Disney+ recommendations- Only Murders in the Building

As opposed to ‘Only vacant apartments in the Building’, here is inner city living in 2021!

It’s been a long while since we last tuned in weekly to follow a TV show, however the ‘back to the future’ like experience, was surprisingly refreshing! As week after week from end of August to October, Disney+ released the latest episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ for our Eagar consumption.

For those who are yet to watch the mystery comedy ‘Only Murders in the Building’, here are the key facts: it featured a trio of mega stars, household names like Steve Martin (as a retired TV actor), Martin Short (as a down on his luck Broadway Director), and Selena Gomez (as a resident with her own share of mysteries). The show is centred around a high-end New York City apartment block, called the Arconia where the three all live. And the drama starts after a young man in their building is found dead in his apartment, the three strangers band together to investigate the murder of the resident- after they learned of their joint love of true crime podcasts and dissatisfied with NYPD’s conclusion that it was suicide.

The series was unique for a streaming service series, because it featured actors who you normally wouldn’t expect to star on an “only on a streaming service” series- their involvement already drew the viewers in, and the product did not disappoint! Arty in it’s cinematography with the occasional dream like sequence, and it was also jarring to have an entire episode devoid of dialogue, as the episode was seen from the point of view of a deaf character. The series also had a fantastic soundtrack, which played on similar soundtracks from iconic true crime podcasts like ‘Serial’. And the fact that the characters were drawn together, and they solve the crime by producing their own true crime podcast called ‘Only Murders in the Building’, it playfully poked fun at the entire true crime genre!? Nicely done, nicely done!

But aside from the fact that each element of the show was top notch, but honestly what made the season a stand-out for us!? Was the fact that we started ‘Only Murders in the Building’ when it was first released, and we were forced to wait 7 long days before we could learn more and have the mystery progress one step further to its conclusion. After almost 7 years of streaming services, I had forgotten how watching TV used to be in the olden days. For the first time in a very long while, we weren’t able to satisfy our immediate need for instant gratification, and we had to stop when the episode ended, and we had to wait like everyone else to resolve the episode cliff-hangers. For once, no spoilers were out there, everyone being on the same level playing field as us, as we were all guessing how the mystery would pan out. Which made our Saturday afternoons, a time which we truly looked forward to all week long.

So although ‘Only Murders in the Building’ was unique as it had mega stars in it, it was a high end production, and it seemed that everyone was talking about it, but the biggest stand out for me? Was the fact that the suspense was drawn out for us for 8 long weeks, which helped us to get through a 4 month long Covid lock-down,.

So if you haven’t already seen ‘Only Murders in the Building’, and you’d rather skip the long drawn out wait and just binge to your hearts delight? Go for it! All 10 episodes of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is now available for your viewing pleasure on Disney+, just click HERE!

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