Podcast Recommendations- Coronavirus Global Update

When you care about the welfare of the world!

Granted, news on the Coronavirus pandemic should not become a form of entertainment for us- which podcasts and TV shows ought to be. However when you just want to know more about what is going on around the world, in a quick, no fuss, no effort manner- BBC World Services’ Coronavirus Global Update is maybe what you’re looking for?

The BBC’s latest podcast is a twice daily feed, lasting for no more than 6-8 minutes at-a-time. Delivered as a handful of short reports, updating you on the latest global Coronavirus breaking news in the past 12 hours.

Yes, admittedly at the moment we’re already being bombarded with news on the deadly outbreak each time we turn on our socials or TV, however in most cases the chatter that we hear are highly localised or only focused on the major countries with the highest number of infections. But what about all the other 200 odd countries around the world?

Sure, you can pick a country and Google the heck out of it, learning what is going on in that region of the world to find out how they’re handling the contagion- but isn’t it easier if it could be spoon-fed to you via a twice daily podcast which automatically drops into your podcast player?

From the Coronavirus Global Update, I’ve  learnt of the impact of the virus on India and its people when a lockdown was announced only 24 hours ahead of time – leaving thousands stranded away from home; or the impact of the virus on Kenyans, where the government and military enforce ‘social distancing’ measures – resulting in beatings, shootings and deaths; or the impact of the virus spreading on a US naval aircraft carrier – leading to the captain of the ship pleading for help as ‘it isn’t war time, there is no need for young men to be dying at this time’; or the impact of the virus on the people of Panama as ‘social distancing’ measures separate the genders by forcing men and women to leave their homes on alternative days – bringing a swift end to developing romance for unmarried couples…… All of which are interesting topics to know, which would never find its way onto our main stream news cycles- as we’re too caught up on our own domestic issues.

So if you still want to keep yourself outward focused during these unusual times, check out the Coronavirus Global Update, click HERE to start listening.

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