Netflix Recommendations- Season 2s

And how do they each follow-up to their critically acclaimed first seasons?

I have to admit, I’m always a bit suspicious when it comes to follow-up seasons, especially if the first season was bloody amazing! So perhaps I’m already entering season 2s in the wrong mind set as I’m already expecting it not to be as good as the first. But here are my thoughts on three Netflix originals which I had enjoyed…… Well, at least their first seasons.

Umbrella Academy season 2

I’d watched the first season twice, and I could have easily watched it another 2-3 more times, however season 2? That was a little tough going hey. The first 5 episodes were very slow developing, with many unnecessary scenes which didn’t move the storyline along (not like season 1, where each scene had its purpose). However, after reaching the mid-point of the season, it was all downhill from there- but it was a good down hilliness, as the excitement and pace picked-up so much so, that we ultimately didn’t want the series to end! 


The storyline behind season 2, is that the   Umbrella academy had time travelled to escape the apocalypse, 5 had screwed-up again with his time hop and had scattered his family back-in-time across a span of 3 years. And their time travel back to the 60s, not only did not avoid the end of the world, but instead brought it forward. So, for a second season, the driving force for the   Academy was to stop the sequence of actions which would eventually bring on the end of civilisation as we know it. But throw in 60s era technology, fashion, prejudices and racial intolerances. 

Would I recommend season 2? Yeah, I would. But just be warned, it’s slow developing in the first half and way less entertaining when compared to season 1.

Cobra Kai season 2

School’s out for the summer break, and the kids are free to pursue their interests outside of school and oddly all they could think about in the summer of 2019, was Karate? And once again for another show’s follow-up season, where the storyline   was again slow developing and there wasn’t the same momentum which pushed season 1 forward.

The storyline of Cobra Kai season 2, was that both Johnny and Daniel were further establishing their dojos, growing their student bases, solidifying their ethos, and trying to shape their kids in their own likeness.  Meanwhile hostility between the two dojos and their students persist, the tensions escalating when a second female student joins Cobra Kai and starts a beef with Samantha from Miyagi do and then the kicks and punches start flying. The fight sequences were all very cool and long, which satisfied that need for me, however the development or promise of developing young love, like in season 1 was missing. *Sad look*. #Sam and Miguel forever.

Would I recommend Cobra Kai season 2? Yeah, I guess so, if you were a fan of the first, you’ll enjoy season 2, because the Karate Kid saga continues- but let’s just say, don’t get too attached to any character…….

Sex Education season 2

Boy, this was hard going! I think it took me over 3 months to watch the 8 episodes of the second series. I literally had to force myself to watch the final 4 episodes, just so that I could write this post. What made season 1 interesting, was lacking in S2. The student-to-student sex advice? Gone! The, would they? Or wouldn’t they anticipation between Otis and Maeve. Gone! The reminder of how fun our teenage years were. Gone!  Everything that was good about the first season was gone! What we were left with, was break-ups, rejections, disappointments, and sabotage. Right down to the very last scene of the series when the show finally brought a little smile to my face- but all hope was lost due to sabotage.  Ah!

Would I recommend Sex Education season 2? Nup, I probably wouldn’t, you literally wouldn’t miss anything if you passed on Sex Edu S2.

With this post, hopefully it’ll help you to better plan/direct your precious time, as there’s simply too much good stuff out there for you to be wasting your time on the average.

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