Netflix recommendations- The Crown seasons 1-2

Now I don’t know what’s fact or fiction!

Ok, now we know why people have been raving on about The Crown for over 5 years! As it’s bloody brilliant! I can’t say anything more than that, to praise its awesomeness!

However, I’m left thinking, which parts are true? And which parts have been purposefully dramatized for the small screen?

But either way, The Crown has entirely changed how I view the Royal family hence forth. At present I’m unable to see the real royals, without comparing them to their on-screen avatars.

But what I particularly liked about the series was:

  1. How they portrayed Queen Elizabeth as being utterly normal and unremarkable- and that’s a good thing.
  • How they emphasized how undesirable it was to be a royal- look how miserable both Phillip and Margret were!
  • How each episode was almost a stand-alone story on its own- with a defined beginning and an end, all within 45-61 mins.
  • How each episode progressed the storyline one increment forward, covering years at a time- without feeling like they were skipping through large chunks of their lives.
  • How the closing scene of each episode were gooold!- especially the scene where David (Duke of Windsor) was playing his bagpipes alone in his backyard, tears rolling down his cheeks. Bloody brilliant! Haaha.

If you were like us, thinking that a show about the Royals was for an entirely older generation of viewers. I’m here to admit I was totally wrong! Although it was set in the 50s-60s, it was still highly relevant and totally engrossing viewing for us! To start watching The Crown, click HERE!

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