Podcast Recommendation- Conviction

There’s a lot of ‘True crime’ pods out there, and so are there True crime buffs, but is ‘Conviction’ by Gimlet Media worth your while?

I’m a real sucker for in-pod advertising! Really! Where as most people do anything to avoid TV adverts, and as soon as YouTube starts to waste your time with ads, most people (and so do I) hit ‘Skip ad’ as soon as you can. However there’s something about in-pod advertising which gets me every time, sometimes I even rewind pods to re-listen to ads. Call me weird? Maybe? So no surprise, ‘Conviction’ got on my radar from in-pod adverts, then I was forced to listen to a 15 min teaser ep from another Gimlet Media pod I was subscribed to. And after 15 mins, it left me hanging and it had me hooked! I can listen to that! Oh! I can listen to that!

Conviction is the first season of a new investigative reporting series by Gimlet, hosted by Saki Knafo- a New York Times reporter, who spent over a year investigating and recording this story.

The back-drop of Conviction is present day Bronx New York, and it’s a tale of police injustice; young innocent minority males being picked off-the-streets and placed behind bars; and one bull-dogged protagonist PI (Private Investigator) named Manuel Gomez- who dedicates his life to right the wrongs of his city, and stands-up for the downtrodden.

The seven 30 minute episodes in Season One are a mixture of interviews, Saki Knafo’s dulcet narrative tones, court room recordings, and live action  recordings as the tape recorders roll while Manny runs down witnesses and chases down leads, all in an attempt to free his client! And just when you think you know who is good and who is bad? We find out along the way with Saki Knafo, that everything isn’t as black and white as it seems, but everything is shades of grey! Is Manuel Gomez on the side of the good? Or has our host Saki Knafo been sucked in to a yearlong ‘wild goose chase’ following a dishonest PI, with a personal agenda out for revenge on the NYPD? Well……You’ll just have to listen to find out!

To start binge listening to ‘Conviction’, just click HERE!

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