Album Review- Hamilton

A highly addictive and never tiresome listening experience!


Oh, only if I could accurately recount to you the amount of times I’ve listened to Hamilton the album over the past fortnight, I wouldn’t be surprised if the total equates to 10 times? Or even 15 times!? Working from home has definitely assisted in achieving this feat, as it’s so easy to have it playing low in the background while you work on an Excel spreadsheet. And although the album is almost 2 hours and a half in length, each listen has still felt refreshing and holey entertaining!


If you don’t have Disney Plus (I’ve heard that they’ve removed the 7 day free trial after the release of Hamilton), the next best thing is to listen to the album on Spotify- as the album pretty much contains 85% of the stage production’s content.


My favourite tracks have been:


Disc 1:


My shot- There’s something about the beat, the instrumentals and Lin-Manuel’s flow when he spits which has me grooving every-time! Yeah! “Like my country, I’m young scrappy and hungry I’m not going to throw away my shot!”


The Schuyler sisters- a soulful poppy track which introduces the Schuyler sisters who are looking for a “mind at work, work”. And who doesn’t love a shameless New York plug! “The greatest city in the world!”


You’ll be back- Although Jonathan Groff reprises the song on 3 separate occasions, the first appearance of King George is the best! “No don’t change the subject, you’re my favourite subject”…… “When push comes to shove, I’ll kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.” That line is absolute gold! Haaha. Mr Groff! Mr Groff!


Helpless- And don’t you love it where a musical track is able to progress a story-line between a couple from initial meeting, to proposal, until eventual marriage in less than 4.09 mins? While still able to mix in a love triangle into the midst? Brilliant!


Satisfied- And how does a song enable a flash back sequence to occur? Crazy! But ‘satisfied’ has allowed just that in a 5.29 min package. And the line “you strike me as someone who has never been satisfied” was a lyrical line which kept replaying itself in my mind over and over in the past 14 days. Perhaps we’re all someone who has never been satisfied?


Yorktown (The world turned upside down) – The reprisal of the line ‘I’m not going to throw away my shot’ reappears whilst being accompanied by an aggressive sawing cello? Or was it a double bass? And Hercules Mulligan’s equally aggressive rap solo accompanied by a DJ scratching on his decks (and Break Dancers in the stage production!). So much Grrrrr and attitude in this song! Woo!


Dear Theodosia- A music box/lullaby sounding song driven by two father’s love for their child. Aww. The highlight of this song has to be how it showcases the emotions captured in both Odom Jr and Miranda’s voices. Brings a tear to a glass eye.


Disc 2:


What did I miss?- And straight back from the intermission, we’re graced by the return of the prodigal son, Daveed Diggs a.k.a Thomas Jefferson- his entrance injects an additional soulful voice to the production which then transitions into his fun and whimsical cries of “What did I miss?” No wonder the live audience starts to cheer as soon as he makes his entrance.


Cabinet battle No. 1- Only if all political cabinet meetings feel like this NYC underground Rap Battle! I’m sure more people would tune in to Question time on the ABC. “You don’t have the votes!” Boy! Reminds me of 106 & Park. *Sigh*.


Say no to this- The minor key already indicated at the ominousness of temptation. Come on Hamilton! Say NO to this! But hey, if the bedspread isn’t the only thing that’s spread on the bed…….How can you say no to that? Stay?


Washington on your side- An absolute ear-worm! “It must be nice, it must be nice to have Washington on your side” kept looping itself around and around my mind. How can they make such a boring subject (political manoeuvring) into such an interesting catchy tune! #Make politics sexy again!


It’s quiet uptown- And probably the headline track of the entire album and the musical……… ‘It’s quiet up town’. A song about personal loss and a song which gives me goosebumps each time I hear it. Good goosebumps that is.


Ok, I’ll end it here, before I proceed to list out the remaining 40 odd songs from the album! Because they’re all great! If you haven’t had the privilege to watch the stage production and you don’t have Disney Plus, no matter, as you can always just experience the musical through its music alone.


To start streaming Hamilton the album, click HERE! Enjoy!




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