September Festivals and Things to Do!

Woohoo yeah! Woohoo yeah! It’s spring baby! Say hello to longer and warmer days, which equates to more time to enjoy Ol’ Sydney Town! Here are my top things to see and do for the month of September!

Cronulla Spring Festival- Aug 31 – 1 Sept

33-35 Cronulla Street, Cronulla

Want to be the first to usher in spring!? Join the Sutherland Shire’s biggest community event! Sun, sand and good times! Enjoy 100+ fresh food and artisan stalls, live music, community performances, amusement rides, a petting zoo, and a pop-up bar featuring the best local craft brewers! Something for everyone!

For more information on the Cronulla Spring Festival, click HERE!

Father’s Day At Casa Porteño- 1 Sept

358 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

Our dads are a blessing to us! And we probably don’t appreciate them enough? This Father’s day why not treat him to the ‘Chefs Banquet Menu’ a belly filling meal of all the best Casa Porteño has to offer! Beer or bubbly on arrival (12 noon) – $120 per adult.

For more information on this delectable Father’s day treat, click HERE!

Malaysia Festival 2019- 21 – 22 Sept

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

If you’re unable to return or visit Malaysia, no dramas as Malaysia will be at your door-step curtesy of the Malaysian students studying here in Syd (the largest student run festival). Over two days in Tumbalong Park, Malaysia Fest will wow you, feed you, and entertain you with performances, contests and food stalls! Come check it all out at the Tumb!

For more info on what you can expect from Malaysia Festival 19, click HERE!

AFL Grand Final Day the Light Brigade Hotel- 28 Sept

Cnr Oxford Street and Jersey Road, Woollahra

If you can’t be in Melbourne for the AFL Grand Finals, but you want to experience the GF Day vibe?! Come on down to the Light Brigade! All 4 levels of the hotel will be celebrating the day from pre-game entertainment, the game live on all the big screens (with sound) and 4 different options to take it all in! From the bar, the bistro, from your private lounge, or if you want to escape it all! Escape to the roof-top with your cocktail and nibblies!

For more details and option prices, click HERE!     

Sydney Fish Markets- Any-time

Cnr Pyrmont Bridge Road and Bank Street, Pyrmont

Is your tummy calling!? Calling you to lunch at Sydney’s Fish Markets- the largest fish market in the Southern hem and only second to Japan’s markets in terms of the wide seafood variety on offer! Come and grab a bite or join a behind the scenes tour- to see all the goings on at a fully working fish market!

For more info on the iconic Sydney Fish Markets, click HERE!

Xo Crossover Dance Studio- Any-time

Level 1, 22-26 Goulburn Street, Sydney

Do you find that the beat lives within you? And that you need to unleash that beat for your own sanity sake? In a controlled manor of course, of course. Why not join Sydney’s premiere street dance studio? Try-out Hip-Hop / Breaking / Popping / Locking / House / JFH / LA Style / Jazz / Waackin’ / Girlstyle / Kpop & more! Only $10 for your first introductory trial class, no matter if you’re 50 or 5, I’m sure they’ll take you on! I just wonder how “& more” dance is like? *Shrugs*.

For more info and session times, click HERE!

Product Recommendation- Pistachio Squares

Here’s another praline-like product which I’ve been obsessing over!

Pistachio Squares by 180 Snacks! The product title says it all! It’s square in shape (a cube actually), it only contains 4 ingredients- dry roasted pistachio’s, organic brown rice syrup, sugar Cain, and Himalayan pink salt! Can you say premium produce?

Each cube is a size perfect to be popped into your mouth (slightly larger than a dice), it’s crunchy, salty and sweet all at the same time! It’s gluten free, kosher, free of any genetic modifications, dairy free, and peanut free!

In one word its ‘Perfect’! As the ultimate tasty and healthy snack- not to mention if you’re like me and you need something sweet after something salty; and then something salty after having something sweet? 180 Snack’s Pistachio Square is ideal! Being both sweet and salty, so you just need one square and it’s satisfied both of your savoury and sugary cravings!

The only problem is……. It’s an obscure product. The only sellers we know of who are stocking this Californian product in Sydney is Costco, so you’ll have to be a member (or know one) to get your hands on this nutty treat!And knowing Costco’s unpredictable stocking behaviours- it’s not guaranteed that the Pistachio Square will always be there either. Boo!

So while stocks last, try out 180 Snack’s Pistachio Squares! They’re great!  

<Insert packaging pic>

Netflix Recommendations- Blown away

You know you’re starting to scrape the bottom of the reality-TV competition barrel when you’ve dropped millions in producing a Glassblowing competition. Oh goodness

But well, if you’re Netflix you’ve got the available funds to do so, so why the heck not!

I have to admit prior to watching Blown away, I hadn’t thought all that deeply into how glassware is made (although I have been to Corning HQ in up-state New York). But since watching the 10 episodes of Blown away, I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the delicate art of glassblowing.

In Netflix’s original reality-TV competition ‘Blown away’ 10 contestants compete and vie for the grand prize of $60K and an Artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. Over 10 challenges, the contestants sweat away in a purpose built facility enabling all 10 Glassblowers to work simultaneously on their gelatinous works of art. And being newbies to the glassblowing scene, we became familiar with new terms like punty and glory holes…….. And watch how volume, colour, texture and shape is added to an  inanimate object- delicately brought to life by the Master Glassblowers- showing off their artistry and creativity! Truly incredible!

So if you want to experience the highs of pulling off an incredible glass masterpiece! Or watch the heart-breaking lows when pieces of art go smashing to the floor in a devastating error! You can experience all the highs and lows of glassblowing on Netflix’s Blown away! To start streaming, click HERE!

That’s it babe! I’m going to retain every empty beer bottle from now onwards!

Kombucha Journal- Mandarin Kombutcha

9 August, 2019

Wow! It’s been a while in-between drinks, a fermented tea that is……

We have most certainly still been enjoying our Kombucha brews, but it’s been a long while since we’ve tried a new flavour though. But our latest concoction was a mandarin-infused Kombucha.

Makes 3 bottles.


3 Pieces of mandarin peel (1.5 inch by 1.5 inch)

3 Slices of Mandarin flesh


Step 1: Slice each mandarin peel into thin 1 inch match-sticks (be sure to keep each peel’s match sticks in its own portion).

Step 2: Dice the mandarin flesh into little chunks and add the diced flesh and strips of peel to their respective bottles.

Step 3: Add in Kombucha, fresh from its week of fermentation.

Step 4: Allow Kombucha to undergo its secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Step 4: Refrigerate after a week of secondary brew.

And then enjoy a mandarin infused Kombucha, perfectly tart and perfectly tasty!