The Brothers Café- Haymarket

Shop 5, 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket 

We came for souffle pancakes, and we went home bellies full of omelette!

We’re back Sydney! It has taken quite some cajoling to get us back out of our habit of ordering take-away, but we finally ate out and here is our tale.

So, we’re down to our very last ‘Dine & Discover’ voucher, and we wanted to try something new, and Zomato’s Trending Now collection def helped in providing us with some ideas.

What you can’t take-away successfully is brunch. So, seeing that a Haymarket café was trending, appealed to us. Heading out at 9.30am on a leisurely Saturday morning stroll kicked started our odyssey, and we found ‘The Brothers Café’ located inside a Chinatown building which we’ve never noticed before.

The majority of seating is located outside the café in a L-shape, and you plop yourself down, check out their menu and head on in when you’re ready to order.

We were drawn to the Bros due to the promise of souffle pancakes, but once we started to review the menu and their ‘Signature’ dishes, we quickly pivoted over to the idea of a savoury breakfast.

I had the “big prawn omelette on croissant”; while my wife had the “Crab-O-Crab on croissant”, and since we were here for sweets, we ordered a Taro latte for me, and a flat white with hazelnut syrup for her (total bill was $21.90 after Dine & Discover).

The wait for the food was probably around 15 minutes, and as soon as the drinks made their way to our table, so did the food.

According to the menu’s description the Crab-O-Crab was crab claw meat, curry scrambled eggs, celery and cashew puree, and chilli. 

While my omelette was topped with prawn, Japanese seasoning, mayo, and parmesan.

Eating it, you had to de-constructed it a little, removing the top of the croissant so you can get to the fluffy egg. In my omelette there were more prawns than you could keep track of, the omelette was amazingly thick and fluffy, and the Japanese seasoning was both salty and had strong sesame oil flavours. On the side was some salad coated in a yummy tart dressing, while my wife’s omelette was similar to mine, but it was browner in colour due to the infused curry.

The drinks were on the sweet side, but that was what we wanted, right? And the café itself was Insta worthy, with a wall covered with pics of the brothers and their clientele.

Our verdict? 4.5/5.0 Stars! 3.0 from 3.0 for Food (as everything was tasty, filling, and fresh!); 0.5 from 0.5 for ambiance, the café itself was charming, although it lacked indoor seating); 0.5 from 0.5 for Service (the brothers were polite and the food came out pretty quick); and 0.5 from 1.0 for Value for money (in the end, without Gladys’ $25 off, it was practically a $50 breakfast for two, which is pretty exxy).

So, we’re getting out and about again, I guess that was the whole idea and purpose behind the Dine & Discover vouchers, and I guess it has served its purpose. Although after 16 months of iso, it has changed our habits (we eat in front of the TV 99% of the time, but now we’ve eaten out a few times and the post-pandemic world feels a lot like pre-Covid, I guess we’ll be going out a bit more now. So, a few more Food reviews will be coming your way! And we def will be back to the Brothers Café, at least to try their souffle pancakes!

Saturday 22 May- The Brothers Cafe (4.5/5.0 Stars)

Shop 5, 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket NSW 

Mon – Sun 9am – 3pm

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