Grilled Pork in Red Sauce Recipe

Serves: 4


500g Thin cut pork steaks

3 Tomato’s

1 Red capsicum

1 Tin crushed tomatoes

1 Birdseye chilli

 3 Teaspoons soya sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

Serve with rice and Mozzarella cheese


Step 1: prepare vegetables by dicing capsicum into 1 inch squares; slicing tomatoes into wedges, and chopping chilli into small pieces.

Step 2: In a wok grill pork steaks until they’re no-longer pink and set aside.

Step 3: Stir fry capsicum and chilli in the wok for 5 mins, then add fresh tomatoes and continue cooking for 2-3 mins before adding crushed tinned tomatoes. Allow the tomato mixture to bubble before turning down the heat and adding the soya sauce and seasonings.

Step 4: Slice into thick strips and add pre-grilled pork to the mixture and continue cooking for another 5 mins before taking wok off the heat.

Step 5: Serve over rice, with Mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top.

Netflix Recommendations- Rhythm + Flow

You’ve gota watch-it on Netflix!

N avoida readin’-it on Wikipedia!

To avoida spoiler’s boy-E!

Rhythm +Flow, a Netflix original production (Singing competition) featuring Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I.! Follow the judges from the Westside to the Eastside, from the Dirty South to the Windy City! In search of the best Rappers in the great land of the United States!

Imagine ‘X-Factor’, but minus all the singers and dancers. Imagine ‘The Voice’, but minus all the white dudes. Imagine ‘America’s Got Talent’, but minus all the R N’ B and Gospel artists. And what you’re left with? Is Rappers! Back to back Rappers! Wall to wall Rappers! Contestant after contestant of Rappers! So if you luv Gangster rap, lyricism, and homies spitting bars? Then you’ve gota watchit on Netflix!

We start the rap journey with 4 Open mic auditions in LA, NYC, ATL and Chicago. Then the top 30 are flown to LA to take part in 6 rounds of rap  challenges- where the 30 is initially sliced down to 16 through the Cypher round (for you white boys….Cypher is what you call ‘Group work’). Then the 16 is reduced down to 8, after the head to head ‘Rap Battles’. Then 8 becomes 6, after the filming and airing of their own Music Videos. Then 6 is filtered down to 5, after producing their own Samples, their take on a well-known melody. Then a handful become 4, after the collaboration round with today’s hottest R&B artists! And then there were only 4 Rappers remaining in the finale, where the finalists performe LIVE a brand new rap track which they wrote and co-produced in 3 days! All nicely choreographed with pyrotechnics, and judged on their performance and crowd interaction- one deserving winner earns themselves $250K in cold hard cash! Dolla Dolla   Bill Y’all!

It’s a modern day TV series classic! 10 episodes of artistry, and you know how they say ‘Pressure produces Diamonds’? Well, Rhythm + Flow exhibited how Pressure, Hardship, Sacrifice, Talent, and Hard work produces Rap Superstars!

If you wanta checkout Rhythm + Flow for yourself? Click HERE!      

Product Recommendation- Pro-Live Mango Lassi

I’m sure there is a time and place to consume Lassi – the tasty thick yoghurt drink found at most Indian restaurants. Methinks it’s usually consumed as a drink to cool your burning mouth when you’re having a particularly spicy curry? But we’ve taken to drinking it whenever we’re looking for something sweet, and when we want something healthier and less guilt-ridden then with ice creams and other guilty pleasures.

Australian producers Pro-Live stock their Mango Lassies to Costco Australia, known for its bulk purchases, although a 1 Litre bottle of Lassi didn’t seem like such a bulk buy? But I’ve been told, compared to the usual volume in which Lassi is usually sold in, 1L is quite a lot of tasty drinkable yoghurt. But being us, 1L is never enough so we always get 2 bottles when we’re at Costco.

To be honest with you, the taste of Pro-Live Lassi Mango Drink reminds me much of the mango flavoured tubbed yoghurt by Nestle. So it’s a very common, pure taste, which I’m sure appeals to all tastebuds. It’s creamy and smooth (be sure to shake well before pouring), while liquid enough to quench any thirst. And it’s quite filling as well, so if you’re in a rush a 250ml glass of Lassi could easily serve as a light breakfast on the go! For $4.50 Australian dollars for a 1L bottle, it’s much more economical to buy in bulk and consume at home, than to purchase when out. The only philosophical question which is left unanswered, is….. Which came first? The tasty yoghurt drink? Or the popular American TV show which aired from 1954-73? 

If you’re interested to purchase the Pro-Live Mango Lassi drink and not a Costco member, click HERE!

Podcast Recommendations- Audible Original Podcasts

Now your Audible membership gives you more!

In the past I used to laugh when I had a think about the ‘Member benefits’ for Audible subscribers – as they used to say that you have access to the entire audiobook library at a discounted “members’ only” price and you had one free credit to spend each month on books. But in reality, who was actually purchasing a second book per month for the ‘discounted members’ rate’? Aren’t we all just waiting until the new month swings around before we use our next credit on our next audiobook? So in reality Audible membership really meant that you were basically paying $16.95 for a book a month. But not anymore!…

…as your Audible membership now gives you more!!

When thumbing through the Audible app I was surprised to see a heading “Free for Members. Audible Original Podcasts”. Not believing my eyes, I slowly scrolled through the list of titles and I was in disbelief that these podcasts (each a couple hours long) were actually FREE? FREE? But there’s nothing FREE in this world!? And I didn’t know anything about this new introduction as my wife’s email is attached to the account and she receives all the Audible email updates. Yay for her! So the first time I decided to give it a go, I made sure I selected a podcast which was upwards of 2 hours, my thought process was: “if I get charged a credit for this, at least I spent it on a longer podcast.” And hurray! It was for FREE afterall! And in the past weeks I’ve listened to the following titles:

A Grown Up Guide to Dinosaurs

Narrator: Ben Garrod; Length: 2 hrs, 50 mins; Episodes: 6.

And the scriptwriters for this pod were correct! As kids, we were fascinated by dinosaurs, but as we grew up, we kind of got over them, like how we grew out of cartoons and grew out of our toys. But there is something fascinating about digging deeper into a topic which you loved as a kid, like dinosaurs, but now seeing them in a whole new light as a fully knowing, fully aware adult. This podcast debunks some lies we’ve been fed over the years – like how the Velociraptor is probably more like a 2 foot chicken, than an 8 foot pack hunter (like it was depicted in Jurassic Park); having it explained in unequivocal terms what ultimately caused the extinction of the dinosaurs – by pinpointing the exact time and place in which it occurred, through core samples; and how birds, yes birds which we see in our backyards all the time, are more likely to be descendants of dinosaurs than say a lizard – fossils have shown that perhaps dinosaurs were feathered creatures much like birds.

If you want to learn these interesting revelations for yourself, click HERE to start listening!  

Artificial Intelligence

Narrator: Geoff White; Length: 2 hrs, 10 mins; Episodes: 6.

If you’re lazy like me and love using your Smart assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, then you’ll probably find this podcast very interesting as well! Geoff White, a Technology journalist for the BBC, takes you through the history of AI, what it means for us in terms of robots taking over our jobs, and he explores the limitations or the limitless bounds of artificial learning and creativity. Well, look on the bright side, at least we still have another 10 years of being the dominant race! Before our creation surpasses us as the most intelligent being………?

If you want to check out Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe? For yourself! Click HERE!

The Dark Web

Narrator: Geoff White; Length: 4 hrs, 10 mins; Episodes: 10

And if you’re like me and you’ve heard all sorts of tech pods referring to the Dark Web, but you don’t really know what it really is – then take this dark path to enlightenment! Or is it a path into the murky shadows of the underworld? After the 4 hour duration of the pod, you’ll be more aware, but sometimes being more aware isn’t a good thing, as you’ll learn that the world around us is a pretty dark place after all; where people indulge in whatever they feel like, when they feel safe being behind their invisibility cloak on the web. Learn exactly what is the dark web, how to access it’s dark portals, learn what is and what isn’t going on in this shadowy enclave of the Internet, and learn a little about yourself as well – now that you know how to access the super-human ability of invisibility – how would you use your superpowers of anonymity?

To follow this spiralling staircase into the depths of the dark web, click HERE! If you dare. Moohhaha!

End comment, if you’re thinking…… I already have access to enough free podcasts, and I already have too much stuff to listen to! Therefore I don’t need Audible podcasts….. But Audible Original Podcasts are truly next level stuff! The level of research, production, and post-production is on par with a TV documentary series – leaving in its dust the regular run-of-the-mill podcasts with their meager budgets. So if you want to be entertained/educated at a level usually reserved for TV documentaries, while having the freedom to listen to them while on the train or driving to work? Try out the Audible Original Podcasts! And the great thing is that they’re one-off discrete series, so you can binge and then move on, not ever feeling overwhelmed by over-subscribing to too many podcasts!  And aside from documentary style pods, Audible Original Podcasts have live recordings of stand-up comedy, and dramatized fictional stories! So heaps and heaps of stuff to feast on!

Boque Tapavino- Haymarket

Not the most Spanish of meals, but the potatoes were good though!

Ok, we can safely say that Sydney-siders all know about Darling Square now, as almost every eatery in the precinct is packed out, with lines out the door! So your best chance to get fed on a Thurs-Sat evening or Sat-Sun lunch-time is back in the Exchange – at one of the dozen take-away style stores.

Boque Tapavino will be the 7th store we’ve tried from the Makers’ Dozen thus far – serving up Spanish tapas style small dishes to share, grilled meats in main sizes, fresh seafood also in main sizes, and burgers and hot dogs for take-away or dine-in. Standing at the counter we unknowingly ordered from the take-away menu, although we were in mind to dine-in, so we ordered a Chicken burger ($12.00), and a Chorizo burger combo ($17.00).

If you elect to dine-in, they have their own roped-off seating area, providing full table service with what seemed to be unlimited top-ups of your tap water. After a short wait our food was served to us on proper plates with proper knives and forks.

We were wondering if their burgers would be a Bocadillo (Spanish baguette) or a burger burger, and it was a burger burger. Aside from a vinegary dressing on the tomato and lettuce, and perhaps a more smokey flavoured grilled chicken (it was a bit thin though), it was pretty much a standard chicken burger – not much to write home about unfortunately.

While my wife’s chorizo burger was more like it! The meat patty was pink – not because it was under-cooked, but it was a chorizo sausage which had been minced and then re-shaped and re-cooked as a chorizo meat patty. Paired with shredded purple cabbage, her burger managed to hit closer to the mark. And the stand-out for both of us were the baked potatoes! The potatoes were baked until they had a crunchy edge on all sides, salted with large-grained rock salt, and smeared with a mayo-like sauce – they were definitely moreish! And if you elected to upsize all your burgers into a combo, you would have all 9 pieces of tasty potato all to yourself!

Our end verdict, 3.5 Stars from 5! (2 from 3 for Food (66.6% of our food hit the mark, so 2 from 3 was a fair score); 0.5 from 0.5 for Service (the staff were super attentive, each time my water dipped below the final third, he was back, topping up my water glass); 0.5 from 0.5 for Atmosphere (the Exchange will always get full marks from me for Atmosphere, and all the diners around us were having a great time!); and 1 from 1 for Value for Money ($12.00 for a burger without sides is pretty reasonable, and to make it a combo – 9 large chunks of potato was very generous!)).

In conclusion, I’m glad actually that Boque Tapavino’s bread and meat offering were not Bocadillos, as it means that we still have reasons to go back to Encassa Rapido for their awesome baguettes!  Boque Tapavino has a very vast selection of share plates and mains which we didn’t touch on, so we’d be interested to come back and try a proper sit down meal at Boque Tapavino when we’ve eventually eaten at all dozen stores and starting to repeat meals at our favourites.

Boque Tapavino- Saturday 9 November (3.5 Stars)

PH: (02) 8072 8826

Makers Dozen Food Hall, the Exchange Building, 1 Little Pier Street, Haymarket

Mon-Sun 11.30am – 10pm

Green Curry Fish Congee

Serves: 4


3 Baza fish fillets

150g Fish balls

1 Tin Green curry paste

500ml Fish stock

2 Cups brown rice

6 Cups water

Apparatus: Thermal cooker


Step 1: Prepare ingredients by slicing baza fillets into large chunks and dicing fish balls into halves.

Step 2: Meanwhile, bring water and fish stock to a boil, add rice and allow cook for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Add fish, fish balls, and green curry paste to pot. Allow cook for another 10 minutes. Then cover and place pot into thermal shell. Allow cook for 4-5 hours.

Step 4: 15 minutes before consuming, remove pot from thermal shell, re-heat on stove and serve.