Netflix Recommendations- 100 Humans

Are they really answering life’s big questions?

So as the world goes into lock-down, what are we really left to do but to binge from our various streaming services – and this week’s binge has been Netflix’s 100 Humans!

If you’ve ever studied Psychology at university before, you’d agree that the method and packaging of ‘100 Humans’ isn’t anything novel. It’s basically first year psychology – right down to the volunteer subjects – for which ‘100 Humans’ have 100 to prod, deceive, manipulate…… All in the name of science of course, and of course no humans were harmed in the process……. So they say.

The 8 episode series is hosted by Zainab Johnson (Comedian), Sammy Obeid (Comedian), and Alie Ward (Science correspondent). Each episode is based on a theme, varying from attraction, battle of the generations, battle of the sexes, to challenging our biases. Within each episode is a series of experiments involving some of, or all of the 100 Humans. The hosts (and us) watch them undertake the various challenges, oblivious that they are helping to prove or disprove a particular scientific hypothesis.

Are better dancers more virile? Are older folk better communicators? Who is the superior sex? What are our subconscious biases? Do humans perform better with the promise of a reward or avoidance of punishment? And how does our mood influence our judgement?

All of these questions are answered through fun, light-hearted experiments, and the results presented back to you, the viewer, after each experiment – with expert commentary in between, explaining why they achieved the results that they did. And at the end of each episode, the unknowing Humans are also let in on the secrets. Therefore Netflix has forwarded social-science a little step forward, with these new findings added to the mix, and in the process, made a number of Humans instant famous! Like the Tic-Tac-Toe guy! God bless the Tic-Tac-Toe guy (aka Human 28).  

If a bit of mirth and something educational can help you pass the time while under lock-down, please click HERE to start viewing! Enjoy!

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