in more than 50% of our home, now from wall to wall in all directions we have connectivity that we’re satisfied with. Which means our study can be used as a study again! The sleeping quarters can now be used to view Netflix and Youtube – late, late into the night! Hindering our REM sleep of course! And now we can be consuming all of our medias while on the …. Well…… You get the idea……..

The router has a second Ethernet port, so if you need to be tethered for super-fast internet speeds, you can connect one device directly to the source. The Nest Wifi utilises the same Google Home app as all of your other Google Home devices, so set-up and continued maintenance was easy-peasy. Not to mention the actual physical set-up of the devices took less than 10 minutes, using QR codes to recognise your new devices- to be connected to your existing Home set-up. And did I say ongoing maintenance is a cinch? With Nest Wifi now in your home, you now see a Wifi option on your Google Home app – interacting with this option allows you to view what devices are connected to your Internet (so you can easily kick-off any unwanted freeloaders); here you can prioritise which device gets preferential treatment if multiple devices are pulling and sending data at the same time (so Super VIPs in the home i.e. my wife, can always have perfect connection all-the-time); you can also set-up parental controls on specific devices (so limiting said wife from Bosistos’ online store); limit internet time for select devices (so internet is switched-off during bed time i.e. 2am-4.30am); and the feature I love the most is the ability to perform speed tests, both testing for the performance of your Home internet, and the performance of your actual device in the given spot that you’re in – it can be quite addictive (so we’re proud to report that we get 11.1 MPs down, and 0.8 MPs up. Woohoo!).

And the last aspect which I’ve fallen in love with, is the fact that our Google Home ecosystem has grown by another one speaker. Since the Point (that extends the internet signal into the dark recesses of our home) is also a Google smart speaker with ‘Ok Google’ assistant, this means that not only do we get internet in every room in our 2 bedroom apartment – but we also now have a Google Speaker in each room (including the 2nd bathroom). So when you group together all these devices in your Google Home app, you can now play music throughout your apartment! I mean throughout your apartment!

I’m at the front door, the music is literally right there coming out of the 2nd bathroom!

I’m in the living room now, and the music is right there as well!

I’m in the hallway in front of the study and the master bedroom, and here I can hear the music playing from both the study and the bedroom, but because it’s an ecosystem- they’re actually playing slightly different things, because now your music is playing in stereo! Left ear, right ear kind of stuff!

It’s so crazy, I find myself just walking around the apartment, taking in and enjoying the music from each aspect of our home. Yes, a little bit extravagant and unnecessary, but its wild I tell you! WILD!

For more information about the Nest Wifi, click HERE!  

**Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, and yes, I’m aware that our upload and download speeds is rubbish- so rubbish that it has become a bragging point!!!!!!!!