Podcast recommendations- Browse ‘Top Episodes’

It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

After a cleanse of my podcast subscriptions, it oddly left me with nothing new to listen to one morning.  so I inevitably started to search for new content. And this is what I found…….

Highly rated one-off episodes! Unless you decide to make the one-off fling into a more permanent relationship. “love you long time!”.

So to this point, I’ve never scrolled that far down the ‘Browse’ tab before. Most of the times I’ve already found a new show from ‘New & noteworthy’ or from ‘Top shows. But the other day I started to scroll down further and found myself in ‘Top episodes’ and I was presented with a list of episode titles, with no hint of the actual name of the show. And a few episode titles caught my eye, so I tapped on them and ‘Oh My God!’ I found some gems!

In the past I’d seen ‘Conversation’s, and I told myself that I didn’t need to listen to interviews with Australian celebrities, as what celebrities do, we have anyway? And ‘Mamamia’, that had never interested me, as the movie of the same name hadn’t moved me to want to watch it either. And ‘Casefile True Crime’, I had listened to this a handful of years ago and the host’s emotionless reading of a script for upwards of 90 minutes had bord me to death (A future Casefile episode, ‘How a man died of boredom, through a podcast’). But because the ‘Top episodes’ were brandless and titleless, I gave them a go peaked by the subject matter, not by what preconceived notion I might have had of the shows.

And what I found, was that ‘Conversations’ wasn’t chats with Aussie celebrities, but in fact with normal everyday people, who were  subject matter experts in a particular field- always very interesting field/subjects. So much so, that you genuinely feel enlightened after each experience.

That Mamamia podcasts were very well produced, targeted at a female audience, but men were never made to feel out of place. So I’ve listened to a few episodes now from the Mamamia family of podcasts, and I’ve enjoyed them all (and I may or may not have a tiny crush on Gladys now. Haaha).

And although Casey is just as boring and emotionless with his re-telling of true crime cases, however the stories are well researched, and the scripts at least are well told. So you can almost forgive him for his almost perfect impersonation of a talking robot. And funny enough, I’m actually subscribed to his show now.

What I’ve found refreshing about the ‘Top Episodes’ list, is the fact that they do not promote the show, so if the hosts themselves don’t repeat the name of their program- you can go a whole entire episode without knowing who you’re listening to. And that’s refreshing right? So it’s not about the brand, or the show’s reputation, but just based on the content of this one-off experience for you!

So if you want to add some surprise back into your life, check out Apple Podcasts, select ‘Browse’ in your Podcast app, then scroll down to ‘Top Episodes’. Enjoy!

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