Netflix recommendations- Jewish Matchmaking

I wish I was able to tell you how the series ends!

So, yesterday Netflix enforced ‘No more password sharing’ in Australia. And guess what? We don’t have Netflix anymore! Haaha.

And why am I so openly sharing about my dodgy ways? As I didn’t really see myself as being a freeloader? Sure, sure everyone says that about themselves. But back in the day when my sister and I were comparing Netflix plan prices, having two single user accounts on Standard Definition was more expensive than paying for the multi profile plan with High Definition, so it was a no brainer for us to share. And for years we divided the cost 50/50 between our two families. And these days my sister pays for Netflix, and we pay for Disney Plus, so between two families we cover off a good portion of the streaming content out there. Until last night…….

We both got the Netflix message on our TVs, when attempting to cast to Chrome Cast, and my sister messaged us and says that she’s out! While we’re leaning towards going it alone with the basic $10.99 per month plan on Standard Definition. Although when comparing prices with other streaming services……. I have to admit, the other options out there seemed pretty enticing, considering there’s fewer and fewer things on Netflix that we want to watch ATM.

But when this change occurred, we were 7 of 8 episodes into ‘Jewish Matchmaking’. A fascinating glimpse into Jewish culture, which we found so interesting. Being Christians and reading about Jewish people all our lives, but admittedly we don’t really know their culture. So, for that reason, after knowing about it for so many years, but to now have a glimpse into real Jewish lives? It really drew us in! What I found particularly interesting was seeing how each person had different levels of religiousness or commitment to their faith and how they lived that out. And it was so interesting to see how there are Latin-Jews, South African-Jews, Italian-Jews etc. I found that so interesting, as in our culture (Chinese), you meet one, you’ve pretty met them all. Haaha.

But for those who are less familiar with the show let me back track a moment, ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ is produced by the same Producers of ‘Indian Matchmaking’, a Reality TV series on Netflix. The episodes follow Aleeza Ben Shalom who works as a professional Matchmaker who meets with her clients at their homes (all around the United States and Israel) and gets to know them and what their looking for in a life partner. And then she matches them up with other clients in her roller deck (or contacts list in her Smart phone). The camera crew is invited to film the first date (and sometimes second and third), and then there’s a follow-up session with Aleeza to de-brief on the date, and often-times to adjust the criteria to identify a better match.

It’s just a fascinating glimpse into the real lives of others, and I felt that I’ve walked away being better educated about the Jewish culture. As in Sydney, you tend to stick with your own cultural groups, so I’ve never had much of a chance to meet or interact with Jewish people, and now I’m very curious to learn more, and hoping that can come from firsthand interaction with the culture.

So, after 7 episodes, it doesn’t seem like any of the matches have resulted in anything more than a good-night hug (unless in episode 8, they’re going to tie up all the loose ends). So, maybe the success rate of a matchmaker isn’t all that high….. But regardless of that, we’ve still enjoyed the series for the aforementioned reasons, and I highly recommend the series to others, it’s very insightful into a culture rich in tradition.

To watch ‘Jewish Matchmaking’, just search for it on your Netflix app! If you still have access, of course……..

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