Boon Table- Sydney CBD

Where healthy East meets healthy West!

Can you believe it!? It’s been over 13 months since I last reviewed a restaurant!? Crazy! As this blog was initially designed as a restaurant & lifestyle blog, but due to Covid it had become quite one dimensional. But we’re back! Well, we’ve been eating out during Covid, but most of our dining experiences haven’t been worth re-telling on a public forum like this. However Boon Table is definitely worth shouting from the roof tops!

I used to sneer at food bloggers who used to review takeaway joints, but these days with dining in being a bit of a risky affair (who wants to be named as a close contact), we’ve only been dining out, if that dining out looks like and smells like food in a takeaway container which can be consumed at home in front of the TV. Haaha.

And the best we’ve had since Covid rolled on in, has been Boon Table- a restaurant a part of the wider ‘Chat Thai’ group. Boon Table is located in the basement level food court in galleries Victoria.

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The Galleries Victoria food court is quickly becoming our favourite single destination for takeaway! In this relatively small square under the earth, you’ll find some of your  food court staples (Oporto, Subways, and Boost), some Asian favourites (Chat Thai for Thai, Jimmy’s for Malaysian, and a Jap place), and your healthy options (sandwich shop, Fishbowl for Poke, and Boon Table for salads).

Boon Table is East meets West when it comes to healthy foods, when describing it to friends I’d been calling it salads with a Thai twist? You can choose a rice bowl (Boon Bowl); a salad bowl (salad bowl); Vietnamese pork rolls (Boon-Me’s); steamed buns (Boon Baos); or elect to construct your own bowl.

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We’ve been to Boon Table at least 5-6 times now, and collectively with my wife we have pretty much tried all the Boon bowls, all the Salad bowls, and tried a Boon-Me each. And no joke, they’re all good! And I’m one who likes to try new things and usually don’t like ordering the same dish time and again- but when it comes down to Boon Table though, we’ve been happily coming back to the same exact bowls for seconds!

Each bowl or salad is unique in its own way, be that a different dressing, different condiments, different fresh produce, and of course different proteins. From my own humble opinion, their all good and each unique to themselves. It’s not liked the  same same salad but insert different protein on top- but each bowl is entirely unique to itself! On this day we ordered the Soya chicken with onsen egg, and I had the grilled beef bowl. Most bowls for a regular size costs $12.90 and you can pay an extra  $3 for the large (although the regular is already very filling).

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What surprises me each time we get Boon table, is that the vege is always super fresh! Like much better than what fresh produce you can get from your supermarket. And the other thing which always surprises me, is how generous they are with piling on the protein into your bowl. Every time I’m incredibly full and totally satisfied- which isn’t an easy achievement when we’re talking about salads.

The difference between a Boon bowl and a Salad bowl, is that the Boon bowl comes with either brown rice or Soba noodles (or half and half), while the salad is heavier on the leafy greens and doesn’t come with any rice or noodles. And the Boon bowls and Salads aren’t the same flavours or proteins with or without the rice/noodles. But they’re entirely different- be that a different style of cooking of the protein, or a different dressing or different condiments. So you have so many options to choose from, you’ll just have to keep  coming back time and again (which we have). But if you really want a type of meat, with a particular dressing, with a particular condiment, you can always design your own bowl- each step of its construction has a cost and an option so if you have the time and the desire you can build your own bowl from scratch.

We’re so bought into Boon Table, that we’ve already clocked 6 stamps on our loyalty card- at the halfway point your 6th bowl is 40% off. And when you reach your 12th bowl, it’s free! Holy crap I can’t wait to go back and get more healthy and tasty food! And did I mention that their like healthy salads with Thai/Asian flavours? Oh yeah, that’s the selling point- healthy East meets healthy West!

Our verdict 5.0 from 5.0! (3.0/3.0 for Food, literally everything is good here, I’ve never had a bad bite thus far; 0.5/0.5 for Service (the staff are friendly and turnaround the food  quickly); 0.5/0.5 for Atmosphere (it’s a takeaway place in a food court, but they’re always playing some pumping tracks, so it helps the wait); and 1.0/1.0 for Value for money (nothing like a full belly for two for under $26).

Boon Table- Saturday 6 February (5.0 Stars).

 Food Court 9 The Galleries, Lower Ground Food Avenue. 500 George Street, Sydney NSW

Mon-Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm

Sat-Sun 10.30am – 3.30pm

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