Netflix recommendations- Penguin Town

Waddle baby, waddle baby, waddle baby!

I don’t think you can find anything on Netflix at the moment, as cute, as amusing, as insightful or as engrossing as Penguin Town!

What makes Penguin Town so cute? Have you seen a penguin lately!? The way they waddle? And don’t get me started on the baby chicks!

What makes Penguin Town so amusing? It’s the o-so-well written voiceover script (narrated by Comedian Patton Oswalt). Not to mention the natural behaviour of penguins already add to the amusement. And the simple fact that the show is presented like a reality TV show, than a snooty documentary- so the reality TV like storylines, intrigue and conflict does it for me!

What makes Penguin Town insightful? Like who knew penguins had such an incredible sense of direction and long, long memories? Who knew they were so human-like (having both good and bad human-like traits)? Who knew they arrange themselves into gangs, with the sole purpose to piss-off other penguins they dis-like? And who knew they were so organised in their child rearing?

And what makes Penguin Town so engrossing? Is that not everything unfolds like a fairy-tale story, this is nature and this is reality and some things just don’t work-out, not to mention each episode ends on a cliff hanger! Which has you sitting there on the couch electing to ‘do nothing’, so that the next episode would automatically play on!

So if you want to check out these 2 feet tall cuties, in their natural habitat of Simon’s Town South Africa? You can check it out right here on Netflix, just click HERE! Waddle baby!  

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