Netflix Recommendations- Ginny & Georgia

Comparing and contrasting Ginny & Georgia to another mother daughter combo.

I couldn’t help it! Throughout the entire series of Ginny & Georgia I couldn’t help comparing it back to that early 00s series Gilmore Girls (even their abbreviations look similar! G&G and GG). Ok, there’s a bit more intrigue and mystery in Ginny & Georgia (G&G), and it tapped more into the day’s trending topics, however the similarities were way too striking!

Well, let’s start off with the differences. The most obvious is that Georgia has one more kid than Lorelai, and Ginny being African-American definitely made her a more  complex charactor than good-ol’ Rory; Sure, the criminality (or suggestion of) stands out as a stark contrast to the prim and proper GGs, but back in their day the GGs were a bit bad-ass weren’t they? With teenage out of wedlock pregnancy, sure Ginny & Georgia reflects our changing times e.g., Ginny loses her virginity in episode 2 or something, while the makers of GG only tackled that topic seasons and seasons into the drama; while perhaps all the differences between G&G and GG, is only reflecting the changing times, as Afterall almost 20 years has passed since Gilmore Girls first graced our rear projection screens.

So, could we say that Ginny & Georgia is just a reboot of Gilmore girls, for a new generation?

And here are all the similarities: Single parent household; teenage daughter is now the same age as her mother when she gave birth to her; they’ve recently moved to the town; the small town is located in the same part of the United States i.e. the North east; both mothers were sassy; the kids had issues of fitting in (more so for Austin than Ginny); There’s a good boy, and there’s a bad boy creating a love triangle; both Ginny and Rory seemed to be more mature than their mothers, while themselves being a bit innocent and naïve; both absent fathers were both the cool dad who rode motor bikes; while in both shows there was a diner/café owner who had crushes on Georgia/Lorelai! Well, let’s just say ‘plagiarism is the highest form of flattery’?

But either way, Ginny & Georgia was entertaining enough, at the end of every episode there was enough of an unresolved issue, which had me coming back for more! Which has me wondering, what are they going to do for a second season? If there is a second.

If you’re not one of the 52 million Netflix subscribers who have already watched Ginny & Georgia, then you just don’t know what you’re missing out on……. No, you can probably guess, if you were an original fan of Gilmore Girls. But if you want to experience Ginny & Georgia for yourself? Then click HERE to begin!

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