Podcast Recommendations- Hamish & Andy

They’re back!!!! Australia’s favourite sons- Hamish & Andy have returned for another 40 eps in 2019. Woohoo!

Aussie readers of this blog, please bear with me as I quickly explain to our international readers who are Hamish Blake & Andy Lee. Well, Hamish & Andy are an Australian comedy duo who has been on the Australian air-waves since 2003, entertaining Australians and international audiences alike for the past 15 years! They once were two university mates who started out on campus radio, but their comedic approach of taking the every-day story and making it into a hilarious segment has brought them far from their humble student days; driven along by Haim’s hair-brained ideas, the more sensible Ando tagging along for the ride, while Jack their panel operator often the victim of their antics.

At the conclusion of 2017, Haim & Ando  finished up their daily National simulcast radio show, and since 2018 they have purely been distributing their brand of comedy via the Podcast airwaves- which means that their shows can be accessed from anywhere around the world! *Fist pump moment*.  If you’re an Australian ex-Pat living abroad, or you spent a considerable amount of time in Australia but have since moved back to your home country, listening to Hamish & Andy is probably the best (and most entertaining) way to keep in touch with everything you left behind in Australia. Once you’ve subscribed to their pod, I guarantee that you’ll smile as soon as you hear their Aussie accents, reminding you of the land down under! And I’ve found that one main reason why I find them so amusing is the fact that they’re always laughing at their own content, just hearing them laugh makes you laugh! It’s true, laughter is infectious! Or was that yawning?….

Since becoming pure podcasters, their audio show is now a weekly pod which drops on Wednesdays from March to November (roughly 40 eps). And as I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a time and day for every podcast which I’ve subscribed to, and Friday after work has been the timeslot I’ve set-aside for the boyz (my opinion, the best time-slot of the week!); with my customary single beer a week and snacks- I use their light hearted comedy to ease me into the weekend after a busy week of work. Oh! It’s so good! Honestly a highlight of my week! In 2017 my fandom with the boyz resulted in having my wife contact her friend who worked at Chemist Warehouse, asking her to hold onto a bottle of their fragrance ‘Andy by Hamish’  as soon as the stock arrived, so she could buy it for me as an early Christmas gift! Babe! You’re the Best! And although I hate clutter on our coffee table, I’m considering purchasing their latest venture, the creation of a ‘Power moves’ coffee table book, which they will aim to release by the end of the year.

Although they’re no longer taking live calls from the audience (Ahoy Boyz!), listeners can still be involved with the show by filling out a ‘Valued & Important Podcaster’ profile, and if your super hero talent is super-hero enough for them, they just might contact you and invite you to be a part of their show as you show off your talent for the chance to win an analogue currency- the uber rare H&A coin (pegged at the value of a Bitcoin!). The super-hero talents have driven much of their 2018 shows, and at the moment it doesn’t seem like there is an overwhelming topic/gimmick which has Hamish obsessing over in 2019. But it’s still early days, I’m sure something innocuous will possess him (and eventually infect Andy) and will be an ongoing seg for the rest of the year- take their obsession with their own band as an example  (Coolboys and the Frontman); obsessions with producing their own counter-crypto-currencies (H&A coin, 8bit H&A coin, and the coin of no value); obsessions with tracksuits (the official uniforms of the show); obsession with Mack the birthday cake truck (with edible hinge); the ongoing obsession with teasing Bec (Andy’s girlfriend) with purchasing a puppy for her (although Andy hates the idea of having a dog in his home); the obsession which has become caller’s  obsession with wishing Ando a happy birthday “Happy birthday Ando…..No need” (although Andy claims that he doesn’t celebrate the milestone); and the on-going thang where they torment Jack in various ways, like the Chicken shop, surprise housewarming, and depicting Jack as being a tight-a** (on a serious note, I’m surprised the boyz haven’t been accused of workplace bullying yet). And the list does go on and on, with the different games and segments they’ve come up with,   but whatever Hamish & Andy are obsessing over, be sure soon it’ll become your obsession as well! As their show is honestly that addictive! I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next!

If you’re not already a regular listener of the Hamish & Andy podcast, or you once    listen to them but you’re not into podcasts as a communication medium, or like I mentioned before you might be missing Australia terribly- now is the perfect time to start listening again/or for the first time! Just click on the link ( Click Me! Click me! ) to start listening immediately!

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