Netflix Recommendation- Selling Sunset (Seasons 2-4)

Selling Sunset? More like occasionally selling sunset….. with a regular unhealthy dose of catty office drama!

Okay, I think I need some therapy after binge watching Selling Sunset seasons 2-4 back-to-back over a 2-month period. Argh! For those who haven’t had the privilege to meet the Realters from the Oppenheim Group before, there’s Jason and Brett Oppenheim (twin brothers and co-founders of the firm); Mary and  Christine (once besties now frenemies); Chrishell (for better or worse, she’s always at the centre of the office drama); Maya (a Miami FIFO Realter); Heather (a reformed mean girl); Davina )probably the most cunning of the lot);Amanza (interior decorator turned Estate agent); and Vanessa and Emma (the two latest Realters to join the O-group). Wow! That’s a lot of lipstick mouths to feed!

The Oppenheim Group are based in Los Angeles, with a focus on representing high end buyers and sellers, moving mansions which go for no less than $2Mill, and as high as $40+Million! Which lands the Agent, a nice 6-figure commission- enough to pay for the Ferrari or Lamborghini (the standard set of wheels for a high-end LA Realter).

However, as high-end mansions don’t sell themselves, sales are infrequent, which leaves much time for office cattiness to fill in the downtime between sales. Seemingly an open house, the idyllic time to pull a colleague aside to catch-up on the office gossip, which inevitably only inflames the problem. And over the span of 3 seasons, best friends have become frenemies; the office dynamics were split clearly down the middle with pro Chrishells and anti-Chrishells’ an attempt to introduce some much-needed diversity to the office unfolds in an unexpected ways; and where we left off in Season 4, it was Christine verses the world! With the entire office seeming to turn against her.

While in the midst of all the office drama, there’s also personal dramas (which the Netflix film crew has unrestricted access to)- 2 weddings, 2 births, many parties (too many to count), a custody battle, and a very public divorce. Not even daytime soaps have enough manufactured drama to rival the goings on at the Oppenheim Group! But the team still bring in their celebrity listings, and they do sell those houses- ring that bell baby!

So, if you want to lose yourself in a completely mindless real-life soap opera, with the occasional property sale in the mix! Check-out Selling Sunset, just click HERE for all four seasons! Let’s just say they’re not your usual folk from your local Century 21! Haaha.   

Personality Spectrum of the Oppenheim Group:

Conscientiousness: Mary, Maya, Emma, Davina (as much as it pains me to say), Jason, and Brett.

Extroversion: Christine and Heather 

Agreeableness: Chrishell and Vanessa

Openness to Experience: Amanza

Neuroticism: I wanted to put Christine here, but to be honest she’s more extraverted than neurotic. An extravert with a very mean streak.

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