Netflix Recommendations- Getting Organised with the Home Edit

No Marie Kondo here, but you do have Clea and Joanna from the ‘Home Edit’!

Off the back of the successes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Netflix has introduced a follow-up home organisation program called ‘Getting Organised with the Home Edit’!

“Does it spark joy for you?” Now, how many times have you asked yourself that question in 2019? But in 2020, the new catch  phrase which you’ll be asking yourself will be:

“Is there a storage container for that?”

Clea and Joanna are  two ladies from Nashville Tennessee who  are the founders of the ‘Home Edit’, a home organisation business who advises and helps their clients better organise their belongings in their limited home spaces.

But after catching the eye of celebrities  via  Instagram who also have clutter around, just  like you and me- Clea and Joanna are now the latest global sensations who  have sparked off a new surge to de-clutter and get our homes in order.

Each of the 8 episodes, Clea and Joanna (with a team of minions) sweep into 2 homes, assessing the ‘damage’, before shooing out the home-owner so they could get to work organising and de-cluttering their client’s home. If the notion of watching cleaners clean someone else’s home doesn’t sound entertaining for you? Think again! As one of the two households, featured in  each episode are always a celebrity, a  household name like Reese Witherspoon or Eva Longoria- both featured in season 1, while if you can’t relate to the rich and famous, then the other client is always a regular person like me or you. Who are struggling to keep all their stuff within its own swim lanes. 

Through the first season, they edit (not toss out) wardrobes, kitchens, garages, kids bedrooms, play areas, studies etc. Covering off enough rooms, so that we  have enough examples to go away and  undertake our own edits (VO +M, E). And what you’ll find yourself doing, is organising all of your things by their colour, placing all your nick-nacks into plastic storage containers, and/or labelling everything, right down to one time use plastic bags! Now there must be a few companies out there who have the ‘Home Edit’ to  thank for  a sudden spike in their sales e.g. Home, Ikea, Big W etc.

If you want to be  inspired to better organise your crib, or you simply  binge everything on Netflix, then check out the Home Edit HERE!

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