Netflix recommendations- Sex Education (Season 3

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Ok, it’s the third season featuring those randy kids from Moordale Secondary School, and although shows can easily run into trouble in the 2nd-3rd seasons- however no risk here! As Sex Education remains just as good as previous seasons in their third go!

You would think after two (16 episodes), creator Laurie Nunn would start to run out of teenage themes to feature in episodes….. But clearly not! As Season 3 dove deeper and deeper into the lives of 2020 era youths., Which admittedly, seems to be way more and more complex than how things were when I was a teen- “back in my day…..”

So let’s just say season 3 is no-way becoming predictable just yet, still edgy, provocative, and an altogether enjoyable viewing.

And the will they? Or wont they? Continues on between Otis and Maeve that tension exists throughout Season 3. Although as viewers we love to see couples eventually getting together, however we have to admit that once they do, the show oftentimes become a little bit boring? Without that tension anymore aka Suits- the reason why I stopped watching midway through season 3. But Sex Education continues to string out this tension, and stringing us along as well! And I’ll also leave you hanging…..Will they? Or won’t they?

And what I particularly like about Sex Education, compared to all other drama series, is the fact that there aren’t any happy endings! In the 00s, people (and particularly I) was annoyed with TV dramas, because they weren’t reflective of reality. Everyone on-screen were hot, and things always worked out in the end. Which we all know, is not the case in reality! Thus the rise of Reality TV shows, and the predominant thing I used to watch back in the 00-10s.

But Sex Education, although a bit over-the-top at times, but it does reflect reality for teenagers these days, being children of the noughties. Love it or hate it, this is their reality, sexual identity, broken families, peer pressure, drug use etc. etc. This is what our young people are facing, and that is why Sex Education is relatable to its fans! And the main takeaway is that, ‘there aren’t happy endings’ in life, no one’s life is perfect, where everything works out perfectly at the end of 8 episodes- but they just accept it and get on with it. And that is what we ought to do in our lives as well, accept that there aren’t fairy-tale endings, but we just need to accept it and move on.

And although the show’s title is ‘Sex Education’, and in the first two seasons it was more evident in why the show was named as such- as Otis and Maeve ran a sex clinic for their fellow sex confused peers. But in Season 3, the clinic was closed, along with their offices (the abandoned toilet block), so not much Sex advice was prescribed this season. But if it’s Sex advice you’re looking for?

There is ‘Sex, Love, & goop’!

No Otis here to provide sage advice, but there is Gwyneth Paltrow? What the!?

Where Sex Ed is fictitious, Sex Love & goop is totally real! Real couples come to Gwyneth and Goop HQ (I still don’t know what goop means). Here couples are paired with various Sex therapist’s and alternative Sex practitioners who work with the couple in weekend long intensives, to help them achieve a better sex life and relationship, in general

The camera crew (so there for us) are invited in to these sessions, where the practitioners each from a different school of thought, help couples to unpack their problems. And thus use their unique methods to help couples over-come whatever barriers they have in stopping them from enjoying a carefree romantic relationship. And it’s not always about sex, but it could be self-identity, past hurts, repressed childhood issues etc. which is the root of the cause. And some of the methods are a bit weird, and beyond being ‘alternative’. But I think the main takeaway for me was, that if we’re honest with ourselves, is that things can always be better. And who doesn’t want better?

It’s not a blame game, “it’s you who has the problem’, but there’s two of us. And the sweet-spot is the middle ground, it’s just a case of finding the M-spot. Which I’m happy to say, all the couples ended up finding the M-spot in the show, along with other spots…….

And the main thing is that, as a society we don’t talk about sex often enough. Well, not in a useful and productive way at least. And when we get over this feeling of shame or treating it as a taboo subject, it could only get better right?

So yeah, let’s talk about sex, baby!

So if you want some entertainment, you can start binging Sex Education HERE! But if you want some real sex education, even if it’s from the helping hands of Goop!? Click HERE!

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