Podcast recommendations- Hamish & Andys Remembering Project

walk down memory lane!

Who can get enough of the boys? Especially when they’re on their yearly 3-month government mandated Summer break? And just in time for this yearly hiatus, Hamish & Andy has introduced their spin-off podcast called ‘Hamish & Andys Remembering Project, designed to help us fil that gap before they return on March eve.

The name of the pod already hints at what to expect, after 20 years on radio and podcasting (realistically it’s more like 14 years after taking away  all the breaks they take), Hamish & Andy are taking us on a journey down memory lane. Each show a random date is selected from the calendar and taking turns Hamish and Andy select a particular year and a particular talk break from a past  show of theirs- to be played back for our listening pleasure.

In most cases, what makes the 20-minute-long podcast interesting/funny, isn’t the actual 2-5 minutes of archive recording that they play back, but it’s the lead up to hitting play on the recorder which is funny. For example, Hamish might reminisce on an event around that date in mention, or a memory which he could recall from that date (but not that year) and the boys would giggle and laugh as they attempt to  fill in their collective gaps in their memories. And after taking us on a several minute journey down memory lane, then they would inevitably  go “but no, we’re not going to listen to that.” Or sometimes it just feels like they’re two old guys, just recounting stories for the much younger Podcast Mike’s benefit as he hadn’t been working with them back in the day, and we’re like just eves dropping in on three guys just chatting. BTW, it’s amazing what Podcast Mike can remember, being a super fan of the boys  who ends up working for his childhood idles.

And although I’ve haven’t been a super long fan of Hamish & Andy’s (probably only been following them for 5 years?), I’ve really enjoyed listening back to their earlier work, all of which has been refreshing as it’s all new for me. And what I’ve found myself doing, was that as they reflected back on a particular date and year, I too think back where I was back at that particular point in time of my life. And sometimes it has brought back smiles remembering to my uni days, or sometimes it was just nice to slow down and think back to another chapter of my life either good or bad.

So if you’re a fan of Hamish & Andy and just want to journey down memory lane with them, by all means, check out H&A’s Remembering Project. Or if you just want a stimulus to help you reflect back on your own life, thinking back when you were 20 years younger, the Remembering Project has been a great starter for that as well.

To check out Hamish & Andys Remembering Project, click HERE!

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