Netflix recommendations- Instant Dream Home (Season 1

Or was it Dream Home Makeover? *Shrug*.

One particular gripe I have with Netflix, is the lack of imagination when it comes to naming their shows! Half of the time I pass on programs due to the fact that the name of the show doesn’t grab my attention, and the one sentence blurb doesn’t do it either. But as you know, 95% of the time the show is amazing! But it just needs a show title ‘makeover’ of its own.

And that’s the case for ‘Instant Dream Home’, which sounds all too similar to their other home renovation show ‘Dream Home Makeover’. *Confused Look*. At least on 2 occasions, I asked our Google Home to play the incorrect show, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Although the show titles are eerily similar, however they’re quite dissimilar when it comes down to it- as Instant Dream Home is a home renovation show on copious amounts of PEDs! Not only are the homeowners completely unaware that their home is being made over, but the transformation is achieved in under 12 hours! Yes! 12 hours! And it’s not just one room, or a smallish space which realistically could be made over in the given time, but the transformation occurs to the entire house! Both inside and out, and inclusive of the front and back yards! And no, its not just a team of 5 handymen, but it’s 200! Yes! 2 0 0 human beings! And not only do they achieve the task due to overwhelming man-power, but they bring in the big guns as well! A forklift is a given, but they even use a helicopter in one build, and a high tech robot to do the heavy lifting! I’d say it’ll be up there with the largest budget shows for Netflix!?

So over 8 episodes the core team made up of Paige Mobley (Stylist), Adair Curtis (Interior Designer), Erik Curtis (Carpenter), Nick Cutsumpas (Landscaper), and host and comedic relief Danielle Brooks sweep into a property early in the morning (7am), and keep going and going until 7pm when the unknowing family returns home. The camera crew focuses on the 5 as they trouble-shoot their way through various problems during their whirlwind 12 hour build. And throughout the show it cuts over to footage from weeks prior, during planning meetings and test runs as they plan and trial their design creations in their project warehouse (not always to success).

My wife kept exclaiming throughout the season “Surely one of them has to be an Engineer!” As they demolished walls, added annexes to homes, and generally transformed old, tired houses into nothing the homeowner could ever dream of! But sure enough, armed with only a Carpenter as the most technical of their team, they re-built the homes, to a level when the owners eventually come back, they could barely recognised their old cribs anymore! And the looks on their faces? PRICELESS!?

Being suckers for a feel good reality TV show, Instant Dream Home hit on all marks with us! Only if they had an Australian version of this, as we have 2 tired bathrooms and a crumbling kitchen desperate for a rapid makeover!

To check out Instant Dream Home, just click HERE! And instant ‘warm & fuzzy’ feeling coming your way!

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