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Netflix recommendations- Brigerton

Aren’t we glad that we live in the 21st Century!?

Estimated to be Netflix’s 5th highest debuting series ever, Brigerton (a period drama) even sucked me in! Although I’ve never had much of a taste for 19th Century Regency romances. But after a week of binging Brigerton here are my thoughts.

But to set the scene for you, Netflix’s Brigerton is based on Julia Quinn’s novel of the same name. It is set in the 1830s in an alternative reality of 19th Century London. The 8-episode series focuses on a 2–3-month period of time during the season when debutants are presented to court- that facilitates potential matches between high born ladies and gentlemen. The storyline focuses on the  Brigerton family (4 sons and 3 daughters), and the Featherington family (3 daughters). The storyline is explained to us the viewer by a narrator( voice over by the legendary Julie Andrews), which we later learn that the exerts we’re hearing are parts of a gossip column written by a mystery writer (Lady Whistledown). Laid-out as a 19th Century soapy, it covers off themes of class, saving face, gender, romance,  birth-right, greed, shivery and gossip. All very trashy, but admittedly  very binge worthy.

The main standouts for me were:

Racial equality- if racial barriers were broken down hundreds of years ago, skin colour would no longer be an issue today. As exhibited in Brigerton, where the Queen of England was a woman of colour. Throughout the series race and colour was never an issue, but it was based on a man (or woman’s) depth of character which people were judged on. But unfortunately this reality only exists in an alternative history drama.

The inequalities of class, birth-order and gender- and the reason why I’m so glad that we live in the 21st century now, is because in Australia at least we don’t have a defined class structure, inheritance isn’t based on birth-order, and gender barriers are almost demolished. Watching Brigerton, it reminded me of how unequal wealth and opportunity was distributed back in those days, to the first-born male of a high-born family- and everyone else (the other 99%) can get stuffed!

Pre-Google era- And Brigerton reminded me what life was like when knowledge was held by certain people, who can decide to pass on (or withhold) that information which could place others at a disadvantage. In an era where we can find the answer to any question which pops up in our mind in a matter of seconds, imagine living in the 19th Century and being completely ignorant? It’s not that you’re unable to find the answers, but you don’t even know that there is a question to be asked! How sad, how sad. With knowledge comes power, and I think we’re all more empowered today, thanks to Google!

Power of social media- and final stand-out for me from the series is the power of social media. In Brigerton social media took the form of a gossip column, however the outcome was the same in the 19th as in the 21st Century. Anonymous writer, voicing their own opinions and disclosing facts (true or false) could tarnish and ruin reputations and people. From Brigerton it has shown that everyone likes gossip, as long as that dirt isn’t flung our way, and isn’t that the truth in the present day? With tweets, memes, and fake news? It’s all a laugh and entertainment until we’re personally caught out by it. Should we do more to control social medias?

In the end, Brigerton was far better than I thought it would be. It presented as a trashy period soapy, but it ended up delving into far more deeper themes than I’d anticipated. If you’re interested to check-out Brigerton, click HERE!

Podcast recommendations- The Property Couch

It’s never too early (or late) to start planning for your ever after!

A new year, a fresh start! And why not start planning for your future right now (if you haven’t already). and start looking towards your twilight years. Bryce Holloway and Ben Kingsley the hosts behind the podcast ‘The Property couch’ are the ideal financial role models to show you how you can retire with a passive income and how to make your money work harder for you (if you’re still making it).

The Property couch is an Australian podcast focusing on mum and dad property investors, developing money smarts, achieving personal development/growth, and leading their listeners/community to eventual financial freedom! It’s all about short-term sacrifices for the long-term gain!

Their podcasts drop weekly on Thursdays, and once a month Ben takes listeners through an in-depth financial run through on the state of our local and international financial markets- fantastic if you’re lazy like me and like your information spoon fed to you. Their podcasts are super easy to follow, you don’t need a finance background to grasp what they’re conveying. And they constantly invite guests to further educate their listeners on hot topics like proposed NSW Stamp duty changes, to impacts on Investment properties during Covid. However if their podcasts are too basic for you, they also have books and other resources which you can delve further into, to be more well versed with their concepts. And if you’re still at the early stages and trying to get a handle on your cash flow, they have a free portal called ‘Money Smarts’, which allows you to better track your daily household ins & outs, helping you better manage your money, helping you develop good spending/saving habits, so that over time you’re able to accumulate enough to buy your first home, or your 8th investment property or whatever your financial goals may be.

For me personally, I’m still constantly amazed that Bryce and Ben invest so much of their own time each week to produce these weekly pods, all to help others to gain control over their finances and their lives. Allowing both me and you to set ourselves up for retirement. And most of their content and resources are free, and of course there are some payed services- but they never ram that down your throat or does the pod and their Money smarts portal seem like just an advertising platform for their paid products. They’re just two guys wanting to share with you their money smarts and create a community where we can learn and listen to others share about their journeys with money. Their Summer series is a great example, over the 12 weeks of Summer they interview a listener per week, sharing about their childhoods and what moulded their views on money, how they have gotten to where they’re currently at with their investing, and what are their long-term investment goals. So it’s real interesting to hear others share about money, as that’s one aspect of our lives which we rarely openly share with family or friends about. But around Community members, why not!

I have a habit of listening to The Property couch on Saturday mornings, I find that’s the ideal time to consume content like this. As I find on the weekends that’s when I tend to spend most of our money right? But since I’ve been listening, it has balanced my spending habits as I start the day already thinking about saving and short-term sacrifices for the long-term gain. And has helped me to better solidify in my mind in where I want to be, in terms of financial freedom by the time I’m 65. As in the end, you can only travel decisively through life, only if you know where you want to get to.

in this new year of 2021, where we’re all looking for a fresh start. And if one of your goals for this year is to get on top of your finances? Then you have to give ‘The Property Couch’ a go, they are proven financial principles, packaged in an easy to understand and absorb audio packet.

Disney Plus recommendations- The Mandalorian season 2

The kid has a name!?

I’d been putting off watching season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ for a while now, if I had to. Place a finger on the why? I think I had some trepidation around ‘What if season 2 sucked?’ Which has been my oh too frequent realisation after watching season 2s. but don’t fear, ‘The Mandalorian season 2 was awesome (said in Oprah’s voice).

Do we need to go into the preface? As by now, anyone and everyone who is going to watch it, knows the scene. But what we did learn from season 2 was:

The child, the kid, the foundling actually has a name! yeah, we can stop referring to him as “Baby Yoda” now (but for the purposes of this post and wanting to avoid spoilers I’ll continue to refer to him as that).

Mando’s friends actually see his unhelmeted face for the first time! And for the actor who plays Mando (Pedro Pascal) he actually gets his just recognition (otherwise he’s a bit replaceable as an actor).

We now have a much better sense of the timeline in which the series fits in with the overall Star Wars storyline. Sure everyone said it was a time period in-between episode 6 and 7, but now we learn in definitive terms how it’s much closer to the ending of Ep 6, than the start of Ep 7.

And the last thing which we’ve learnt after watching season 2, is that perhaps the adventures of Mando have come to an end, however another Star Wars (non-animated) series is coming soon! (if you can call 12 months soon).

But again, ‘Baby Yoda stole the show and our hearts with his cuteness; the Mandalorian race has further stamped their authority as the superior warrior race; and I finally understand why people keep saying that ‘The Mandalorian’ has stayed true to the Lucas original trilogy feel, where it’s less dark like Ep 7-9 was, more adult than Ep 1-3 was, and where the plot lines were less complex like Ep 4-6 was. IN the end Mando just wanted to return the kid back to his own kind, while the Empire wanted the kid for their own evil purposes. Simple really!

You must see it if you haven’t already, and now I’m just left wondering……. Can I get a to scale soft toy of ‘Baby Yoda’? To start binging ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2, click HERE!

Album review- Stan Walker

Ending the year with something positive and uplifting!

As I write this final post for 2020 on Christmas day (it’s 7.30am), I’ve been reflecting on the year that was. And hasn’t it been one heck of a strange year? I had started this blog to share of our dining experiences, and on the side, I’ve posted some other random experiences as content fillers. Going back through my old posts now, the very last time I reviewed a restaurant was from 27 December 2019 (almost 366 days ago) and for the past 52 weeks I’ve just been filling my blog posts with what was previously designed as content fillers.

And although hardly anyone reads my posts anymore (even my wife gave up back in June of this year), I still feel like the site enables me to journal and record where I’m at with life, capturing moments in time through the pointless things which I consume throughout the year. And to finish up the year on a positive uplifting note, I present to you Stan Walker!!!!!

It all started because I have an unusual obsession with the New Zealand national anthem. Yes, you’ve read correctly. In my personal humble opinion, “God Defend New Zeeland’ is the best anthem ever, as I love bilingual anthems, and for once, the lyrics actually provide its singers a true sense of hope for the future. So as I request for the NZ anthem via Spotify and Google Home, inevitably it would come to an end and 80% of the time the next song to follow would be Stan Walker’s Aotearoa (followed by Wonky Donkey- but let’s leave that discussion for a 2021 post). Which then started my latest obsession which has been with that song, a song which is to   New Zealanders, like ‘I am Australian’ by the Seekers is to Aussies.

 this obsession with Aotearoa had then led me to request for Stan walker, as that was the only means I could get Google home to   play the song from Spotify (somehow it doesn’t understand my Aussie Asian attempts to speak Mouari). Which then led to hours of enjoyment as Spotify played through Stan Walker’s extensive playlist.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stan the man, he was the 7th (and last) winner of Australian Idle (from 2009). An Aussie who has his roots in NZ, he has a soulful voice which reminds me of both Guy Sebastian and Usher all rolled into one Mouari package. He performs poppy songs, soulful covers, and of course mouari language covers of his own best hits. The best in my opinion is the Mouari version of ‘Bigger’, and of course Aotearoa (which there is an English version). Each time I hear Aotearoa, somehow, I picture myself buying an investment property in Auckland and eventually retiring to the land of the long white cloud, and somehow, I’m reminded of Jonah Lomu and get all emotional about that (R.I.P big fella).

But in the current world where there is so much negativity, and popular culture just dishes up so much immoral sh*t these days, for a change don’t you just want to allow in something where the message is only positive and up-lifting? And that is what Stan Walker’s music is all about!

So if you would like to end the year on a positive note, and start 2021 with a sense of optimism, just ask your Google home to play ‘Stan Walker’, he’s the man! Ok, thanks for reading our blog, Four Senses- Touch Smell Taste Sound in 2020, have a fantastic and safe new year, and we’ll see you on the other side in 2021. Here is to a much more positive and less disruptive year!

Netflix recommendations- Titans season 1

A bird, an alien, one who is possessed, and a shape shifter walks into a bar…….

It was the Umbrella Academy who opened the flood gates for us, as prior to UA we weren’t really into comic book TV seeresses. However once I saw the trailer for ‘Titans’ and it strongly resembled Umbrella Academy- i.e. teenagers with superpowers, teaming up to fight a mutual foe? We were sold!

Titans (or Teen Titans) is a DC comic series, turned into an action series by Warner Bros (and now streaming on Netflix). The premiss is that Dick Grayson (aka Robin from Batman & Robin) is no longer a vigilante and is fighting crime with a badge, as a bonified detective on the Detroit police force. When he comes across Rachel, a troubled teenager who is haunted by visions (which are not her own) and the demonic possession by an ‘evil spirit’. After they escape several attempts at her capture, they come across Kory a mysterious woman who is able to flame throw and chargrill anything in her path (although she is a mystery to herself, with a serious case of amnesia). And after they’re joined by a shape shifter in Garfield (oh! I get it now, Garfield is an orange cartoon cat, thus he shapes shifts into a green-tinged tiger?). Together, they seek to protect Rachel from the forces who are out to get her, protect Rachel from herself, and to ultimately protect Rachel from ending the world as we know it!

The storyline isn’t all that ground-breaking, as almost all comic book storylines involve the potential complete destruction of our world! But what made Titans a binge worthy show, was how they went about telling their story. By introducing characters seemingly out of the blue, but to back-track in later episodes to tell of their origin stories- thus retrospectively filling in the gaps and creating some ‘ah ha’ moments for its viewers. Which I have to admit it was a bit annoying at the time, as the previous episode ended on a cliff-hanger, but to pick-up at a completely different spot the following episode!? Thus leaving you and I in complete limbo for an extra 50 minutes! Or a day or two, depending if you or I don’t get a chance to keep watching on in one sitting. But it makes for some epic ‘TV time’ when you eventually get back to it. 

 The grandiose nature of this small screen show far exceeded what is usually expected from a TV series. Sure, most of it could be CGI and they’re not actually blowing up houses and tearing up Bruce Wayne’s mansion- but merely for an alternative future sequence, they re-created Gotham city, and showed the depravity the city had become after the Bat had lost his way. 

The casting and acting were all exemplary, the fight sequences and manifestations of their powers was truly wicked, and their ability to keep you riveted right through each episode was masterful. Right down to literally airing the last episode of season 1, as episode 2 of season 2!? They have honestly sucked us in, line and sinker! We’re so invested into the next 11 episodes now- where the Teen Titans invite more superheros into their fold.

If you haven’t already seen this, run (don’t walk) to check out Titans, click HERE to start binging. 

Netflix recommendations- Lucifer season 1

the Prince of darkness as a misunderstood individual.

Surely one of these days I’m going to run out of content to fill my weekly blogs. It’s bound to happen right? And this week we’ve come dangerously close to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I’d seen it sitting there on my Netflix app for a while now, the Netflix AI recommending that based on my past viewing history, that I’d probably enjoy Lucifer. But being a religious man, it just didn’t feel right to be watching a show where the main protogenos was the devil? Yeah?

But I must have been “tempted” by a spirit of curiosity, as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I gave it a go, and this is what I thought.

The preface is that the Devil himself roams the earth among us, after being sick and tired of the underworld, so he took a vacation to Los Angeles- living out his days as a club owner called Lucifer Morningstar. And after coming into contact with a female detective who was assigned to investigate a killing of a friend of his, Mr Lucifer finds himself using his devilish charms to assist the LAPD in solving murder cases.

The plot sounds farfetched, and half of the time the murder investigations are all too predictable- but it is Tom Ellis’ depiction of Lucifer which is the stand-out of this series. As he’s a charming Brit with a dry sense of humour- you know that typical quick witted arrogant Brit (we all have one in our workplaces). But only Tom Ellis could pull off depicting the Devil on earth, pretty much no other actor could do the role justice (definitely no American actor could). There’s T&A, sexual inuendo galore, copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, and greed and depravity drives most of the crimes- all you’d expect from the circles in which the Devil dwells within (or perhaps it’s just life in LA). However Lucifer the show, tries to rehabilitate the Devil’s reputation, re-casting him as a misunderstood individual, as the son of God, and a man who is actually more compassionate than he is, when playing the role inwhich he is forced to fill in hell as bidden by his Father (according to the screenwriters anyway).

It’s all a bit amusing, mindless, and entirely fictional. Perfect if you need a distraction from your reality.

If you’re interested to check-out Lucifer, click HERE! There are 5 seasons to binge.