Product Recommendations- Singha Lager

For the last couple of years, at the commencement of the calendar year, I’d invite my mates over for after work drinks at our place. To ensure that I’m a good host i.e. fridge well stocked with beers, and the snack bowls are filled- we head to Costcos for discounted bulk offerings!

Grrr…. It was probably our dodgy Aussie dollar, but each case of imported beers were $45+, (meaning that for Costco standards, they’re $5 more than what they’re usually priced at- so not much cheaper than on the outside)…….. But except for a case of Singha Lager beers from Thailand (330ml bottles) priced at $33.95. Bargain! Being a sucker for a deal, I naturally opted for the unknown beer (at least to me), and I just hoped that they tasted ok. So with a fridge stocked with Thai beers, and snack bowls filled- I was ready for the party of 8.

But come the day before and on the day, 6 of 8 mates sent their apologies- so after the evening came and went I was left with 18 bottles of-beer-on-the-wall, almost 1 Kg of caramel popcorn, and at least another 600g of Kettles Sweet potato chips! First world problems, first world problems.

Fast-forward 3 months, I’m finally down to my very last Singha Lager, and I’m well and truly impressed by it! I personally like my beers bitter and full of flavour, and Singha’s is all that! My personal go-to lager is a Crown Lager, and after 17 beers I can safely say that the Singha Lager can def give a Crown a run for its money!- In terms of having a pure smooth taste to it.

But here worded in more descriptive terms, a cut&paste from the Dan Murphy’s web-site when describing what you can expect from the product:

“Singha Lager only uses the finest quality barley, malt & hops that are imported from around the world. These products are then blended with pure Artisian Water producing a product pale yellow in colour, distinctively rich in flavour with strong hop & slightly spicy characters.”

If you’ve tried Singha lagers before on a memorable Thailand trip, I say don’t hesitate to re-live those fond memories again if you see a Singha beer offered at a Thai restaurant’s drinks menu! And if you’re a Costco member like us, see if they’re in-stock and on the cheap! Not a bad beer to have on the wall, just make sure you pass them around!

If they’re not in stock, you can purchase them from Dan Murphy’s for a staggering price of $56.90. Ouch!

**And please always drink responsibly. Yeah? Yeah?

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