Netflix recommendations- The Mole (reboot)

It had us asking all week long, who is the mole!?

I’m thinking this might have been the best show we’ve streamed in 2022! It had us guessing right to the very end, ‘who is the mole’! It had us looking forward to each night when we sat down to consume the next episode! And we honestly felt a little bit empty inside, when the 10 episode season eventually came to an end, and we had to look for something else to fill in the void which the mole had left behind. *Sad look*. So, for those reasons alone, I’m saying it had to be the best thing we’d watched, 10 months into 2022!

For those who haven’t watched ‘The Mole’ before, it is a reboot of a previously airing  reality TV series from the early 2000s, where a bunch of contestants (around 8) aim to complete a series of both physical and mental challenges with the aims to win the prize pot some cash (some pretty large sums of cash). While all along in their midst, is a “Mole”, a saboteur who is working for the show to actively lose the team money. Moohaaha! And the sabotage can occur discretely or not so discretely- which makes it super funny. The dodgy-ness can come in the form of acting incompetent, purposefully withholding information to the detriment of the team, or taking bold and obvious actions of sabotage as an attempt to double-bluff the players.

And at the end of each episode, the contestants take a quiz where they answer questions related to the mole. And the individual who scores the lowest is kicked-off the show, until there is only One!

And to make the show that much more intriguing and difficult for the players, the players themselves are purposefully acting “mole-like”, to turn suspicion onto themselves in hopes that others answer their quizzes with them in mind- thus answering quiz questions incorrectly and bombing out of the game! It’s back-stabbing on-top of back-stabbing.

And all the while, we as the audience are guessing, “who is the mole?” As in the end, they all behave a little bit suspicious and Mole-like. For example, is this person trying super hard, because their trying their best to not look like the mole to deflect suspicion? Or is this person acting incompetent because they’re  the mole, or are they really as clueless as they seem? And in the end, in the final 3, I thought it could have been either one of two, so they were fooling me right to the end! So, it was a super fun and engaging show. So, you got to check it out! Really worth the watch!

Particular highlights of this season was the fact that it was filmed in Australia! Shout-out to my home country!

And also, a big call-out to the show’s host Alex Wagner! Most times game show hosts annoy me somewhat, either they bring too much energy and it’s a bit too in your face. Or they don’t bring enough energy, and the show feels flat and impacts on our enjoyment. But Alex was the perfect combination of both! And I thought she really added to the show and how I enjoyed the whole experience.

Again, if you haven’t already, check it out! Just search for ‘The Mole’ on your Netflix app! I guarantee you’ll be entertained and left guessing right to the very end!

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