Netflix recommendations- Tiny House Nation

How small can you go?

We do like a home renovation TV series, thus Tiny House Nation was right up our ally! Netflix has 2 chapters of Tiny House Nation now streaming, and although there are plenty more episodes out there (5 seasons), a dozen episodes were enough for me!

Tiny House Nation is hosted by John and Zack- John the mouthpiece of the duo, while Zack is the actual brains behind the operation. The series is set in the United States, which makes the Tiny House movement even more shocking to tiny home owners’ family and friends. I.e. this is the United States, where everything is larger- the people, their personalities, and usually their homes!

But with Tiny, comes freedom! Freedom from a mortgage! Freedom to do what you want to do with your time, now that you’re not chasing the dime! And freedom to take your ‘mobile home’ anywhere! Oh yeah, the term “Mobile home”, that’s offensive to Tiny home owners……..

Each episode starts with a pretty stark and industrial looking space, no larger than 42 square meters. It’s narrow and long (as it needs to fit on the back of a trailer and could be potentially towed around the States), and your whole entire life’s belongings need to fit within it! Yikes!

But throughout the 40 odd minutes of each episode, the tiny space is transformed into a home. Literally transformed, as most pieces of furniture have duel purposes- “remove this part, pivot that, lock that into place and you’ve transformed your dining table into a sex swing…….”

But what we most like about the show, is how John over promises to the Client, but Zack then over-delivers on those promises- always wowing their clients when they see their home for the first time! There were indoor climbing walls, outdoor soccer goals, and multiple fold out beds for visiting family…. All sorts of things to meet the requirements of their sometimes picky customers. And just when you think a swimming pool wouldn’t be possible in a Tiny home? Zack surprises them with that and more!

And Tiny House Nation is not only a home renovation show, but it’s about the people. The stories behind why they’re electing to go tiny- and it is these stories which keeps the concept fresh, otherwise it could be a bit same-same.

There hasn’t been any new episodes since Covid hit, but I wonder how does a tiny house stand-up to iso? Would its occupants feel like they want to strangle each other after a month of being confine in close proximity to each other? 

To check-out Tiny House Nation on Netflix, click HERE! Welcome to the Tiny House Nation!!!! 

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