Product Recommendations- Sally Foods Durian Sponge Cake

Do you remember the old days at the local Chinese grocer (always located near the front)- the Pandan sponge cake? The one in the bag, circular in shape, with the hole in the middle, served up upside down on a paper plate?

Well, sadly those good old days are gone, but these days you can find Asian Sponge cakes by Sally Foods packaged more commercially- in a loaf shape and properly sealed. And not only can you find the Pandan flavour, but Sally Foods sponge cakes also come in orange, lemon, and even Durian! And how can you pass up on Durian? We definitely couldn’t!

The Sponge cake is gloriously soft and springy when you slice into it; enabling you to produce sandwich-like thick slices; pale yellow in colour and breathing in its scent…… the Durian fragrance is definitely there. Mmmmmm.

Biting into it! I know why I love sponge cake, it’s that springy spongy texture on my teeth which has me coming back for more! But unfortunately when comparing the taste of durian to the fragrance of it, the depth of durian flavour is unfortunately not as strong as you’d hope it to be. But for those who are adverse to durian, it’s perfectly fine then, not too overpowering, not too polarising.

And the unavoidable durian reflux afterwards? Oh yeah! You’ll be tasting durian for the next 3 hours! Haaha.

So if you’re a durian fan or always game to try something new, check-out if your local Asian grocer stocks Sally Foods sponge cakes- usually located at the front of the store. Each cake is priced at $7.00, and the durian burps afterwards? Priceless!

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