Netflix recommendations- Fresh, Fried and Crispy

So fresh, so fried, so crispy! Mmmmmmm.

Be warned, do not watch this show on an empty stomach! As you’re only going to cause severe hangry pains for yourself! Fresh, Fried and Crispy is Netflix’s latest food/travel reality show, hosted by Daym Drops, a food critic who made a name for himself on Youtube (reviewing fast-food joints). Although Daym’s larger than life personality and his urban lingo takes some getting use to, but I’ve definitely warmed to him and the show is zilch without him!

Each episode features a different City across the United States, from East to West, from South to further South. Each step of the way Daym is trying signature bites from iconic restaurants who serve up the best fried (and sometimes just fresh) treats. Each more outrageous and/or desirable than the last and at the very end, Daym pronounces his personal favourite (no doubt creating a spike in business for the restaurant). 

As filming of Fresh, Fried and Crispy was done so during the midst of Covid, a number of dine ins were held at the restaurateurs home. And in each episode, Daym try’s his hand in constructing/cooking his own meal…… And let’s just say, it’s obvious that he is a youtuber turned food critic, not a chef turned food critic.

And although healthy eating is what most of us aspire to in our lives, but damn! Some of those deep fried foods do look mighty enticing! Whale burger anyone?

After episode one alone, we were already pounding the streets in search of arancini balls. And by the end of 8 episodes (the whole series), we’re starting to plan our next trip to the States- we’ve been to a whole bunch of places over the years, but oddly enough we have never visited the cities featured in Fresh, Fried and Crispy. So as soon as the borders open, methinks a trip to San Diego, St Louis and Vegas is in order!

To experience the cholesterol artery clogging series for yourself, click HERE! To start binging on Fresh, Fried and Crispy! 

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