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Are you an Apple or Android user? If android, you can skip this blog post. However, however if you’re an Apple user, please continue reading……

I’m first to admit that I’m a faithful Apple user, my very first Apple product was the 2006 iPod Nano 4GB. It was a gift from my uncle from the States, but I ended up re-gifting it to my girlfriend at the time, as the Nano unfortunately did not speak back to me (unlike the girlfriend). So I was unable to use it due to being unable to see. P.S. I hope my ex still enjoys listening to those 300 songs she was able to store on the 4 GB SSD. Haaha.

 My next Apple product (the first in which I could actually use) was the 2008 Apple iPod Touch, the first Apple product with Apple Voiceover. I was given it to perform user testing of the speech functionality, and after I was done with testing, I was allowed to keep it! Score!

My next Apple purchase was in 2010, iPhone 3Gs, I got it free when I signed-up for a $99 phone plan. Then I gifted the phone to my dad- as I thought using a touch phone was going to be so much slower than using my old press, press phone. But 6 years later when my press, press phone finally died, my dad gifted me back the iPhone- and thinking about it now, I can’t believe how thick and bulky it used to be!

Then it was the 2011 second generation iPad, a Christmas gift to my then fiancée (now wife). Followed much later by another iPod Touch (2014) in product red- as a Christmas gift.

And then there were 4 other iPhones (6, SE 1st Gen, 10, SE 2nd Gen), a 2020 Apple MacBook Pro, a 2020 Apple Mac, and the latest was a 2021 iPad for my mum’s birthday. So yeah, you can say that we have a preference for Apple products. Therefore naturally when I first noticed a podcast called ‘Apple Events (Video)’ where Apple uploads the latest Keynote Address (which started during Covid), I naturally subscribed to it-being the Apple fanboy. And here are my thoughts……  

Well, in times of disruption, some organisations fail, while others thrive. And Apple embraced the fact that in 2020 they were unable to hold their regular live in-person Keynote events from Apple Park. And instead of postponing or cancelling, they pivoted to a heavily produce multi-media presentation live streamed to all its fans (and media). And what stands out the most about the production is how slick it is, the use of music to great effect, and the fact that they involve so many different Apple employees, subject matter experts in their field to talk about their pet projects and it’s so great to see diversity in Apple! And now that I’m subscribed to Apple Events (Video), I’m one of the first to learn of their latest products, exhibiting in exhaustive detail all the new functions and features the latest product can now perform.

And I think this method of virtual Keynote Events has helped Apple to reach an even wider audience and customer base. Sure, previously you can still watch the recording of the live event afterwards on Youtube, but now that it’s a totally pre-recorded event, you too can feel as if the event is produced just for you!

Listening to the podcast (which is an audio recording of the live event, it’s not actually a video), you’ll be the first to know what are Apple’s latest products. Don’t worry about sites trying to predict what the next product is, just wait to be spoon fed the next Apple event to see for yourself what is upcoming!

The latest Fall Keynote, Apple announced an update to Apple Music, MacBook Pro, Airpods, and Homepod mini.

But I’m not here to mindlessly repeat the virtues of these products (as you can hear it for yourself), but I do have a bit of a gripe with Apple. Although I’m a huge fan, and I’ll continue buying and using Apple products, but this is what annoys me about Apple!

How quickly the latest and best Apple product is superseded by the next best and greatest Apple product! Grrrr.

Here is an example, I purchased last year around June-July, the second generation iPhone SE, because I like the small form factor of the SE phone. But in less than 3 months later, Apple announce Apple iPhone 12 mini, another small form factor phone- but now with all the hi-tech features of iPhone 12! Sure, there is a price difference between the two, however  for those who were drawn to the compact size, wouldn’t you be kicking yourself that you got yourself the SE just a few months too early!?

And then it happened to me again, a few months afterwards. I purchased the latest MacBook Pro (with the Intel processor). And 3 months later Apple announces that Apple has developed its own processer (the M1 chip), making all future Macs faster and improved battery life. Now how did I feel after this? The second occurrence in 4 months?  A bit silly right!? I’d spent over $3K, and now I felt that I had an inferior/superseded product. And that has been realised now, with the release of the new MacBook Pro using an Apple chip, but not any Apple chip, but now it’s the M1 Pro! A chip which is now 40% faster than the M1 chip which was only revealed 10 months ago? Again, making those early adopters feel a bit stupid, as now they too have an inferior product just like me! And it’s only been 10 months!

And this same occurrence repeats itself over and over again, we bought a Mac in November last year, and 6 months afterwards the re-designed Mac is out, super thin and with the M1 chip.

In July I bought my mum the latest iPad for her birthday, and 2 months later they announce a brand new iPad which is again faster and improved battery life……

Therefore my only reaction to Apple Keynote Events these days, are D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!, as again and again, I’m made to feel silly, as I had bought at the wrong time, always just a handful of months too soon! And I think this feeling isn’t unique to me. I’m sure all Apple users have felt this before. That feeling of being a chump, for paying full price for a product from the Apple store, the latest and the greatest! But to then find out 2-3 months later, that there is something else much, much better than what you’ve spent your hard earned cash on. And what also uber annoys me, is their readiness to outline how the new product is so much better than the previous year’s version, the one which you have!

And the super crap thing is this, Apple products last and last, so if you’re not prepared to trade in your used devices when you upgrade yearly, you can easily be stuck with a dated phone or watch, or computer for years and years!

What I’ve learnt from these D’oh experiences? Has been, to hold out! Just when you feel you want the latest Apple phone or watch etc. Just hold back your urge for instant gratification, and instead just wait for a few months. And low and behold Apple will announce the next version of the same product. And then, you can line up and be the very first to get your hands on that new shiny product. Then, at least you won’t feel like your product has been superseded, for at least 9 months or so. 9 months isn’t bad?

So to learn of the latest Apple product news, so you can go Doh! Or help you to time your next purchase, check out Apple Events (Video) HERE! Be the first to know what Apple is doing next!   

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