Product Recommendation- Dyson filter

Do you remember the very first time you turned on your brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner? Remember how strong the suction was? How it gripped onto the carpet (and anything you passed over- intended or unintended)? And how grunt-y the engine and the whirling head sounded?

Now think back to the last time you used your Dyson. Was the suction as furious as you remembered it to be that very first time? If your answer is “no”, it’s not because you’re desensitized to the power suction of a Dyson, but it’s because the suction power of your Dyson just isn’t as strong as it used to be when it was fresh out of the box.

But you can regain that incredible sucking power!!!!! This is how!

Ok, it was an unintended outcome. We basically purchased a new Dyson vacuum filter because after having our Dyson for 4 years, we noticed that our filter smelt really bad! Imagine the smell of a wet dog? But multiply that stench by 10 times! And that was the level of odour coming out of our vacuum cleaner. Yuck! We were so annoyed by it that we purchased a new filter online.  

And the outcome……the very first time I turned it on, I had the smile back on my face again, that very same smile I had 4 years ago when I first used the Dyson – feeling that incredible suction for the first time. So it seems the key to the Dyson’s power is the filter! So for less than $30 (including shipping) our Dyson has been restored to its prior glory, where you can hear all the dirt and particles of sand being sucked up the rod only after a single pass over. It saves time and effort, and most importantly minus the stench!

So if you would like to return your Dyson back to levels of performance which made you first fall in love with cleaning? Just Google around to locate a replacement filter right for your style of Dyson. It’s definitely worth the relatively small amount of money!


Filters should be washed (and properly dried-out in the sun) once after every 3 uses.

And be prepared to replace your filter at least once every 4 years.

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