Netflix recommendations- Rich people problems

Not Kevin Kwan’s best seller, but 3 similar shows on Netflix!

What’s our fascination with rich people? Is it that we hope we might learn something from them, so we too can learn how to become rich? Or do we just like to live vicariously through others, so seeing someone else live a lavish lifestyle makes us feel like we too had experienced it for ourselves? Or perhaps we snoop on the rich, just so we can tell ourselves we don’t need that lifestyle- we’re better off just being ourselves? But regardless why we have a fascination for the rich, here are 3 shows you can watch on Netflix that depict the lives of the filthy rich. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Real Housewives of Beverley Hills season 1 (2010)

Meet Kyle, Adrienne, Kim, Lisa, Camille, and Taylor- the real housewives of Beverley Hills………. Well, not exactly housewives as they all have their own ‘day jobs’, but a good enough cross section of your typical Beverley Hills socialite. And I think the reality TV show would have been pretty boring if it wasn’t for Camille Grammer, from a seemingly innocuous misunderstanding, but for that misunderstanding to drive much of the plot line for the next 6 episodes? Ah, rich people problems, where you can be fixated on one little comment, and raise hell to seek revenge! But I have to admit I couldn’t stop watching it, for this real-life unfolding drama between two housewives. Meow!

Bling Empire season 1 (2021)

And similar to the housewives, but now insert Asians! Bling Empire follows Kevin, Kane, Christine, Kelly, Anna, Cherie, Kim, and Jamie- who are all based in Los Angeles and are filthy rich! You can tell that some of the scenarios have been staged and perhaps they all don’t know each other all that well, but I guess you have to manufacture drama to draw-out those rich people problems somehow. If you only get as far as episode 1, you might conclude that the show is absolute trash! And you wouldn’t be wrong there. But give it a few more episodes and all of them start to grow on you, seeing a vulnerable side to all of them- be that break-ups, unacquired love, fertility issues, and missing loved ones. In the end, rich people have both rich people and every-day people problems as well.

Dynasty season 1 (2017)

And over in Atlanta Georgia, meet Blake, Fallon, Steven, Kristal and Jeff- your fictitious southern rich people in the 2017 Soap Opera re-make of the 80s Dynasty. To say Dynasty is trashy is an absolute understatement, as I haven’t watched anything this unbelievable before! Like show me a character who didn’t have skeletons in their closet and show me a character who actually is who they claim to be! And show me a character who leaves season 1 unscaved! Dynasty season 1 was ridiculous beyond belief, but somehow, I managed to get through all 22 episodes of season 1- and oddly I’m pondering if I should start season 2? As somehow, they manage to work-in a cliff hanger at the end of every ep, so you’re always bound to come back for more. But if dynasty is an example of what problems rich people have? Then no thanks, I’m happy being middle classed.

But if you’re loss for something to watch this weekend, and you want to gain a sense of glee from the problems of  the rich? Then by all means, check out the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or the crazy rich Asians from Bling Empire, or those nasty Carrington’s from ‘dynasty’! All can be found on Netflix!

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