Netflix recommendations- Married to Medicine

You can take the girl out of the hood, but not the hood out of the girl!

Ok, I’m officially stunned, stunned that there have actually been 7 seasons of ‘Married to Medicine’ that has aired in the United States- and here I was, thinking it was a ‘one & done’ show as Netflix only has the first season on their streaming platform.

For all those who haven’t had the privilege (or have been spared the pain of), ‘Married to Medicine’ is an American Reality TV show based in Atlanta Georgia in the South. The 16 episode (45 min each) follows the lives of 2 female doctors, and 4 women who are married to doctors. And like most of these reality shows following the uber rich, the camera crew follows the ladies on events and outings (oftentimes thrown for the purpose to give the show makers more content to fill up a season)- thus it’s not always reality? Me thinks.

In season one we’re introduced to Mariah (the Queen-bee of the group); Dr Jackie (the matriarch of the group); Dr Simone (a playful OB); Kari (the token Anglo of the group); Toya (she’s ghetto chic); and Quad (the latest member to join the ‘Married to Money’ fraternity. I’m not sure if the Producers of the show on day one of shooting, knew exactly what direction this show was going to take? As from episode 2-3 onwards, it already took a sharp left-hand turn, and got real catty and bitchy really quickly. Which we have to admit, was the only reason why we kept watching- as after episode 1 we were almost going to give up on it.

But enter Quad, who started to rub Kari the wrong way, which led to friction between Kari and Mariah (Quad’s best friend). Then add in gossip which reached the wrong ears, and finally include a classy birthday party attended by the respected members of the Atlanta medical fraternity- which ends up being a ghetto cat fight between MD spouses? And that’s how ‘Married to Medicine’ kept us glued to our LCD screen. It was cringing, embarrassing (for all those who were involved), but hilarious (for all those who weren’t). “Oh damn, that’s when the handbag goes into the pool!” and “Who started the fight? Was it when she threw the glass at her head?”

Unfortunately the fight and the subsequent fall-out overshadowed much of the other goings on in the rest of the season- I’m sure there were scenes of charity events, portraits of blissful family life, and cute doggies……. But all that comes to mind when I reflect back to the show was Mariah V Toya, and the shot of the designer handbag and mobile phone at the bottom of the pool. Haaha. I think why we enjoy Married to Medicine, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Bling Empire- is for one simple fact! That is the knowledge, knowing that money does not buy you happiness, and although it might seem like they have it all, but the rich also have their own problems- even if most of their problems are self-inflicted. I guess it’s all about who you surround yourself with.

If you’re bord this weekend and want to watch something truly trashy! Like truly awful but still so entertaining! Then check-out ‘Married to Medicine’ season one, just click HERE!

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