Podcast Recommendations- American Football Pods

Ok, I’ve called an audible! A last minute change-up from what had been scheduled for this month’s Podcast recommendation. I couldn’t help it! This has been inspired by the NFL Draft night hype, so I’m going to recommend a trio of NFL/sporting podcasts!

I remember as a teenager in the early 90s before the advent of the Internet, the time of the year I used to look forward to the most was the month of May-  because this was the first time American Football Trading card producers released their rookie cards, and my first chance to see which up-and-coming stars were going to which professional teams. Fast-forward to 2014, in Australia at least there was no longer a month’s delay of learning of the landing spots for Rookies, but the only way we were able to follow the NFL Draft live was via the NFL.com web-site who were streaming the Draft live; but inevitably every 2 minutes the stream would cut-out and to continue the stream we need to hit F5 refresh, to give ourselves another 2 mins of FREE live streaming- and with these things inevitably it always cuts out when a draft pic was being announced by the Commissioner. D’oh!

But today as I draft this post, I’ve got the 2019 NFL Draft playing live on my Google Home, curtesy of the NFL radio and Tune-in! So inspired by the Draft, here are a trio of NFL pods which is def worth your while!

NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks- NFL Media

The stars of NFL Media come Mar-Apr (the months leading up to the Draft) are a pair of ex-NFL scouts- Daniel Jeremiah (former collegiate Quarterback) and Bucky Brooks (former professional Wide Receiver/Defensive Back). What makes their podcast unique, is that they juggle a nice blend of covering the NFL and the collegian football ranks all year round. And as the Super Bowl confetti is swept away for another year, the boys start their path to the draft coverage which results in fans of their show being more clued-in on rookie prospects, which make Draft day that much more interesting for fans! Unfortunately as you read this post, it’s too late to follow their predictions for 2019, however it’s not too late to subscribe to their pod and follow their post-draft breakdown, and looking forward to the upcoming NFL and college seasons! To listen to ‘Move the Sticks’ podcast, click HERE

Sports Wars- Wondery

The latest sports pod to be launched has been Wondery’s ‘Sports Wars’ hosted by Dan Rubenstein! They have timed it perfectly, to launch this pod and its first episodes in time with the NFL Draft. The first Sports Wars episode to drop has been a multi-part episode on the Green Bay Packer’s internal war between Quarterback Brett Favre and his eventual replacement Quarterback Aaron Rogers. What makes Sports Wars different from other sporting pods/documentaries, is that the production is presented as a dramatic re-enactment of true stories which we may not have been aware of – which I have to confess has been compelling listening! Historically, I learn of podcasts late into its life, and I usually have the luxury to binge-listen to series as all episodes are already available. However this time I’ve lucked onto Sports Wars early in the piece, so I’ve already consumed everything they’ve put up there and am now eagerly awaiting the bi-weekly new episode drops.

I’m looking forward to future Sports War episodes, they’ve teased of deep-dives into the Red Sox Vs Yankees rivalries, and the battles between Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas, to name a few. If you want to join me in listening to entertaining deep dives into some well-known sport rivalries, click HERE!

Around the NFL- NFL Media

And the last of the American Football trio of podcasts which I’m subscribed to, is ‘Around the NFL’! The show is made up of a 4 man panel of ‘Analysts’ (this job title used very loosely), who are actually just a bunch of football fans who’s highest level of football achievement thus far has been their Pop Warner careers …….. But join the Zeuser, The Quiet Storm, The Mailman, and The Old Boss, for 3 eps per week, of football talk and mirth! If you don’t get a chance to watch each NFL game come Sundays in September, just tune in to Around the NFL for an entertaining hour of football re-caps, news, predictions, and analysis by a bunch of football fans! The analysis isn’t solid, they don’t have any football insider connections, but what they are is entertaining! If you’d like to check them out for yourself, click HERE!

If you’re already a NFL fan, I hope your team has selected well in the 2019 NFL Draft, thus you’ll be looking forward to the upcoming season of football! If you’ve never gotten into NFL before, the 100th season of   America’s game is the perfect time to start! Check out the above pods, and see if you’ll become a non-American Gridiron convert like me!

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