Netflix recommendations- Selling Sunset (Season 5

Selling Sunset? More like Beverly Hills 90210! Or Melrose Place! Whichever was more drama filled!

I can’t lie to you; I love Selling Sunset! It’s the high-flying lifestyle, it’s these outrageous listings, it’s the fashion, and it’s the drama! O-so-much drama! And as cringe worthy as some of the drama may be? But it’s this drama which brings viewers back for more!

Sure, the show could perhaps focus more on the selling sunset side of things……..  But take ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ as an example- another Netflix reality TV show about Realters. But this time an office made-up mostly of men who get the job done, with a fraction of the office drama. But where are they now after season one? **Disclaimer: Season 2 was picked up by the Discovery channel after being cancelled by Netflix and renamed ‘Selling the Hamptons’. But, but, but here is my point………

After 5 seasons (that’s four years), Selling Sunset is still going strong and we’re not tired of the drama and the conflict, and the amazing thing is this! If it was me, after seeing myself on TV for the first time. I’d be in horror, seeing all my personal conversations captured on film and then aired to an international audience? If it was me, the next time the camera crew is around, I’d be more guarded and I’d keep my private conversations private. But no! After 5 goes at this, the ladies from the Oppenheim group are still as unguarded and themselves as they were in season one! The good, the bad, and the ugly. And frankly, that’s why we love them, as they’re living out their truth. They’re not acting like someone that they’re not.

And in season 5 we have a new Realter Chelsea who definitely doesn’t hold back, who basically elbowed her own way onto the show. Can you say, ‘Obsessed fan’? Like she literally made herself into an instant celebrity by appearing on the show, and I personally think that was the soul reason why she befriended Christine in the first place. Seeing a way to instant stardom. So, with Chelsea’s introduction, it has added an additional spice, to an already spicy dish!    

In Season 5 we also have office romance. We see a more human side to the Oppenheim brothers. We see ‘The Return of the Jedi’, as in the down-trodden rise up, and stand-up to the evil villain. We see more developing romance from the remaining singles in the office. And for the first time, Selling Sunset incorporated a reunion episode- which was refreshing as to date, we never hear the girls talk-about or acknowledge the show, and we see some unseen footage and updates on what’s been happening after the cameras stopped rolling. And I must admit, the reunion episode almost brought a tear to my eye. And I’m not all that much of an emotional person when it comes to these things.

But there are winds of change! To date, there are no promises that there’s going to be a season 6 of Selling Sunset (at the time of this writing). And if there is, there might not be Christine (the shows villain). And how can you not have Christine!? As much as we hate those types in the office place, but once they’re gone. We miss them! Right? As having a toxic colleague in the office, it bands everyone else  together. As they are a central point for everyone’s energy and gossip. So, if she’s gone! What are we left with? Just selling property? Now that thought scares me. Haaha. And as the LA office can no longer accommodate so many Realters, as where would the office puppy settle then? So, I’m sure there’s going to be some turnover of Realters, if and only if Selling Sunset season 6 returns to Netflix in late 2022? Early 2023? Sure, Netflix has already released the Trailor for Selling the OC. But hearing those voices, it seemed like a much younger cast! Like inexperienced children, when compared to the elegant ladies of the LA office! But I guess we’ll see if I’ll enjoy the spin-off. As God knows I’ll be watching that as well, as soon as it drops!

So, if you haven’t already watched it! Season 5 is ready for your consumption, just click HERE to start! In a hot market, with hot Realters? What more can you ask for!?     

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