Product recommendation- WATERPIK Waterflosser Nano (1 year on

This thing really works!

A little over a year ago, I recommended the Waterpik Waterflosser Nano, and raved on and on about it! As after visiting a dentist for the first time in 5 years (you read correctly), they actually admitted that my teeth were in quite good condition considering the time-in-between visits. And I contributed that result, to the Waterpik Waterflosser as I’d been using the pocket pressure hose in the 6 months leading up to that dental appointment.

And in that post I had shared how my original Waterflosser (the Ultra) had stopped working after 6 months, but after experiencing firsthand the benefits of the product and the confirmation from the dentists that my teeth were looking great. Then I immediately purchased a replacement Waterflosser but had gone with the cheaper Nano model- half the size, but definitely not half the power though!

So, 12 months on I’m back at the dentist for my annual clean. And I can already tell that the dentist is not impressed that we’ve elected to only come once a year, rather than the advised every 6 month routine. But once he looks into my mouth, I can hear the surprise in his voice, if I remember correctly his exact words were “your teeth are actually in quite good condition, just a small amount of build-up.” And inwardly I was doing fist pumps, while outwardly I was looking fearful as I hate being in the dental chair. *Shudders*.

So, after the previous year’s clean, for once in many many years I was able to suck air through my lower front teeth again. The sign that the plaque build-up had been broken down and things were as clean as they’re ever going to be. And in my past experience, usually within a week, my ability to suck air through my teeth is gone, as build-up starts and over time it turns into impenetrable plaque. But after last year, I vowed to myself to see how long I’d be able to maintain these clean gaps between my teeth. And I even got a little bit nerdy about it. At night after a day of eating, those gaps between my lower front teeth are filled with bits of food from the day., so no ability to suck air through those gaps.

Then I hit my night-time oral health routine. I first brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush, and then test the suck. Still no ability to suck air through the teeth.

Then I rinse my mouth out with mouth wash, really working that between my teeth. And then try the tooth gap suck again. Still no luck in sucking air through those little gaps.

And then I do the Waterflosser step of the night-time routine, and bingo! Gaps between teeth are back again! And I’m able to happily suck air through my teeth! And I’ve proven a point to myself, the most vital step of my nightly oral hygiene is the Waterflosser step, and for the whole 12 months I was able to maintain the air suck, but admittedly at a slightly reduced air flow by the end. Yes, of course you can get the same level of clean from using conventional string floss, but can you always get back to the molars for a good clean? And I think using water is more environmentally friendly than creating more waste with disposing lengths and lengths of floss each day. And perhaps over a year, you might actually spend less money? As the Waterpik costs under $105, and fingers crossed it might last you a few years! While dental floss isn’t cheap.

So, I’m completely sold on the Waterpik Waterflosser Nano, and I can honestly attest to its effectiveness in cleaning your teeth as good (or better) than conventional dental flossing, even though the majority of Dentists don’t endorse water flossers.

Check it out for yourself! Click HERE to read more and to purchase! Oral health made easy!

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