Product recommendations- Garlo’s Pies

I can definitely eat this once a week!

What to do, what to do about the quick mid-week evening meal? We want something quick, pre-cooked, but we want to be semi healthy as well! So, what to do? What to do!?

For periods we tried having store bought fresh gnocchi, ravioli, frozen meals….. But you can only eat so many of these things before you start to get sick of them. Leaving us thinking, “There has to be something better than this!?”

And only recently we discovered Garlo’s Pies, they’ve been supplying Coles NSW with their pies for more than a decade now, but living in the city and only having access to a small Coles with limited products these babies had only made their debut after the Harry Potter Magical Builders came to an end (a refrigerator was moved in after the Harry Potter shelve display was thankfully packed-away).

And what we love about Garlo’s Pies, are their variety of flavours “Satay Chicken is our favourite); the fact that they’re fresh and only take moments to re-heat in the microwave; and the fact that we have a sandwich press so after nuking the pie we crisp it back up again with a few minutes on (and under) our adjustable height sandwich press.

So, each time we’ve had them the pies have been full of flavour, with crispy/flaky tops, with soft, thin pastry all round, and after two pies each it definitely hits the spot. So much so that we enjoy our Garlo’s once a week, our Friday night treat! *Smile*.

Check out Garlo’s Pies at your local Coles and Woolworths (if you’re on the East coast of Australia), it’ll change your mind about store bought meat pies!

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