Netflix recommendations- King of Collectables: The Golden Touch

Obsessive compulsives unite!

We love shows like this! Reality TV! collectables! And Americans with more money than they know what to do with it! And Netflix has tapped into the same method which has seen successes, i.e., bring some cameras into an otherwise mundane workplace, feature some larger-than-life personalities, manufacture some unnatural drama, and turn relatively unknown people into instant celebrities!

Now can you understand why these ambitious businesspeople come running to Netflix, offering Netflix unlimited access to their empires, so both parties’ profit! Netflix gets more content on the cheap, and said businessperson becomes a household name, elevating them to the top of their industries (rightfully or wrongfully so), thus getting and one-up on their competitors. We can see through their motivations, but we’re cool with that in the end, as it means more binge worthy content for us!

For those who are unfamiliar with the new Netflix Reality series, ‘King of Collectables: The Golden Touch’ it follows Ken Golden, who is the owner of a high-end auction house in the States which specializes in Collectables, like sports memorabilia, Trading cards, and items which used to belong to American pop-icons. Over 6 episodes, the Golden team convinces existing owners of rare items, to part with their treasures for a huge pay day (while in the process generating a 20% commission fee for themselves). The show highlights what it takes to market and promote the products, the suspense as they watch auction bids come in,  and it shows how much money people are willing to pay for one-off items which had come into contact with someone famous (no matter how long or brief that contact might have been). While it also shows how one man’s junk (from 20 years ago), can be another man’s treasure in the present day, as old tech (with its original packaging) could attract 6 figure sums in the present. And I was pleased to give my dad a call, letting him know that all those silly American Football cards which I used to collect as a kid, might actually be worth a few bucks to the right person!

But what I most liked about the show was this. It was a tool which I used to educate my wife. Yes, I turned it into an elaborate 6 part counselling session to let her into my psyche- into the mind of an obsessive & compulsive person. As I’ve gotten older,  I’m more self-aware and now I get it, Once I have my mind-set on something, I can’t get it out of my head until I’ve carried out the act. Or once I’ve developed a taste for something, I just can’t get enough of it, and it could go on for months-years). And my latest obsession is with collecting Bass guitars (as you may know, if you’ve been following my blogs for the past 24 months). So, Ken Golden and his clients have been the perfect examples for me to tell my wife: “There are crazier people out there than me! And my obsession with collecting and hording stuff, it’s not actually that bad! Like look at this guy!” ~Refers to collector in Costa Rica who had the basement full of game worn NBA jerseys and absolutely rare sh*t, which had a potential value of upwards of $100 Million! So, the show featured many people who I could point to and say to my wife “at least I’m not as bad as that guy!” Haaha.

So, for this reason alone, I’ve enjoyed ‘King of Collectables: The Golden Touch’. And if you too are a bit of a hoarder like me, and an obsessive collector of the wildest of things, and if those around you don’t understand why you do what you do? Then this show is a must watch for you and your significant other. As this is a great educational tool to let them into your psychological state, and you can always say ‘perhaps my collection might be worth millions as well!?”

To check-out ‘King of Collectables: The Golden Touch’, just search for it on your Netflix app! Now, let me return back to where I was browsing for second-hand vintage basses!     

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