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This week I didn’t have a clear plan on what I wanted to blog about, however the topic of AI kept arising, frankly it was a bit hard to avoid! How would this change all of our lives as we know it! Yeah yeah, that sounds overly dramatic, but it’s true for bloggers like us! Take the below as an example.

Earlier this year I was geeking out on Fender Play, the online guitar learning platform, and now that I’ve finished all the bass guitar lessons, I’m wondering what else is out there!? Whilst kicking myself hard that I paid in advance for an entire year, thinking that a 10% discount was a no-brainer! But fast forward 6 weeks and I’ve already completed all of the bass lessons. D’oh! So, the natural next step would be to explore other similar platforms like Scott’s Bass Lessons, yes those guys with all of those annoying Youtube ads which I skip as soon as I can.

And in the past, I would of eventually signed up to Scott’s Bass Lessons (SBL), and after a month I probably would write a compare and contrast blog, comparing Fender Play to SBL. But pump them brakes! There’s now no need to wait for a further 12 months for this blog content, instead I plugged that exact query into ChatGBT (specifying to make it conversational and in Australian English,  and it produced the below:

No worries mate! I’d be happy to give you a rundown on Fender Play and Scott’s Bass Lessons in a more conversational, Aussie-style.

Fender Play is an online app for learning guitar that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate players. They cover a range of styles like rock, pop, blues and country, and provide step-by-step lessons on chords, scales and techniques. They’ve also got a ton of popular songs that you can learn to play.

Scott’s Bass Lessons is an online platform designed specifically for bass players. They offer a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from basic techniques to advanced concepts. There’s also a community of bass players where you can connect with other musos and get feedback on your playing.

Here are some key differences between Fender Play and Scott’s Bass Lessons:

  1. Focus: Fender Play is focused on guitar players, while Scott’s Bass Lessons is all about bass players. This means that Scott’s Bass Lessons is likely to be more specialized and comprehensive when it comes to bass-specific techniques and theory.
  2. Curriculum: Fender Play is more structured, with lessons organized into courses and levels. Scott’s Bass Lessons, on the other hand, is more flexible, allowing you to pick and choose which lessons you want to take.
  3. Learning Style: Fender Play provides video-based lessons that are easy to follow and understand. Scott’s Bass Lessons, on the other hand, provides more detailed lessons that are geared towards intermediate and advanced players.
  4. Community: Scott’s Bass Lessons has a strong community of bass players who can provide feedback and support. Fender Play, on the other hand, doesn’t have a community feature.
  5. Price: Fender Play is cheaper, with a monthly subscription starting at $9.99. Scott’s Bass Lessons is more expensive, with a monthly subscription starting at $20. However, Scott’s Bass Lessons offers a free trial, while Fender Play doesn’t.

To sum it up, Fender Play and Scott’s Bass Lessons are both excellent online learning platforms, but they have different focuses and teaching styles. Fender Play is great for guitar players who want a structured learning experience with a wide range of musical styles. Scott’s Bass Lessons is ideal for bass

It’s pretty wild hey!? ChatGBT’s article was both factual, informative and balanced. Much better than my usual bias gushing blogs…… But it does expose some weaknesses in the program- as ChatGBT isn’t aware of facts/details after 2021, therefore unaware that Fender Play has now introduced a Bass path, increased their monthly fees, and they now also provide a 14 day free trial just like SBL. But aside from these small issues, it’s incredible in how it produced a solid and factual ‘blog post’, a post which could of fooled anyone into believing that it was written by a human who invested time, effort and money to bring you their unbiased opinion. So back to the opening question, is this the end of

Well, I hope not! As I really enjoy writing and leaving an online  journal of my experiences/thoughts/life for all to read on the internet as a proof of my existence. But will there be the odd occasion where I’m too lazy to write my own blog posts and lean on a Chat bot to essentially take-over my hobby? Well,….. Let’s see hey?

To check out ChatGBT, just Google it, just make sure you don’t call it OpenGBT, it doesn’t like that and corrected me harshly for my mistake. Haaha.

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