Netflix recommendations- Snowflake Mountain

And who doesn’t like a nice transformation story?

We don’t always like Reality-TV shows featuring Millennial’s, as A- they make us feel super old with their ‘hip’ lingo, and B- they’re a bit attention seeking and self-important…… However, Snowflake Mountain was a breath of fresh air, metaphorically and literally!

For those who are unfamiliar with the show ‘Snowflake Mountain’, basically it’s like a wilderness bootcamp run by two ex-military guys, the experience designed to tough-love 10 young people into shape. Not physical shape but designed to re-direct them onto a more purposeful life path- so their more set-up for the real-world, a life of independence and less reliant on mummy and daddy.

The title ‘snowflake’ refers to a derogatory term used to describe a person who has an inflated ego, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, and back in our day we’d label these people as being  ‘precious’. So, lured on false pretences to the wilderness in an undisclosed US state, the 10 young people believed they were joining a Reality-TV show in paradise, but instead they find themselves living it rough, tents, open fires, no running water, no electricity etc. Their fashionable clothing is replaced with sturdy sensible clothing, and then their suitcases with all their cute resort attire was blown-up! Haaha.

And through a series of challenges like retrieving their own meal, navigating using a compass, starting fires, climbing trees etc, these challenges were designed to toughen them up, thus they’d go home more driven, have belief in themselves, and  more capable. Well, that’s the hope anyway.

Their told from the get-go, that they’re not there against their will, and can leave at any-time. However, to stop the flood gates and leaving the production crew with two participants, there’s a twist! The individual who is deemed to have gone through the largest transformation by the end of the show, they stand to win $50K large! Not bad hey.

So, because of these elements it was interesting enough. The 10 young people were all unique in their own way, and in the end who doesn’t like seeing ‘some pampered pooches’ made to suffer a little, for our entertainment? Haaha.

But it is a sign of the times, if I had to step back, basically these 10 young people just did a two week Scouts camp. A past-time which many, many young people before them would gladly offer up their school holidays to attend. But in this day and age of no biscuit no risk it, the producers had to dangle a $50K carrot in front of them to keep them performing for the cameras. Which is all a  bit sad isn’t it? How did our young people become so ‘soft’? But hey, here am I, criticizing them, as I sat on my comfortable couch eating chocolate as they suffered up a mountain, crapped in a hole, and slept with bugs and insects. Yeah, better you than I.

So, if you want to see some millennial’s tough it out in the wilderness, and go through a life changing experience? Then check-out ‘Snowflake Mountain’, start binging right  HERE! Um, you’d better give him a second wet-wipe.   

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