Product Recommendation- Steamrail Summer Ale- Tight Red Togs

Where do you start with Craft beers? There are so many unknown brands to choose from, they all have names designed to catch your eye, so which one do you choose when you’re standing in the Craft beer aisle? I have no idea either, but Steamrail Summer Ale’s Tight Red Togs was just that little bit more attention grabbing than others. So when I was forced to choose, I grabbed the Tight Red Togs. Haaha.

Describing the taste of craft beers is an art form, an art which I haven’t quite mastered yet. I think it’s all in the first sip? Then all subsequent sips your tastebuds are just that little bit more immune to the subtle flavours. But here’s a shot – at first sip, Tight Red Togs tastes light and fruity, passionfruit first came to mind; it’s definitely not bitter (if anything it tastes a little bit watery at the back of the tongue), it’s refreshing, and if you suck the liquid through your teeth it immediately froths up into light foamy bubbles.

What Steamrail Summer Ale says about their Tight Red Togs is that:

“Summer Ale has low bitterness and is full of fruity, crisp character. The hoppy passionfruit/citrus aroma comes from a blend of US Centennial and Australian Galaxy hops, added late in the brew house and dry to the fermenter.”

Blind fold off…… So I was pretty bang-on re the passionfruit flavour!

If you’d like to try this craft beer for yourself, you can purchase a 6 pack (330ml bottles) for $19, or $46 a case from Liquorland. Enjoy!

 **Note: Remember always to drink responsibly. Yeah, yeah?

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One thought on “Product Recommendation- Steamrail Summer Ale- Tight Red Togs

  1. Used to love this beer, was one of my favs. They’ve changed the label and the formula. Not my fav anymore?👎👎👎


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