Audiobook Review- Artemis

Could this be our future in 2080?

Ok, I purely lucked onto this book. I was searching for the audiobook version of Artemis Fowl – prompted by the release of the motion picture of the same name – when I came across another novel with a very similar title. And my interest was piqued by the back sleeve blurb telling of life on the Moon, and the promise of criminality on the lunar settlement – I was sold!

Artemis (the name given to the lunar settlement) is written by American science fiction writer Andy Weir – who is famous for ‘The Martian’, and to follow-up his successes with that book (which was turned into an action blockbuster featuring Matt Damon), Andy has penned ‘Artemis’ which soon will also be turned into a Hollywood motion picture. The protagonist of Artemis is Jasmine “Jazz” Bashara, a porter by day and part-time smuggler when the need arises – filling the demand for contraband on the moon, which has resulted in a life-time of petty acts of criminality. However Jazz is drawn in over her head into a conspiracy with the promise of a pay-day she  simply could not refuse. So a life of petty-criminality is replaced by planning for and pulling off the mother of all crimes, to bring down a mining operation with dire consequences for her, her employer, and all the inhabitants on the Moon, both friend and foe alike!

It’s Han Solo-esque space smuggling meets Oceans 11, as Jazz assembles a rag-tag team to help her pull off the ultimate destructive act in 1/6 of the earth’s gravity, in a vacuum where no-one can hear you scream!

I personally really enjoyed the book because it was a whole new world, while it was still a world which was familiar. Andy Weir leaned on his geeky background – thus the science elements of the book were based on believable fact, not on unbelievable fiction. And it was fast-paced, and seemingly insignificant details in the earlier parts of the book, ultimately played a significant role in the conclusion of the story!

And a big bravo to the production team who put together the audio version of the novel, with special praise to Rosario Dawson the narrator…..or should I call her a voice actor!? As to me it felt more like listening to a feature film, rather than just listening to a plain old audiobook. Her delivery and changes in the tone of her voice to reflect disappointment, fatigue or excitement was wholly believable and immersive. And Andy Weir’s storytelling and Rosario Dawson’s delivery made even the regular appearance of metal welding interesting! Who knew that welding and metallurgy could be so gripping and would play such a vital part in a story-line!? And discussions about “what is the most important item to get your hands on, if there was a global lock-down?” Before listening to this book, my answer was water. Must, must have water, as you can’t survive more than a few days without it. But after listening to Artemis? Ok, you’ve changed my mind. What we can’t live without? It’s oxygen! The good O on the periodic table!

If you want to listen to a tale which is out-of-this-atmosphere? Check out Artemis HERE!

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