Podcast Recommendations- Tech Guide

First there was Jeff, then there was Mario, but here to stay is Stephen Fenech!

I’m subscribed to over 24 podcasts, but the podcast which I eagerly await the most is Tech Guide, when the latest episode is uploaded after midnight on a Monday night, here I am listening to it on a Tuesday morning at 5am. Hot off the press, as they say!

Tech Guide is a weekly Australian podcast which covers Tech news, Tech reviews, and answers listeners’ tech questions. It’s a quick 40 min weekly dose of all-you-need-to-know in tech – so that you’re up-to-date with all that is going on in the tech world.

The podcast attracts an older crowd (so I’m not their target audience) but I’m there for the information, not just there to be entertained. And it’s rare to find a locally produced tech podcast, there are many American tech pods out there – but what is the point of being informed about products which may or may not ever reach Australia’s shores? I used to listen to the pod on a Saturday morning while I had my breakfast (like the Saturday paper) – the blue ribbon podcast time-slot of the week! But even listening to it 5 days after it’s been uploaded, some of the news has already become old news! Yes, technology does go out-of-date that quickly!

Our host Stephen Fenech literally attends every launch and media review; he tests and uses every product he talks about; and would even go in and bat for listeners if you’ve been stuffed around by a company! He’s like a Tech journalist super-hero! And if 40 mins a week isn’t enough for you, you can read his news, reviews and tech support articles in full on his website TechGuide.com.au

Because I listen to Tech Guide, it’s enabled me to have “intelligent” tech conversations with colleagues at work; I sometimes have ground-breaking tech recommendations for friends; and on the odd occasion we even buy the latest tech product which I had heard of, being at the head of the line as an innovator (beats being the late majority- where I used to be with tech adoption).

So if you always like to be in-the-know with technology, and you like to be spoon-fed your information, check-out Tech Guide the podcast! Drops every Monday night! Enjoy!    

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