Netflix Recommendations- Baking Impossible

If Metal Shop Masters and Bake Squad got together…….

We literally finished watching Bake Squad and Metal Shop Masters, then Netflix releases another Reality TV competition show- Baking Impossible, and it was bloody brilliant!

For those who haven’t watched ‘Metal Shop Masters’ before, here skilled metal fabricators are put to the test to compete in a high pressure situation to see who can create the most creative and functional works of metal art!

While on the other hand, ‘Bake Squad’ was a baking competition with a twist- the twist being that if you won the episodes challenge, you don’t win anything! Nothing, zilch!  But you do get more work! The sheer pleasure of re-creating exactly the same thing all over again, as the dessert caterer at the judge’s event (an everyday person).

And where one show was all about engineering and making big things do delicate things, the other was taking edibles and turning them into larger-than-life full-flavour desserts! Yeah, on paper the two shows seem like polar opposites having nothing in common, attracting completely different audiences. However some Netflix Executives probably thought…. What if we married the two concepts together?

And thus, ‘Baking Impossible was born!

If I had to use 3 words to describe Baking Impossible, it would be: Whimsical! Fun! &…… Completely Pointless! Haaha.

Here’s setting the scene for you: Baking Impossible brings together 8 Bakers and 8 Engineers, who are paired up together, leaning on each other’s respective expertise to create some pretty wild things! In each episode the teams are given a different challenge, for example to make an edible boat which can float and sail across a 20 meter wide body of water, whilst avoiding obstacles….. Enough said right?

And after 8 rounds, the winning pair takes home their share of $100K in cold hard cash! And who said you ought not to play with your food?

The judges who decide on the episodes’ winners, is a baking expert (Joanne Chang), an Engineering specialist (Hakeem Oluseyi), and ae Bakineering specialist (Andrew Smith)- their job, to decide which creation both tasted good, and was constructed well enough to allow it to move fast and remain water resistant (if we’re still using the floating cake boat as an example). While the host Justin Willman (from Magic for Humans), bring some added comic relief to an already uber light hearted show.

You literally have to see it for yourself to believe it, so check it out! It’s a lot of fun! Wasteful, but super fun and suitable for all ages! To watch Baking Impossible right now! Click HERE!

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