Podcast recommendations- NFL 2020

Football is back baby!

It has been the longest break between drinks for the National Football League (NFL), a full 220 days since the Chiefs lifted the Lombardi trophy! But the gladiators of the modern era are back baby, and here are 5 ways you can enjoy the 2020 season from Down under:

Podcast- Around the NFL   

These boys never stop, grinding all year round even during the quiet NFL off-season. But Dan, Gregg, Chris and Mark do their best work during Sept-Feb. For the complete round-up of every match-up in 2020- subscribe to Around the NFL! On Tuesday you’ll get all the breaking news for the upcoming week; on Thursday you’ll get analysis on each of the 16 upcoming match-ups; and on Sunday evening (Monday afternoon our time) you’ll get a concise re-cap of the suite of Sunday’s games. So if you only have time for one NFL program in your life? Go with ATN, as you won’t miss a beat with the Hero’s!

Podcast- NFL Live

If you prefer the more conventional ‘Sports’ news’ take on NFL, then subscribe to ESPN’s flagship NFL program- NFL Live! With more weekly shows than you probably have time for, the rotating panel of Analysts (made-up of both ex-players and Journalists) discuss, argue, and put forth their hot takes on what’s going on in football. The NFL Live program has gone through a recent make-over, bringing on a younger and diverse panel, so hopefully it’ll appeal to a wider audience now!

Podcast- the Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny  

And if you still haven’t gotten enough of football talk, then there is ‘The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny’, a weekly pod where Mina chats with one of her many friends about football. It’s like eves dropping on two people just shooting-the-shit about their favourite sport. And although there are many so called ‘Football Analysts’ out there, creating content from their basements, but Mina’s show is by-far the best! And now that Mina is a part of the ESPN NFL Live panel, this has given her added gravitas. But it’s not like she needed it anyway, as her show was already a powerhouse, if the calibre of her guests were anything to go by. So for football talk and some laughs, check Mina out!

TV- 7Mate      

And when it comes to actually watching the games? If you’re able to wake-up early enough, you can watch 2 live free-to-air games every week on 7Mate! For viewers on the East coast, kick-off is at 3am, and oh…. 1am for West coast viewers. Ouch! But if you can’t wake-up that early on a Monday morning for the first match, there is always the second game which starts at a more reasonable time of 6.30am (soon to be even more reasonable after daylight savings ticks-over). And now that more of us are working from home, you might even be able to squeeze in a couple of quarters, or even watch the entire game before your first meeting of the day? Woohoo!

Radio- Free Sports Radio

And the best option of all in my opinion at least, is to listen to the games live! There’s nothing like hearing radio announcers call every snap and describe every tackle, to a non-viewing audience. And I find hearing the American adverts a bit of a novelty as well! I think ‘Free Sports Radio’ is still in its infancy, as week 1 was a bit of a disaster as the radio stations they provided links to, weren’t actually broadcasting the games. Oh, fail! But week 2, they seemed to have ironed out the bugs, so I was able to listen to an entire game live, and absolutely free! In your face Tunein radio! So if you want choice! Free Sports Radio is the best! With more than a handful of stations to choose from, all broadcasting the same game- so you can choose to listen to the calls from either team’s perspective. And although they don’t have an app yet, however listening to games on their browser is a synch, both on a laptop or smart phone.

I hope you’ll make the most of these 5 FREE methods to keep up with your favourite sport, hit us up in the feedback section below if you’ve found these suggestions helpful? Yeah?

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